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This is a great activity to see of students really understand the differences between an individual, population, community and ecosystem. Students diagram the levels of organization in an ecosystem. A great review, reinforcement or even assessment activity.Before this activity- have students practic
A fun and meaningful way to review ecosystem populations and communities. Students will cut out sentences and picture examples, then glue them in the correct column. Have fun teaching! Answer key included. You may also like Ecosystems Color-By-Number
This is a Power Point presentation on Ecosystems, living things, populations, communities and the environment. It includes information on the following: ecosystems, habitat, abiotic factors and biotic factors, species, populations, communities, ecology, natural selection, adaptations, niche, compet
This lesson is compatible with the Middle School Next Generation Science Standards* MS-LS2-1, which states that students should, “[a]nalyze and interpret data to provide evidence for the effects of resource availability on organisms and populations or organisms in an ecosystem,” MS-LS2-2 which state
Your students will learn about population, community, and ecosystems with this hands-on science interactive notebook.This product includes:Ecosystem, community, population definition flipbookExamples of living things and examples of nonliving things tablockSpecies, population, community circle diagr
Use this PowerPoint lesson to introduce your students to ecosystems.It covers Science TEKS 3.9A (observe and describe the physical characteristics of environments and how they support populations and communities within an ecosystem).Great for 5th grade review!
Students watch a YouTube video on relationships in ecosystems.Students answer questions to reinforce key concepts: what are the parts of an ecosystem, abiotic factors and abiotic factors, what are limited resources in an ecosystem, how living things get energy, interdependent relationships in an eco
In this product you will find:PowerPoint showing what ecosystems, communities and populations are and how they are differentInteractive notebook inserts with keysCan you name it? ecosystem community population game Limiting factors PowerPoint slidesnotes sheet with keyBiome cards to pick from for wr
I use these doodle notes to introduct biotic and abiotic factors as well as the terms ecosystem, community, and population to my students. Also included is an answer key that I will pass out to my students needing extra assistance with note taking.
This worksheet is used to teach the organization of life. Students get them confused easily, so this allows this to commit to a color and have a reference in their notebooks. Biology EOC Review
Fun learning! In this activity students create 4 sets of booklets that set inside of each other, similar to the Russian dolls toy you may have seen (dolls inside of dolls). Not only will your students learn (or review) what "Ecosystems", "Communities", "Populations", and "Individuals" are, but, m
Nice graphic to help students differentiate between Ecosystems, Population and Community!
Diagram to draw and describe each: Individual Population Community Ecosystem Biome Diagram
I LOVE teaching my students about ecosystems, so I created a unit with a PowerPoint Slideshow, interactive notebook flip books, graphic organizers, posters, and assessments! This download includes a PowerPoint slideshow featuring 20 important vocabulary words. As you move through the slideshow with
This Ecosystems Unit Bundle includes everything that you will need to teach your students about Ecosystems, Food Chains, and Animal Adaptations. The PowerPoint presentations include a variety of pictures, video links, and interactive websites. Each lesson includes guided student notes and interactiv
Ecosystems Interactive VocAPPulary™This creative resource is a simple, yet effective way for students to learn vocabulary on a specific topic! Students will design and illustrate an app for each vocabulary term after defining them. So easy to put together, just cut and paste! (instructions included
Ecosystem Review Worksheet-( Visual Notes) This resource is perfect for reviewing the basic concepts of ecology. I have included differentiated versions to meet individual student needs. Topics : Population, community, abiotic and biotic factors, food chain, food web, symbiotic relationships, produc
Take your science notebooks digital with this Ecosystem Digital Interactive Notebook (aligned to 5th Grade NC Essential Standards Science 5.L.2). Each student gets a digital copy that is housed and edited in Google Drive. Students follow along with the coordinating teacher presentation that the teac
Teaching your students about ecology and ecosystems? This life science resource is a sixteen-page nonfiction guided reading article used to introduce ecology (species, population, community, abiotic and biotic factors), energy roles (producer, consumer, and decomposer), food chains, and food webs. S
This file includes two separate files: - Ecosystems Interactive Notebook - Ecosystems Powerpoint File includes a 30-page powerpoint presentation featured around the topic of animal adaptations. Topics included are: - Aquatic ecosystems including: pond, marsh, swamp, stream, river, ocean - Terrestr
Ecosystems. Ecology. Ecosystems Labs, Activities, Worksheets and Research.Wants some new and innovative labs and activities to build or add to your ecosystem unit? This package is sure not to disappoint. It has a range of group and individual activities sure to get your students thinking and excit
I am so excited about this ECOSYSTEM science bundle! It has almost everything a teacher could want to in order to teach a unit on ecosystems. I've tried my best to include items that correlate with the broader term, "ecosystems." I don't believe the unit can be taught without teaching communities,
14 slides on Ecosystems. Abiotic/biotic factors Rainforest example of community/population/habitat Producer/consumer/decomposer Notes page included.
Ecosystems Vocabulary: I Have, Who Has Game with 30 cards and answer key included. I recommend printing these on cardstock and laminating to use year after year. These cards are aligned with the fifth grade NC Science Essential Standards; however, could be used in other states and by other grade le

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