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Nonfiction Text Structure Game Show PowerPoint Activity
Text Structure can be FUN for you to teach and for students to learn with this highly engaging Text Structure Game Show PowerPoint activity! This game will make the skill of practicing text structure something students are EXCITED to do! My class CHEERS when they see this game in the plans. PERFE

Also included in: Game Show ALL ACCESS Bundle

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World War One (WWI) PowerPoint & Activity Bundle
This World War One (WWI) Bundle works well for both World or US History although it does lean more to the United States History side. I used it for both my World and US classes. Bundle Includes: 3 PowerPoints (160 Slides) 1. WWI Causes (MAINA) & US Enters the War (77 Slides) 2. WWI American Hom
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Pumpkins Unit with PowerPoint, Activities, and Video
This pumpkin unit for primary grades includes a non-fiction PowerPoint slideshow, anchor charts, writing materials, and thematic printables that will add interest and engagement to your teaching about pumpkins and their life cycle. This set is also part of a money-saving bundle of thematic units for

Also included in: Thematic Units Big Bundle - Nonfiction PowerPoint Units

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ATP, Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Unit Bundle- PPT, Activities, Test
Are you teaching basic cellular processes like photosynthesis & respiration? Need a good way to explain ATP and energy? This product is for you! Save yourself lots of time (and your own ATP)!Photosynthesis and respiration are some of the most difficult topics to teach in a Biology or Life Sci
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Author's Purpose Practice interactive Powerpoint Activity
This 26 slide interactive powerpoint takes the three parts of Author's purpose: to inform, to entertain, and to persuade and turns them into a fun interactive quiz. This is whiteboard ready! Students will love the 3D graphics and custom animations. This goes along great with my best selling Author
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Middle School Poetry Unit, 4 Weeks of Engaging PowerPoints and Activities
Middle school teachers, I feel your pain. Teaching energetic students with short attention spans is no easy feat, but this engaging multimedia unit makes teaching a whole lot easier. Students learn poetry concepts through hip-hop, commercials, television shows, movies, and other pop culture medi
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DNA, RNA, & PROTEIN SYNTHESIS Notes, PowerPoints, & Activities
This is BUNDLE for DNA, RNA & Protein Synthesis. It takes a very difficult concept (protein synthesis) and makes it fun/easy to learn. Both PPTs are editable and so are the notes so that you can add in more information or take out information to fit your grade level. The first year I taught this
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Comma Rules PowerPoint and activities with BOOM Cards
This Comma PowerPoint lesson with activities contains everything you need to teach or review eight (8) comma rules. It includes the darling police kids clip art you see in the preview. With the PowerPoint lesson, you will receive the following items:⭐ Comma Rules Power Point (60 interactive slides)

Also included in: Language Arts Power Point Bundle with Activities

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Civil Rights PowerPoint & Activity Bundle
This Civil Rights Bundle Includes: 1. Origins of the Civil Rights Movement PowerPoint 2. Civil Rights on the Move PowerPoint 3. Widening Struggle for Civil Rights PowerPoints 4. 3 Fill in Cornell Notes 5. Comparing Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Reading and Graphic Organizer 6. Civil Rights Post
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Possessive Nouns PowerPoint and Activities
Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns: students will gain a solid understanding of these grammar rules through an interactive PowerPoint presentation (36 slides), two fun and engaging "hunt" or "Scoot" activities, plus 3 independent practice pages. The PowerPoint includes 2 lessons, 1 on singular po
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Great Depression PowerPoint & Activity Bundle
Download Includes: 1. Causes of the Great Depression PowerPoint 2. Fill in the Blank Cornell Notes 3. Great Depression Simulation PowerPoint 4. Fill in the Blank Cornell Notes 5. FDR & the New Deal PowerPoint 6. Fill in the Blank Cornell Notes 7. Simulation Travel Log 8. 1930s ABC chart 9. Cause
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Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors- PowerPoint, Activities, Lab, & Test
Everything you need to teach inherited traits and learned behaviors to your 4th or 5th graders! Integrate science into other academic areas! The material covers: • Parents/ Offspring • DNA, Chromosomes, & Genes, including dominant and recessive • Heredity / Inherited Traits • Heredity and Enviro
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AP Psychology Motivation & Emotion unit BUNDLE Powerpoint activities test
AP Psychology Motivation & Emotion unit BUNDLE Powerpoint activities test includes: -Daily unit lesson plan -AP Psychology Emotion Fun Engaging Powerpoint with Activities includes 123 fun slides, T/F questions, Quiz Wiz checking for understanding throughout, Video Clip stopping points with youtu
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Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers: Hilarious Lesson, PPT and Activities
This lesson shows the definition of a modifier and a clause, as well as the difference between a misplaced modifier and a dangling modifier. The PowerPoint provides several examples for mastery and later for students to identify. My number 4 Best Seller. Thank you! Students are shown the humor tha
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Class Rules Review Games: Fun paper-based & PowerPoint activities!
Nagging your students and constantly reminding them of classroom rules is no fun for them or you. Why not make it into a game? Or better yet--two games, one paper-based, one in PPT form! Both games can be played all throughout the school year: switch up the two versions depending on the time and res
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Reflexive Pronouns PowerPoint and Activities
This PowerPoint lesson bundle contains everything you need to teach reflexive pronouns. It includes the following items:⭐ Reflexive Pronouns Power Point for direct instruction, oral practice, and oral assessment⭐ Reflexive Pronouns Task Cards Contains 32 task cards, answer recording document, and an

Also included in: Language Arts Power Point Bundle with Activities

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AP Psychology Sensation & Perception unit BUNDLE Powerpoints activities test
AP Psychology Sensation & Perception unit BUNDLE Powerpoints activities test includes: -daily lesson unit plan -AP Psychology Sensation Engaging PowerPoint with Demos, Videos, and more includes: 193 fun slides, engaging true/false questions, checking for understanding questions throughout, video
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Classifying Animals - PowerPoint & Activities (Animal Classification)
Classification of Animals: Invertebrates and Vertebrates (focusing mainly on the vertebrates; mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians). - Non Fiction Resources This 36 page Powerpoint presentation covers all of those animals and much more. More than just a series of informative slides, this

Also included in: Animal Bundle (Classifying, Endangered, Nonfiction book, Invent Animal, Habitat)

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Short Story: PowerPoint, Activities & Printables for ANY Fiction (Grades 7-12)
(Short Story, Elements of Literature, Elements of Fiction, Introduction to Short Stories) Kick off ANY short story, fiction or literature unit with this comprehensive and engaging PowerPoint and activity bundle intended for secondary ELA. Great for introduction, reinforcement, and/or review, this p
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Punctuation Teaching Bundle: Lessons, PowerPoints, activities, tests
Punctuation Teaching Bundle: Great for the beginning of the year! This growing punctuation bundle includes punctuation units designed for secondary students. This bundle includes:• Punctuation Introduction Pack• All About Punctuation: End Marks• All About Punctuation: The Comma• All About Punctuatio
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How to Write a Persuasive Essay for AP Spanish PowerPoint and Activities
This 68-slide PowerPoint and activities include the following: ~The goal of the persuasive essay’s point ~The different kinds of arguments ~The different kinds of evidence ~Vocabulary to express cause and effect ~Expressions for stating one’s opinion ~Vocabulary for meeting objections ~Compo

Also included in: AP Spanish PowerPoints for an Entire Year Bundle

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AP Psychology Personality Unit BUNDLE PowerPoint, Activities, Tests, Projects
AP Psychology Personality Unit BUNDLE PowerPoint, Activities, Tests, Projects Includes: Daily lesson plan Powerpoint with fun and engaging slides, T/F questions, activities, checking for understanding, think pair share questions, youtube video links, and review questions at the end Graphic Organizer
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Rhetorical Devices:  PowerPoint, Activities & Handouts
Help your high school and advanced middle school students learn, understand and practice a wide variety of rhetorical devices with this engaging, fully editable 40-slide PowerPoint and 10-page printable activity packet. The CCSS-aligned package includes: • Definition, purpose and examples of four

Also included in: Rhetoric Value Bundle: Appeals & Devices PPTs, Activities & Printables

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Histology: Tissues PowerPoint, Activities, Doodle Notes, & Quiz
Ready to add some interest to your tissues lessons? This is the bundle for you! These epithelial and connective tissue lessons, interactive notebook pages, and activities provide your Anatomy students with highly visual, interactive and engaging resources that they will love. These resources prov

Also included in: Anatomy & Physiology Curriculum: PowerPoints, Diagrams, Labs, & Worksheets

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