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Prevocalic /r/ Articulation Speech Sticks
This has been a tried and true Grab and Go resource within my therapy room for 10 years now. I revised them to expand the vocabulary/stimlus words, update visual cues and add data sheets. My students love to adorn these articulation/speech sticks with clothespins, beans, balls of play dough, etc. as

Also included in: Articulation Speech Sticks Bundle


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Prevocalic R Articulation Dominoes
Tired of 'Go Fish', 'Memory', and other frequently used speech therapy activities? Give Articulation Dominoes a try! This set includes 28 domino cards for the Prevocalic /r/ sound. Great for small articulation therapy groups, or individual sessions. Quick and easy!

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Prevocalic R: Articulation Photographs for Speech Therapy Carryover
Photographs of products, stores, signs, vehicles and more including the prevocalic /r/ phoneme. Promotes literacy as well as carryover of articulation practice outside the speech room. Included: 80 photographs labeled with target word(s) If you like this download, please see my store for other Ar

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Baseball Prevocalic R Articulation Boom Card Game No Print Speech Therapy
Your students will love this interactive articulation game. Speech therapy Boom Cards are so fun and easy to use! Each turn they need to guess which ball is the lucky one that will advance their runner to the next base. They keep practicing their target word as their runner rounds the bases and runs

Also included in: Baseball R Articulation Boom Card Games | Prevocalic R, R- Blends and Vocalic R


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Prevocalic /r/ -Articulation Spinner with Minimal Pairs cards!!!
Download this NO-PRINT, Articulation Spinner Game to reinforce target sound production or as a phonics review! This interactive spinner is colorful with lights which enhances engagement for children! This Prevocalic /r/ set comes with Minimal Pairs cards for extra review!!•Review! Use the spinner as

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Summer Prevocalic R Articulation Homework Boom Cards | No Print Speech Therapy
These summer speech therapy Boom Cards include interactive articulation activities that are perfect for therapy sessions and summer articulation homework practice! There are four different prevocalic R activities included, along with parent and SLP instructions. There are also helpful instructions f

Also included in: Summer R Articulation Homework Boom Cards | No Print Speech Therapy Activities


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Pop the Pig vocalic and prevocalic /r/ articulation
Put the hamburgers on the circles, roll the dice, pick a burger, and say the word as many times as the number under the burger! Can also be used for dot art :)

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Easter Prevocalic R Articulation Packet
Have fun with this Easter-themed packet of activities to work on prevocalic /r/ in words and sentences! This packet includes the following:-One articulation scene-One board game-Four tic-tac-toe games-One sentence worksheet

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Teaching R Articulation - No Prep R Speech Therapy - Vocalic R & All Others!
Are you having trouble eliciting R blends, vocalic R, or prevocalic R? Have no fear! Teaching R makes it easy! This is a step-by-step, easy-to-follow, approach to correct that darn R. It includes a ton of help for vocalic r and r blends, as well as custom visuals, informational handouts, and homewor

Also included in: R Sound Growing Bundle - R Speech Therapy - Vocalic R Articulation


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R Sound Growing Bundle - R Speech Therapy - Vocalic R Articulation
Don't let R articulation therapy leave you feeling stuck! This bundle has some great no prep resources for teaching and perfecting vocalic r, prevocalic r, and r blends! This growing bundle will include tons of future R resources from Speechy Things- so it will be going up in price! You just purchas


vocalic r and prevocalic r (r articulation) articulation therapy packet for speech and language therapy This product is included in the Lisp and Vocalic R Articulation Therapy BundleWatch this Vocalic R video for a detailed explanation of this packet A few years ago, I took Sandra Holtzman’s O

Also included in: Speech Therapy | Lisp Speech Therapy | Vocalic R | S Articulation | Bundle


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Speedy R Sound - R Words Speech - R Articulation Activities BUNDLE - NO PREP
Your student FINALLY can say their R sound but they have to go SO SLOW. Not a problem. These cards are designed with motor learning theory in mind. Let's use visual supports to get reps and speed up those perfect productions of R! ⇨ WHAT’S INCLUDED ⇦○ 40 color Prevocalic R cards○ 28 color BR cards○


Articulation Photo Cards Bundle /R S L CH SH TH J Z/ Blends Pre/Vocalic R
Articulation Photo Flash Cards BUNDLE: later developing sounds for Speech Therapy. Save 30%! Developed for students with Apraxia or Articulation disorders, these real photo picture cards are suitable for all ages and provide additional support for Autism, Special Education and ESL caseloads. Photo


R Articulation Word Search Activities FREEBIE
These R articulation word searches include print and go worksheets for prevocalic r, r- blends, and vocalic r. There are also answer keys for each one! These articulation activities are great for homework, carryover, mixed groups, and independent work.Check out the full Articulation Word Search bund

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R Articulation Playing Cards
/r/ Articulation Playing Cards!! GREAT for playing engaging card games such as War, while also incorporating plenty of target sound productions! This set includes 52 playing cards with prevocalic /r/ pictures and target words, making it easily accessible to both readers and nonreaders! Check out m

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Dinosaur R Articulation Silly Sentences
Sentence articulation practice for R consonant and R vowel sounds. Contains 24 sentences cards for each R sound context: prevocalic R, R-blends, ER, OR, ARE, EAR, AIR and IRE. 192 sentence cards total. Game cards are also included so these can be used as a stand-alone game or be put into other a

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Sound Loaded Carrier Phrases for Articulation (/l/, /s/, /z/ and prevocalic /r/)
This product contains: *36 /l/ sound sentences (12 for each: Initial, Medial and Final Positions) *36 /s/ sound sentences (12 for each: Initial, Medial and Final Positions) *36 /z/ sound sentences (12 for each: Initial, Medial and Final Positions) *12 /r/ sound sentences (In the Initial Position) *

Also included in: Sound Loaded Carrier Phrases for Articulation BUNDLE


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R Articulation Puzzle  - Prevocalic R and Vocalic R Activities
So you finally have an R.... but only one variation! For some reason the student can't seem to generalize to other forms of R. Well... don't stress! That is what R Puzzles are for. This activity is designed specifically for those students who have trouble generalizing their R to every variation and

Also included in: R Puzzle Bundle- Vocalic R Boom Cards Articulation - Vocalic R Activities


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Included: Prevocalic /r/, /er/ and /ar/ This set will allow you to target a sound at the word, phrase, sentence and reading level. Each set is perfect for "on the go" therapy or as a carryover activity for parents. The set is designed to grow with your students as they master each level. Select p

Also included in: Articulation Grab-N-Grow Flip Books: BUNDLE


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Articulation Mini Books: Prevocalic R, R Blends, and Vocalic R
Do you need an organized way to practice articulation sounds at the word, phrase, sentence and conversation level? These books are perfect for working with groups of students with mixed target sounds. They print well in black and white for student home practice too!***These files have been zipped, p

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/r/ Articulation Word Lists
Here are some simple /r/ word lists to use with your articulation students in treatment or for homework with your older students. This set includes single and multiple syllable words with prevocalic /r/ and each vocalic /r/ in the initial, medial, and final positions. I made these lists because I

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What am I expansion set: Prevocalic Vocalic R, articulation
This game is an add on to the product: What am I: Vocabulary, Definitions and Describing. All of the target words feature prevocalic or vocalic /r/ words. This game is appropriate for students who are able to produce the /r/ in isolation and syllables and are moving into independent word level pro

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No Print Articulation Cards - Prevocalic R, Vocalic R & R Blends
Need articulation flash cards that are easy and quick for on the go therapy? These no print articulation flash cards are perfect for any busy SLP. Get 100 productions while having your students figure out the riddle! Your students will love this no print articulation game! ***Get the growing b

Also included in: No Print Articulation Flash Cards - BUNDLE!


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/R/ Articulation Photo Card Bundle: Prevocalic, Vocalic, Blends Speech Therapy
Save 30% on /R/ Articulation Photo Card BUNDLE Includes: ~ 60 Pre-vocalic /r/ Photo Cards ~ 60 Vocalic /r/ Photo Cards ~ 70 /r/ Blend Photo Cards ~ 2 formats (with and without labels) ~ DIY envelope boxes ~ Data forms When printed, laminated and cut out, this resource can be used over a


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