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Included in this product: Guided Notes and practice with the following titles:*Greatest Common Factors*Factoring Polynomials*Solving Equations by Factoring*Factoring Trinomials*Factoring Trinomials with One or More Subtraction Signs
Included in this product: Guided Notes and practice with the following titles:*Multiplying Monomials*Diving Monomials*Polynomials*Adding Polynomials Vocabulary*Coefficients*Adding Polynomials*Subtracting Polynomials*Multiplying a Polynomial by a Monomial*Multiplying Binomials (FOIL)*Multiplying Poly
About this resource : Included are six different sets of notes with answer keys on: * Adding and Subtracting Polynomials * Multiplying Polynomials * Special Products of Polynomials * Solve Polynomials in Factored Form * Factor x2+bx+c * Factor ax2+bx+c Available in the following bundle(s) : Poly
Have students practice simplifying and classifying polynomials based on degree and number of terms with this set of notes and practice sheet. The 5 pages of this download include: - cover page - 1 page of guided notes covering simplifying polynomials, writing them in standard form, and classifying
This resource includes three half pages of guided notes, three scavenger hunts and a two page assessment for classifying, adding and subtracting polynomials. Below, you will find a brief description of the notes, scavenger hunts and assessments. You can use all of these to supplement your instructio
Included are notes on adding polynomials and two assignments. I have some problems vertical and some horizontal to show the students the different ways you can line the problems up. These worksheets are for all types of learners.
Explain the process of long division of polynomials in a quick and organized way. Use the mnemonic included to help students remember the steps.
These worksheets include notes on subtracting polynomials and two assignments. These handouts can be used for all types of learners.
This is a double-sided notes page on adding, subtracting, multiplying (a monomial by a polynomial) and dividing (a polynomial by a monomial) polynomials. The student is given instructions on each case and one example that is worked out. Then each situation includes 3 more examples that the teacher c
This is an entire unit on Factoring Polynomials. It includes 6 lessons with full examples are shown along with practice problems and homework and a quiz and test for this unit. For a closer look click preview. This product comes as PDF and also on Google Slides (Original version only). NEWLY ADD
Factor GCF Factor Trinomials using the Area (Box) Method Factor Special Products Factor Perfect Square Trinomials
This resource includes two half pages of guided notes, two scavenger hunts on multiplying polynomials and an assessment. A variety of problems (monomial multiplied by a polynomial, binomial multiplied by a binomial, etc.) are provided. Your students will have a deeper understanding of multiplying po
Review sheet or study guide for polynomials. Notes include degree of polynomials, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing (long division). Great review for Algebra EOC Tests!!!
This is an introductory lesson to polynomials (bi, mono, and tri) and also to what a constant is. These notes and assignments can be used for all types of students.
Dividing polynomials can be a piece of cake with these guided notes and a scavenger hunt. The five half-pages of notes can be glued directly into notebooks or stapled as a booklet. A twelve question, self-checking scavenger hunt will allow students to practice dividing polynomials. Below is a desc
Interactive Notebook pages for naming and classifying polynomials by the degree as well as by the number of terms. On the second page are 4 examples of adding and subtracting polynomials.Just fold the paper in half and either glue or tape in to your notebook. Answer key is included.
This set of worksheets has an introduction to quadratic expressions, and an introduction to multiplying polynomials using what I call the "box (or rectangle) method". It also includes an extension for your high achievers related to the binomial theorem and Pascal's Triangle.
Guided notes teaching how to find additional roots by using synthetic division and factoring, and then graphing using the roots, y-intercept, and end behavior. Emphasis is on non-calculator based learning and graphing. I also have a corresponding assignment of the same name.
Polynomial Operations - Notes and Two Activities! This is a great way to introduce or review polynomial expressions with your students! Included in the notes is key vocabulary, steps, and practice problems for adding/subtracting polynomials, multiplying a monomial by binomial, finding the GCF, and
In this handout, students will discover how to multiply polynomials whether it is monomials, binomials, trinomials or polynomials. These interactive notebooks notes were made using a method called the box method. The box method can be used to multiply together any type of polynomials. The instructio
Document includes a "Do Now" bell ringer and a model card for adding, subtracting, multiplying and evaluating polynomials. This is part of a unit on functions and operations on polynomials.
Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Notes Packet for OK Standard A1.A.3.2 with vocabulary and perimeter.
No prep complete lesson over multiplying polynomials including lesson plan and resource tips and instructions. What's Included: *Notes  *Practice Worksheet  *Actvitiy  *Enrichment Activity *Exit Ticket *Teacher Resource Tips Page *Keys and instructions and suggestions for each component. Check out
A bundle of 11 pages of notes that fit into a composition notebook and students can color and decorate as they take notes. Answer keys included.

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