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Are you looking for a memorable, easy to implement, hands-on project to teach POTENTIAL and KINETIC ENERGY. This lesson works well with STEM and NGSS standards, and quickly engages students. Students will remember the concepts, explore using readily available household materials, and then synthesi
Help your students get creative with this STEM activity. Rev up their imaginations by creating classroom roller coasters that demonstrate the concepts of potential energy, kinetic energy, motion, friction and momentum using inexpensive materials. Take it up a notch and give your students a budget to
Use two hands on STEM activities to allow students to investigate the energy transformations between potential and kinetic energy. Each activity allows the students to build a device that runs on stored energy in a rubber band. In the Wind up Racer, the students build their racer, wind them up to st
Students will be introduced to the types of kinetic and potential energies and asked to identify which are present in a photograph. They will then be guided through the making of a simple Rube Goldberg machine and asked to identify the energies present.The product contains three complete labs that
This engaging STEM activity requires students to research, design, and build a rubber band car to evaluate, test, and apply knowledge about potential and kinetic energy. You can choose to have students create their own cars independently or collaboratively as a group. This activity is related to c
This is about a 1 week hands on activity where students will build a mouse trap race car using a mouse trap and other common materials. All directions are provided with helpful hints but there is still plenty of room for students to be innovative and modify their cars. There is also a 2 sided work
This lab lets the students make and explore Potential and Kinetic Energy using an oatmeal canister or coffee canister, washer, and rubber band! They also learn the mechanism that made all their pull back toys work-- is very simple to make. The energy that becomes the Potential to do work happens a
Potential and Kinetic Energy STEM lessonPotential and kinetic energy can be tough to understand. What is potential and kinetic energy? What is the difference between potential and kinetic energy? This race car unit goes in-depth on what potential and kinetic energy are and how students can understan
This 13 card deck has an image of either kinetic or potential energy, and students are supposed to choose if the image is portraying kinetic or potential energy.Students will go through 13 examples and the students will click if it is either potential or kinetic energy! This self-grading tool is per
This potential and kinetic energy activities unit for 4th grade science will be perfect for distance learning! It includes 10 resources that vary from Digital that can be used on Google Classroom or Seesaw also includes ready to go printables for in the classroom. Save $$$ by buying this Growing Bun
Students will love learning about potential and kinetic energy with this tabbed book! Students write, draw, create, and test the results of a balloon car racer while learning about potential and kinetic energy. Included:Reading article on potential and kinetic energyOpportunities to...WriteDrawOrgan
This STEM Lessons and Challenges unit focuses on potential and kinetic energy. Students are challenged to design and create a rubber band car that travels across a surface. This unit includes a teacher support page, science concept and visual literacy pages, a challenge page, a suggested materials l
Apply knowledge of potential and kinetic energy to design and build a marble run using the design process. This project was designed to be completed in groups but can also be done individually at home. Included: project outline, student project journal, teacher notes, and a rubric!
GREAT ACTIVITY FOR RAINY DAYS! This engineering activity can be modified for all age groups and allows students to explore the transformation of potential to kinetic energy using jumbo craft sticks, rubber bands and mini marshmallows.For younger scientists, post-lab questions can be modified or elim
I created this foldable to help my students organize their thoughts and review Potential and Kinetic Energy. I use it with the lesson presented at https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/resource/hew06.sci.phys.maf.lpenergy/investigating-kinetic-and-potential-energy/#.XjWvpGhKhPY, though it can be used wit
This 7 page potential and kinetic energy flip book will engage all of your students in this easy and fun science activity. Students will fill out a KWL chart, work on vocabulary words, list, label, describe kinetic and potential energy. This is for 4th grade NGSS standards in elementary and will exp
STEM / STEAM All Year Long Curriculum Bundle! A total of 28 Challenges! Each STEM Challenge has detailed directions, photo examples, a list of materials needed, prediction section, brainstorming section, trials 1, 2, & 3, final results section with drawings, and a reflection section. This bundle
This is a MEGA BUNDLE of the following seasonal STEM resources:Fall STEMWinter STEMSpring STEMSummer STEMYou will receive 12 main STEM challenges (3 for each season) plus over 20 additional task card challenges! These activities are highly engaging and appropriate for a wide range of grades.Please s
STEM Project for Middle School‚ÄĒ6th, 7th, and 8th grades.In this activity, students will work in groups to create a catapult from popsicle sticks. They will modify their catapult in order to produce the best launch possible. Kids will have a great time launching mini marshmallows across the room whil
STEM Elementary Classroom ProjectIn this activity, students will work in groups to create a catapult from popsicle sticks. They will modify their catapult in order to produce the best launch possible. Kids will have a great time launching mini marshmallows across the room while learningabout potenti
Are you looking for fun STEM activities that your students will enjoy? I have the one for you! It connects to the books The Marvelous Thing That Came From a Spring by Gilbert Ford and Slinky Innovators: The James Family. Slinky STEM Challenge will give students the opportunity to research the inven
Simple STEM came out of the idea of using materials that are easy to acquire and that you probably already have. A world of STEM challenges await you in this simple and inexpensive material. Use these challenges for :STEM Fridays, Maker Mondays, or Tinker TuesdaysAfter school STEM Any time, to hone
Challenge students to create the ideal egg container: the lightest container for an ‚ÄúA+‚ÄĚ Grade to protect a raw Grade-A egg from cracking, such as after a four-story free fall drop from the football stadium stands! Ss participate in project based learning with DROP IT! to understand how to safely sh
Engineering Rollercoasters a science PBL activity that is designed to get kids to see the science behind some of the most fun rides on earth! Great for getting teachers involved with the design engineering process for the first time, or introducing the scientific principles of engineering to student

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