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This is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of Number of Stars. Students will closely read and an annotate for the purpose of identifying how point-of-view changes. There are questions to go along with this passage. They focus on point-of-view, author's craft, and inference.
Teach rhetoric, ethos, logos, pathos, point of view and author's purpose using a fun picture book instead of dense, boring texts Seemingly simple children’s books contain hidden levels of meaning for teens and adults to practice higher-level analysis skills of author’s purpose, text connections and
Instead of assigning a study guide with questions, let your students creatively analyze setting, point of view, characterization, and more with this engaging postcard template that works for any novel or short story! This 6-page PDF resource contains instructions and 3 different templates, plus a b
This is a great activity for Point of View; Whether you are reviewing or introducing it for the first time! Students will love this! It has them think and be creative at the same time! Included: "The House" by Laurie Henry 6 story questions Writing Activity Writing Rubric Writing Activity--
Have your students consider another perspective while still be focusing on their Essential Question of What makes a Hero?Students have a warm-up video as a guide and to consider a new perspective. After in groups students will take the Hollywood Movie stage and create a storyboard for Polyphemus' si
This interactive, DIGITAL activity allows students to practice both summarizing and character's point of view in a creative and engaging Twitter activity.Students post a summary from the main character and respond to the Tweet from a second character's perspective. This one page Tweet project in Goo
A Harry-Potter-themed lesson on the specific topics of character traits, conflict, and point of view.The Google Slides lesson comes with definitions for each subject topic as well as 3-4 practice problems. A rubric and learning targets are included for your benefit. Also the free pdf of Harry Potter
This is a fun activity that gets students' creative juices flowing and demonstrates their ability to understand inferences. Students write a paragraph from the point of view of an object, as if it could think and speak, without actually identifying the object. They're required to include text clues
Did Manifest Destiny Promote or Contradict the Founding Ideals?OverviewLesson Title: Manifest Destiny POV ActivitySubject Area: US HistoryLength of Activity: ~1.5 HoursDescription: This activity will help students to better understand the concept of Manifest Destiny and how it impacted differen
This fun activity aims to teach students about the Pony Express while encouraging them to experience events from the viewpoint of a Pony Express horse! After learning a fact, students use their knowledge to write a description on a YouTube video template. The templates are meant to be silly and emul
Short activity for students to complete when they finish a book. Students will pick 1 scene from their book, write a brief summary about what actually happened, and then in at least 2 paragraphs they will rewrite that part but from the POV of another character. Includes *Grading rubric *student d
This is an extension activity to complete after reading The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. Students can create their own postcards from other craft supplies (scissors, markers, erasers, other pencils). Students are encouraged to use appropriate POV for their postcard*Rubric included: NJSLS*
This activity on perspective and POV aligns to the Downriver novel and 7th grade Common Core Standards. I left it as a Word document so that it can be modified for other grade levels.
Included: Activities regarding...-Suspense-Point of View-Making Predictions-Direct and Indirect Characterization-Figurative Language-Symbolism-Movie Comparison between the novel Jake, Reinvented and the movie for The Great Gatsby-Answer Key for the Figurative Language activityDescription:This is dow
A fun and academic way to celebrate Halloween in your classroom!
6th - 8th
This is an engaging activity that requires students to make inferences about the clerk and then write a clerk's report from the his point of view. Given that this is a piece of German literature from a Jewish author living in Prague of the Czech Republic, this work can target RL.2.6.
9th - 12th
A point of view worksheet based on the book "If You'll Be My Valentine".
Use these 32 short passage cards to help your student identify first and third person point of view (POV). Most of the cards are pretty straightforward, but there are a few that require careful reading (they will trip up kids who just read the first sentence). Both color and black line versions of t
Help your students easily find the point of view of any story with this classroom poster set and these practice worksheets. This resource is perfect for grades 3-5 and can easily be used as a supplement to any point of view lesson or unit.A digital GOOGLE VERSION has been added!This digital resource
Use these 32 task cards to help your student identify first person, third person – limited, and third-person - omniscient points of view. Each card includes a short, fictional passage and the three multiple-choice options. Students will need to read carefully as several of these cards are tricky! I
Here's a hands-on, creative way for your students to practice identifying first person and third person point of view! This is an engaging activity where your students read SIX short passages and identify which point of view the author used in each story. Then, the students color, cut, and glue the
Point of view & perspective can be difficult standards to teach. This resource has just made it easier! Help your students master perspective using these 6 engaging activities focused on studying the narration of the story & the characters' and reader's perspectives, PLUS 3 graphic organize
Save with this bundle of reading comprehension mini-units!Or...save even more with the ULTIMATE BUNDLE (12 Mini-Units)...Reading Comprehension Skills - ULTIMATE BUNDLE - 12 Mini-Units! Making Inferences, Finding the Main Idea, Predicting, Context Clues, Sequencing, Cause and Effect, Drawing Conclusi
Here's a hands-on, creative way for your students to practice identifying two important skills- point of view AND the perspective of the main character. This is an engaging activity where your students read four short passages about a boy who is stung by a bee. Two passages are written from the per

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