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prefix flipbook

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Prefixes and suffixes are important for students to learn to help figure out the meaning in new words. Great for vocabulary building! This flipbook will help you introduce prefixes and suffixes to your students. It comes with many filled in and space to add your own. Or use the editable version t
Need to teach Greek and Latin affixes in ELA? Your prep work is done! Use this comprehensive instruction, practice, and assessment set to help students learn prefixes, roots, and suffixes in a student-friendly manner!This set keeps instruction visually clear with the flipbook, interactive with stati
This prefix flipbook contains a 16-page flipbook and 5 pages of teacher notes and materials. It contains 5 tables and features the following prefixes:un-pre-re-dis- mis-The finished flipbook creates a handy reference tool that students can keep in a folder.Each tab contains:-one word chart (Students
This prefix flipbook contains a 17-page flipbook and 6 pages of teacher notes and materials. It contains 8 tables and features the following prefixes:un-, re-, pre-, dis-, & mis- (a brief review of these five)in-, il-, ir-, im-inter-over-under-sub-de-semi-The finished flipbook creates a handy re
This foldable / flipbook was just what my 2nd graders needed to help them study and learn their prefixes and suffixes. I run page 1 and page 2 back to back and then glue or staple to page 3. Page 1 lists the prefix or suffix, page 2 will have the meaning of the prefix or suffix (a list of both is in
1st - 6th
I made this activity pack to correlate with the Level 2 - Unit 6 Fundations...it also of course can be used as a Language Arts activity and/or for Word Work. I needed my kiddos to practice with a variety of prefixes and suffixes. So I created two activities for each! 1) I made a "spin" activity
Help your students learn and read words with common prefixes and suffixes! These flipbooks are fun and easy to make. Prefixes and suffixes include: re- pre- un- -ing -ed -er -est -ful -less Enjoy! Related Products: Flipbook_Bundle_Pack Consonant-Blends-and-Digraphs-Flipbook Word_Family_Flipbooks
Prefix Bingo introduces students to 25 different prefixes with their meanings. There are five different sets of Prefix Bingo Call Cards (each set is color coded for easy identification) so that the game can be played five times before a word beginning in a prefix (call card) is repeated. The 22 st
This bundle is a compilation of my flipbooks to help students learn and apply phonics rules. This bundle includes: -Consonant Blends and Digraph Pack (bl, br, ch, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, sc, sh, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, th, tr, wh, scr, spl, spr, str, thr, -st, -sk, -sp, -ne, -nt, -nk
*Newly Updated* flipbook for 5 common prefixes and 5 common suffixes: bi-, tri-, co-, de-, en-, -able, -ible, -ish, -ance, -ence. Can be used as flipbook or within an interactive notebook. Included in this freebie: *Directions/Credits/Thank you *Examples and information that could be included in
I hope you enjoy this freebie! These books were made to help your students learn to read and write words with prefixes and suffixes. Students read the root words, write the word with the prefix or suffix, then write the meaning. After they are finished reading and writing the words, they cut out the
This prefix flip book teaches 12 different prefixes. - re - un / non (on the same page) - pre - mis - dis - in, im, ir, il (on the same page) - over / under (on the same page) The pages are designed to be printed double sided. The front of each page has students practice turning the base/root word
This product includes many different resources to introduce to your students all about prefixes, suffixes, and roots. In this product, you will find the following:Presentation that teaches each prefix, suffix, and root. This includes the meaning and example words. Several choices for student notes.F
Have your students cut and paste this flipbook into their math journals. A teacher answer sheet is included in the document which lists the symbol for each prefix, object examples, number meanings, and conversions. Have your students record all of these in the flipbook or only a selected few, depend
Do your students need extra practice with SPANISH prefixes and suffixes? These engaging SPANISH printable flipbooks are perfect to practice common prefixes and suffixes (prefijos y sufijos). NO PREP just print and go.Students will fill out the booklet by: reading the base word (palabra base) adding
Your 4th - 6th grade students will flip out over these root words, prefixes and suffixes flipbooks! Help your students master root words, prefixes and suffixes in a hands-on and engaging way. This interactive activity is not only fun but also easy to make. Assembly is so simple, students can even pu
Simply copy the cover page and answer sheet then either glue or staple them together to create a foldable flipbook to help students learn and study new words with prefixes. Students can list words as they come across them in reading texts or part of word work activities. Included is 24 common pref
A great tool for all size groups when teaching about prefixes. Use this resource to help your students learn about the meaning of the prefixes pre-; dis-; mis-; un-; over-; under-; re-; in-; and im- as they create and complete this Prefix Flip Book and engage in completing 66 different puzzles made
This product includes many different resources to introduce to your students all about prefixes, suffixes, and roots. In this product, you will find the following:Presentation that teaches each prefix, suffix, and root. This includes the meaning and example words. Several choices for student notes.F
2 Flipbook templates for use in studying prefixes and suffixes. These 2 templates are part of a study guide packet for students learning about the meaning and usage of prefixes and suffixes.
2nd - 6th
This flip book resource includes the following prefixes: en-, fore-, sub-, semi-, anti-, auto-, multi-, poly-, deca-, kilo-, milli-, cent-, under-, over-, non-, mis- There are three versions: Option #1: Students write the definition and list examples Option #2: Students write the definition, list
This is a prefixes flip book to use as a supplemental resource when introducing prefixes. I like to print the flip book on construction paper so it is more sturdy. :) If you have any questions let me know! Thanks, Kinder Garden
This flip book contains five prefix flip books: re, un, dis, mis, and pre. Along with five suffix flip books: full, less, er, er, and est. Students are to add the prefix or suffix to the root word and then write the new meaning of the word.
1st - 3rd
Students will love completing their prefix flip book. Focuses on the prefixes re-, un-, pre-, dis-, auto-,im-, non-, mis-, over- Easy with no mess. Just cut, staple and complete each page.
2nd - 4th

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