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This activity consists of a reading and graphing activity that will provide your students with a solid foundation and/or review of the predator-prey relationship and the basics of constructing line graphs. Further, students will gain practice analyzing data and using graphs to make predictions. Choo
These digital science activities cover predators and prey.This digital resource uses Google Slides™ and can be used on Google Classroom and Google Drive. This resource also includes an answer key.This product includes:Drag-&-drop: match the definition with the vocabulary word (predator, prey, fo
Students investigate the population dynamics between predator and prey, and the role limiting factors play in the size of a population by graphing and analyzing data of the Canadian lynx and snowshoe hare. I use this activity with my sixth grade students during our unit on ecosystems. We complete
Match the predator with its prey! Students get to match 2 versions: land and ocean animals. Print in black and white so students color the predator and prey! Use this printable as an exit ticket, interactive notebook page, homework, whole group activity, or assessment!Teaching the food chain? Chec
This sort provides students an opportunity to practice what they have learned about predators and prey. The sort can be done one of two ways: 1. Sort the animals into the correct predator or prey column and glue. 2. Match each predator with its prey and glue them under the correct heading. If y
This is a fun and engaging way to practice determining the differences between predator and prey in an ecosystem! Students will read a sentence and decide if it is describing a predator or prey, then glue the box in the correct column. An answer key is included. You may also like: Predator and Prey
This predator and prey cut and paste has students sorting through 16 different animals and the definitions for predator and prey. This product can be differentiated in several ways: 1. Students can sort both the definitions and the different types of predators and prey on a recording sheet. 2. S
We often assume that our students are familiar with certain animals or have seen them at the zoo, but many times the experiences of our students are far more limited than we had imagined. In this PowerPoint lesson, students will get to see images of every adaptation that is discussed, from the horn
This is a matching game for students to use to show mastery of "predator" and "prey". The file contains 22 animal cards and an answer document for recording, along with suggested classroom uses. This is perfect for review or station games.
Examine the effects of population size on the organisms in an ecosystem through the predator and prey relationship of wolves and elk. This worksheet is a great review or homework assignment that can be used at multiple grade levels. It also offers an opportunity to practice drawing conclusions from
Are you looking for activities to help your students determine if an animal is predator or prey? Your students will love this activity! After reading a question, students will color that area of the picture according to the color code. An answer key is included. You may also like: Predator and Prey
Animals have unique adaptations to help them survive. Through the use of games, students will pretend they are certain animals and they will experience some of the ways predators find their prey and how prey protect themselves from being eaten.Included in resource:- Extensive vocabulary list- Materi
Netlogo virtual lab simulation to introduce students to the relationships between predator, prey, invasive species, food availability, and more! Begins with a short reading on predation, population dynamics, adaptations/defense mechanisms, and invasive species with accompanying questions. Then uses
*Newly updated on 12-15-16! New graphics, videos, links, slides and more! This is a fun addition to any lesson with animations and embedded video clips. This PowerPoint covers the concepts of predator versus prey, producers, consumers, herbivore, omnivore, carnivore, food chains, food webs, and flo
In this fun lesson that integrates literacy and science, students read, play tag, and engage in the writing process. It's an excellent activity for the end of the year, outdoor education, Earth Day, or summer camp! Students start by reading and discussing the fairy tale “Cat and Mouse in Partnersh
Natural selection, population genetics, migration, competition… these can be difficult concepts to study in a classroom. This game allows kids to simulate the rise and fall of populations as different species interact with their environments and each other. There are two levels of game play. In the
This is a simulation that shows the relationship between predator and prey populations in an ecosystem. It is a hands-on activity that your students are sure to enjoy. The data obtained will demonstrate how animals in an ecosystem depend on each other and show how the predator/prey relationship he
This is a quick review of the 4th grade SPI- Recognize the impact of predation and competition on a ecosystem. It covers the following vocabulary words; ecosystem, predator, prey, resources, compete, and survive. It goes along with Lesson 5 of the TCAP Science Coach for 4th grade. There is a slide f
We often assume that our students are familiar with certain animals or have seen them at the zoo, but many times the experiences of our students are far more limited than we had imagined. These notes coincide with the Adaptations of Predators and Prey PowerPoint in which students will get to see im
Product comes with 30 cards, recording sheet and questions. Print sort/match cards on cardstock, laminate and cut them out. Have students match the cards with which animal would eat another animal. The cards are already matched up but there are other solutions as well. Have students fill out predat
Do your students love to doodle while taking notes?  Don't fight it, embrace it with Squiggle Sheets!!!These notes are not only fun, but help to students to meet Next Generation Science Standards.Notes are differentiated. 3 versions are included. Use the included answer key or choose to use the blan
Predator and prey activities. The relationship between predator and prey populations can be observed as students graph the populations of two animal species over the course of 80 years. This resource provides two versions of student data sheet. The first set is more challenging and comes with 20 dat
The Predator and Prey Relationship Powerpoint is a lesson that teaches students about predators, prey and the connection between the two.
This is a game that I played as a sixth grader at Outdoor Ed. it helped to learn the food chains of animals and to see who was predator and who was prey! I did not create the game, I've merely adapted my resources from memory and various sets of online rules to fill in the blanks where the game got

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