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A Bingo game to review your prefixes and suffixes! The calling cards contain the complete word (example: misbehave) and the Bingo cards contain the meaning of the prefix/suffix and base word (example: behave wrong or bad). Prefixes on the Bingo card are: mis-, re-, pre-, un-, dis-, il-, in-, over-
These activities are designed to increase vocabulary skills by teaching students with language delays the concept of prefixes and suffixes. It includes everything you need to teach 25 different affixes to your students. This product can be used throughout the entire school year.CLICK HERE to SAVE 25
Kids love to play Bingo! Why not learn about prefixes and suffixes at the same time? These fun bingo games help students learn the meanings of prefixes and suffixes. Prefix Bingo includes the prefixes: RE, PRE, DIS, IM, and IN Suffix bingo includes the suffixes: ER, OR, MENT, OUS, and ABLE Includ
Review common prefixes and suffixes with this fun Bingo game! Prefixes on the Bingo cards include: dis-, im-, in-, mis-, non-, pre-, re-, un-, Suffixes on the Bingo card are: -able, -en, -er, -est, -ful, -less, -ly, -ness This set includes 24 Bingo cards and 60 word cards. Cards are in bla
Thank you for choosing to check out this Prefix/Suffix BINGO pack! It is great for in-class review/practice, small groups, or for substitute plans! This pack contains: ♦ Teacher call list with Prefix/Suffix meanings. Teachers should just read the meaning, and students determine the answers wh
This FUN bingo game is a great way to practice prefixes and suffixes! This product includes 24 Bingo boards (just print extras if needed), 30 calling cards, and an answer key. I have also used this game for IREAD test prep! Prefixes include: un dis re mis pre Suffixes include: able less ful er n
This resource was created to help students practice the standard 2.RF.3d (decode words with common prefixes and suffixes). __________________________________________________________This is a BUNDLE of my Prefix and Suffix BINGO Games.Click the links to be taken to each individual game or simply read
Help your students have fun practicing their prefixes and suffixes through two games of bingo. 12 different boards for each game. Game 1: Caller calls out words with prefixes and suffixes from a list, students search for the definitions on their board. Game 1: Caller calls out definitions from a l
SPANISH. Looking for a fun center activity that reviews the SPANISH prefixes and suffixes with your students? This is the perfect item!TWO SETS OF BINGO ARE INCLUDED IN THIS RESOURCE!1. The first set includes 26 PREFIJOS in the following format:26 cards with sample sentencesOne instructions pageOne
Students practice using prefixes and suffixes in context. Print and laminate or put the sheet in a clear sleeve for students to fill in the missing prefix or suffix. Students can play in pairs and quiz each other by reading through the boxes. Take turns using two different colored markers and who
Prefix and Suffix Bingo Game Set for small groups - 3rd & 4th Grades Common Core Aligned - RF.3a, RF.4a This bingo game for small groups practices the following prefixes and suffixes: pre-, dis-, re-, un-, and –ful, -less, -able. The calling cards contain the meaning (example: to treat poor
Prefix and Suffix Bingo - Vocabulary FocusAre you looking for a way for students to engage in prefix and suffix practice? If yes, you'll love this prefix and suffix Bingo game there are 44 words with prefixes and suffixes that students can practice. What's Included:10 unique game boards, calling car
Thank you for choosing to check out this Word Part BINGO bundle! It includes Prefix/Suffix BINGO, and Word Root BINGO - plus you save when you purchase the bundle!!! Both games are great for in-class review/practice, small groups, or for substitute plans! EACH pack contains: ♦ Teacher call list with
144 Middle School Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes broken down into six sections of Bingo boards! Packet Includes: Prefix List Suffix List Root List Prefix Definition List Suffix Definition List Root Definition List Six Bingo boards (three variations of each) Six Bingo clue sheets This would be a gre
Prefix and Suffix Practice (for small groups) - 3rd and 4th grades Common Core Aligned - RF.3a, RF.4a Get a great savings - 20%- off this mini bundle and add the fun of Bingo to your center activities or small groups. This discounted bundle contains 2 resources that include a total of 4 Bingo gam
I created Prefix and Suffix Bingo as an engaging way to practice second grade level prefixes and suffixes. Students can cut out cards and glue them on the board where they would like to create unique bingo boards. This set also includes a set of teacher calling cards that can be cut out and placed i
Great center activity! Students play Bingo while practicing their Language Arts skills. Who knew learning could be so fun? Set comes with 5 Bingo cards and Answer cards. Print out on fun colored paper and laminate for multiple use!
This fun set is sure to engage students whether in a whole class setting or in small groups. Students will practice identifying words with Prefixes & Suffixes with this fun game. Great for in class or even as a distance learning activity students will be engaged and having fun. 30 total Bingo
Prefix and Suffix Bingo Game Set (for small groups) - 3rd & 4th Grades Common Core Aligned - RF.3a, RF.4a This bingo game for small groups practices the following prefixes and suffixes: im-, mis-, over-, non-, and –ness, -en, -or, -ly. There are two sets of game cards* Each game introduces 2
This is an affixes bingo bundle that combines these two products from my store: Suffixes Bingo & Prefixes Bingo Ideal for small groups, these bingo games are perfect for engaging your students and helping them master prefixes and suffixes. It includes the following: 6 suffix bingo boards in col
This resource is perfect for reviewing prefix and suffix words and their meanings. It features prefix and suffix word definition task cards along with Bingo scorecards. Great for literacy centers/stations, cooperative learning, partner work, small group instruction, or independent practice. Includ
This is a Bingo game that uses prefixes, suffixes, and Greek root words. There are a series of different boards so the students won't all have the same board. To play, you just cut out the blank board and read out each box randomly. The students will be required to fill in the boxes using the clues.
Christmas BINGO: Prefixes/Suffixes!This game of Bingo includes:-24 Different BINGO Cards-2 Different Versions of Christmas BINGO: Prefixes/Suffixes: Multiple-Choice Version & CHALLENGE VERSION-30 Prefix/Suffix Questions!

Also included in: Prefix/Suffix Bundle

Greek & Latin roots are a critical component in vocabulary instruction. This BINGO game complements the vocabulary program The Reading Olympians. It is played like traditional BINGO, but based on the Greek and Latin roots included in The Reading Olympian program. If you are not familiar with

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