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*2020 Update* This is the first step to get your students to understand tone. With this mini lesson, you will teach your middle school students what connotation and denotation mean, and its importance in a sentence. It is a great starting off point for analyzing passages.What's Included:1. Google Sl
This vocabulary resource about word relationships includes both the Activity Sheet Set and the PowerPoint Presentation about connotations, denotations, synonyms, and antonyms.Both focus on the vocabulary skills of identifying connotative meanings, knowing the difference between connotations and deno
Requiring critical thinking and analysis-level Bloom’s Taxonomy skills, TONE can be a tricky concept for students to master. This DENOTATION, CONNOTATION, DICTION, & TONE ACTIVITY POWER POINT contains five different activities that lead students on a journey of discovering the connotative value
⭐ GOOGLE CLASSROOM™ & VIRTUAL MEETS: This digital resource provides a complete and engaging lesson on denotation and connotation. Students will enjoy working interactively with the slides to highlight text, drag and drop text boxes, and type responses in text boxes. As they work through the sli
“The Sea” by James Reeves is OFTEN used in state tests, worksheets, and anthologies. It is short, but provides a lot to discuss. It is straightforward, and yet still complex. The imagery is superb. Almost all of it is within the grasp of the student, and yet there are parts that need discussion to
Connotations Task Cards is a set of thirty task cards that provide students with a variety of practice exercises for the difficult concept of word connotations. Students practice recognizing the different nuances of word meanings and choosing words with just the right connotation. NOTE: For a digi
Both Power Points cover the topics of symbolism, connotation, and denotation in Elie Weisel’s Night. The first PowerPoint covers the symbolism of the title of the memoir based on chapter 3 and is 13 slides. This lesson helps students to arrive at the symbolism of the title using the concepts of co
lesson on connotations and denotations
This presentation is an introduction to Metaphor Poetry. The introductory slides focus on defining metaphors and similes. As the presentation continues, students are introduced to connotation and denotation, with on emphasis on how metaphor is concerned with connotations. Since metaphors can be cha
***This product is also included in my MEGA bundle at a discounted price: Literary Elements & Devices Resources an Language Resources Connotation and denotation can be a tricky skill for students to master, but it is an important component of Common Core! This bundle is jam-packed with EVERYTH
Connotation and denotation are NOT topics that are easy to teach! Examples sometimes don't come easily!!! Not to mention, students often have difficulty interpreting shades of meaning in words. This powerpoint comes equipped with all you need for three days' worth of lessons. It includes: 29 S
These carefully-scaffolded connotation and denotation activities introduce students to literary analysis skills. Students will explore how authors use word choice, including connotation and denotation, to create meaning. They should, as a result, become more confident and independent readers and wri
Students will follow the PowerPoint to learn about connotation- and learn FOUR STRATEGIES to uncover nuances in meaning. This lesson uses task cards, a game, and worksheet to capture students' attention. This product includes:-- an EATS lesson (with essential question, activating strategy, vocabular
5 weeks of literary analysis lesson plans for House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros. Includes pacing guide, pre-reading, film essay, activities, reading quizzes, notes, posters, author study, character analysis and discussions. This unit plan contains everything you need to add relevance and ri
Understanding the CONNOTATIVE and DENOTATIVE meaning of words is a significant part of understanding an author’s craft and word choice in literature, and it has your students diving deeper into a text, using their analytical and higher level comprehension skills. This 10-minute mini mastery lesson
Created for a Grade 6 Language Arts classroom. This product includes a detailed lesson plan, and a PowerPoint. This lesson asks the teacher to go through the PowerPoint (having the students take notes) and then facilitate a hands-on activity. This worked great in my classroom; the kids really enjoy
In this module, we distinguish between connotation and denotation and discuss strategies for using the right words to emotionally engage your audience. This one-week mini-unit consists of two engaging instructional videos, a daily bellwork routine, a practice activity, and a quiz.Writing Lab Modules
5 weeks of literary analysis lesson plans for All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. Includes pacing guide, pre-reading, film essay, activities, reading quizzes, notes, posters, author study, character analysis and discussions. This unit plan contains everything you need to add re
Teach all grammar skills for sixth grade with these digital interactive Google Slides Presentations - over 500 slides are included! What's included for each skill? · 2 Google Slides Presentations: One Google Slides Interactive Presentation with 28 to 57 slides that teaches about a topic. These are
Lord of the Flies Understanding the basics of an author's use of diction (denotation vs connotation), imagery, figurative language, and syntax; is essential for analyzing the tone and mood of a text. Students will to determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in the text, includin
Teach Connotations & Denotations for seventh grade with these two interactive digital Google Slides Presentations. This is part of my Growing Grammar Bundle for 7th Grade. Check it out here.What's included? · 2 Google Slides Presentations: One Google Slides Interactive Presentation with 32 slide
I had trouble finding resources to help my 7th grade students understand connotative differences in word meanings, which is now a standard in Common Core. So I created a slideshow on using connotation when we speak and write. This 15 slide presentation includes Common Core standards and essential qu
Use these 20+ Connotation and Denotation BOOM Cards™ digitally to help your students understand the importance of identifying and understanding the impact positive and negative connotations can have in reading, writing and speaking.***Get ALL of the 4-6 ELA BOOM sets in a growing bundle and save 30%
Students practice and review the elements of connotation and denotation with this BOOM Card game. The nuances of word choice can be challenging, but they will better understand word choice after they play this game.There are 25 words, each with three slides for a total of 75 slides. The word is pr

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