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In this fantastic worksheet, students are presented with the lyrics of the 2 famous campaign songs from the election of 1828. Andrew Jackson was challenging John Quincy Adams in one of the most heated elections in US history. After analyzing the lyrics to both of these famous songs, students are pre
This worksheet allows students to use a primary source document to learn about the chaotic Inauguration of Andrew Jackson. I use this worksheet to help students better understand the election of 1828 and the popularity of Andrew Jackson with the common people. This activity is very easy to use. All
Students read an account of President Johnson's impeachment trial during Reconstruction and answer 14 questions, including one relating this event to modern times. This would be great for a sub and the answers are included where appropriate! Sample questions include:--Discuss the change in feeling
This is a History Channel documentary series that can be used for U.S. History as an introduction or as a review of Andrew Jackson. My questions simply serve as a guide to ensure that students are paying attention to the information that is being presented. (14 questions and Answer Key Included)Thes
Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the United States. This graphic organizer will help students organize information about important facts of his life and presidency. It provides space for information of Jackson's stand on the Bank of the United States (felt bank only benefited the rich, veto
This lesson looks at the controversial presidency of Andrew Jackson. There is a PowerPoint with some embedded video clips, a printable notes catcher handout, a meme creating activity with printable blank memes of Andrew Jackson and Native Americans, and an exit slip quiz. This lesson is engaging an
These 17 resources cover Andrew Jackson and his presidency. It touches on his issues with banks, nullification, conflict with Native Americans, it discusses how Van Buren became President, the Panic of 1837, William Henry Harrison's one month term, and more! One activity divides students into camp
"Was Jackson successful at balancing sectional and national interests? Were Jackson's actions as president democratic or undemocratic?" Using EIGHT topics throughout Andrew Jackson's presidency, students research and evaluate the president's actions from the point of view of sectionalism and nation
This US History reading and assessment activity helps address several Common Core ELA Standards that are listed below this introduction and is suitable for Grades 5-8. Students read an engaging 900-word biographical text on the 17th American President, Andrew Johnson. The passage follows his life st
Students complete a 3 part interview activity to review President Jackson and his presidency. The first part has 5 questions to help students review factual parts of Jackson's presidency. In the second part of the activity students "interview" Jackson right after his inauguration (5 questions and
Lapbook/Interactive Notebook Your students will enjoy creating these fun, interactive President Lapbooks! These lapbooks can be used in multiple ways. Your students can enjoy all making the same president lap book or they can each choose a different president to do and then share them with their c
The Andrew Jackson Research Project allows students to display their research with a fun, colorful and unique president pennant. Show off your president art by hanging them in the hallway, bulletin board or around the classroom! These Andrew Jackson project pennants are student friendly and provide
This is a fascinating and entertaining history of Andrew Jackson and his legendary temper and exploits, and how he somehow became President of the United States in 1828. I use it as an introduction to the man and the time period because it provides crucial context for the decisions and behavior Jack
This two-page Word Search and Fill in the Blanks activity sheet is about the 7th President of the United States, Andrew Jackson. The first page is a Word Search Puzzle with an added component – after all of the words on the list have been found in the grid, the remaining letters are used to fill in
This resource includes 9 hand-drawn ANDREW JACKSON Puzzle images that can be used as movable pieces to create digital products and resources you create for yourself or for commercial use. These images are PERFECT for BOOM cards! All images have a clear background. No additional moveable pieces lice
BUNDLE #4 (Andrew Johnson - Chester A. Arthur) from the series: The Presidents presented by the History Channel. Save up to 25% with this bundle instead of purchasing each individually!! This is a History Channel documentary series that can be used for U.S. History as an introduction or as a review
This thorough DBQ asks students to analyze 9 primary and secondary sources to determine whether President Andrew Jackson was a democratic “man of the people”, a hot-tempered despot with no regard for laws and traditions, or something in between. Topics include his debatable status as a champion of t
Students will read an overview of Jackson including his personality, political views, and experience. Students will answer reading comprehension questions and complete a comparison of Jackson and his opponent during the presidential elections: John Adams. Students will do this to emphasize Jackson's
Engage your learners in fun, interactive, and creative ways to discover more about our nation's Presidents using these differentiated activities. INSPIRE your students!Activities are NO PREP and READY TO GO! Great for sub (substitute lesson plans). They work well as quick, textbook-free, in-c
PRESIDENTS DAY: BIOGRAPHY: ANDREW JACKSON Make research on Andrew Jackson interesting and fun with this EDITABLE flipbook organizer. WHAT’S INCLUDED: * Blackline (editable) flipbook templates x 6 * Self and peer-editing Checklist * Writing Sheets ( 4 options ) * Teacher Grading Rubric (2 options
Do you need clipart of a U.S. President for a resource you are creating? This clipart set includes 2 hand-drawn images of ANDREW JACKSON. They can be used on resources you create for yourself or for commercial use. There is 1 color and 1 black and white .png image with a clear background. PLEASE N
This history research project fits on ONE-PAGE and allows students to dig deeper into facts about the former United States of America president. A matching interactive notebook pocket has been provided, however, these brochures can be created as a stand alone project as well.FIND THIS RESOURCE IN TH
This is a CCLS aligned lesson that teaches students about Andrew Jackson and the actions that he took during his presidency. This lesson covers the spoils system, Jackson's bank war, the nullification crisis and the Indian Removal Act.This lesson includes informational texts, guided reading questio
Students play true, false, fix to review Jacksonian Democracy and Jackson's two terms in office by reading 30 statements and determining which are true and which are false. They then complete 3 other tasks with the material. This is best done in pairs or triplets. The answers and a teacher inform

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