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progressive era project

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This file contains the following: -10 page PDF of Progressive Era Information Cards -PowerPoint Document (editable) Mind Map template -Word Document Project instructions (editable) -Mind Map Answer Key Students use the Progressive Era Information Cards to complete the mind map. They then choose an
With the Progressive Era and Gilded Age: Quick and Easy Newspaper you skip the lecture. Introduce your students to the Progressive Era through this quick and easy newspaper project. Students take on the role of reporters to get the scoop on the Progressive Era. Students create cover stories, pol
The Progressive Era was a time of great change and newspapers, yellow journalism, political cartoons, and muckrakers like Ida Tarbell and Upton Sinclair played key roles. Students will study propaganda and political cartoons during the late 1800's and early 1900's. They will draw comparisons with
Students will choose one of four projects to demonstrate an understanding of the Progressive Era in American History. Each project is designed to engage students in critical thinking and analysis. Projects vary in levels of difficulty, which allows for differentiation in mixed-ability classrooms.
9th - 12th
Your students' task will be to choose a person from the Progressive Era, research their lives and role in the Progressive Era, and tell how they worked to change the nation and impact future generations of Americans. They will then use that information to create a paper bag puppet representing their
Students will make a report card for various reform movements from the Progressive Era. This creative project includes detailed directions where students assess the successes and failures of various reformers through a report card format. Activity includes: Detailed student directionsStudent researc
Skip the lecture with the Progressive Era and Gilded Age Quick and Easy Newspaper for digital drive. Students take on the role of reporters to get the scoop on the Progressive Era. Students create cover stories, political cartoons, editorials and more. What is prohibition? Who were the Muckraker
This project is aimed at allowing students to differentiate their own learning and give multiple options for teachers when assigning projects. The students have over twenty options hitting all types of learners at all levels. It allows for the freedom of choice and for students to be invested in t
Progressive Era Project! Printable or Distance Learning! This multi-media constructivist experience will have your students dissecting the photographic style of Lewis Hine, a muckraker during the Industrial Revolution/Progressive Era 1880-1920. His iconic photojournalism sheds light on the dark secr
Topics: Progressive Era Projects Bundle and Readings, Muckrakers, Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Lewis Hine, Child Labor, First Amendment, Teddy Roosevelt, Modern Presidency, Legislation and Regulation, Political Cartoons, Letters to Congress -Pro/Con, Primary Sources, Multi-Media, Cause/Effect Chart, Si
In this file you will find a copy of the assignment's instructions, scoring rubric and a graphic organizer to help students organize their information. Students will create a 25 slide powerpoint assignment based upon People, Groups, Laws, Presidents and Constitutional Amendments from the Progressiv
This Magazine Project on Progressive Era Muckrakers is designed for in-class & distance learning for your US History or APUSH class. Students will investigate a topic of their choice: child labor, factory conditions, racial inequality, political corruption,  monopolies & business corruption
Bring your Progressive Era unit to life with this engaging Progressive Era Rap Battle assignment! In this printable and digital project, students will conduct research about a historical figure of the Progressive Era (or apply what they already know about this individual) to write a rap, song, or po
The Progressive Era Research Brochure - this project fits on ONE PAGE! Perfect if you need to cover this time period, but need a condensed lesson unit! Use this as a guide for your own lesson or as an independent Internet research project.CLICK HERE to save 35% on this resource in the American Hist
This is designed to be a summative project after the Progressive Era unit. Students select an identity, post at least 8 posts from themselves and 2 posts from a contemporary. This reinforces succinct writing, use of modern technology and its vernacular (i.e. #hashtags), while reinforcing point of
Students will complete one or two small projects to review what they have learned about the reformers, reform efforts, laws publications, etc of the Progressive Era by making trading cards, cubes, or both! Both options balance academic requirements with personal choice and creativity. A teacher in
This project works great with the Progressive Era. It can be implemented when you discuss the Progressive Reformers and the changes they worked to accomplish. It could also be incorporated in other classes whenever you are talking about change. This project requires students to use problem solving
Texas History students review, or learn about, the people/events/trends/etc of the Progressive Era (including but not limited to prohibition, segregation, education, and the Galveston Hurricane of 1900) by creating a collection of newspaper front pages. There are academic and creative requirements t
What's the best way for your kids to understand the power of reform? Have them take the role of a muckraker! Have your kids "investigate, education, and legislate" with this fun activity that has students conceptually dive into what it is like to be a muckraker! I had my students search for social
9th - 12th
I love teaching Immigration and I love making connections for my students in the classroom. One excellent way to connect the history of immigration to our students lives is for our students to research their own nationalities. Unfortunately many of our students do not know the details of their fam
9th - 12th
Don't tell your students about history, let them discover it! This INCREDIBLE bundle includes 2 PROVOCATIVE digital (or printable) resources for your students to explore. This is not your average curriculum. School Interrupted uses historic documents, artwork, photographs, newspaper articles, and ad
The Progressive Era was a time full of people, events, and laws that left a lasting impact on society today--Women's Suffrage, Civil Rights, Plessy v. Ferguson, labor reform, and much more. Students will learn about newspapers of the time, yellow journalism, and important events. For the final pro
This is designed to be a summative project after the Progressive Era unit. Students select an identity, Instagram at least 8 posts from themselves and 2 posts from a contemporary. This reinforces succinct writing, use of modern technology and its vernacular (i.e. #hashtags), while reinforcing poin
Authentic assessment for the Progressive Era unit. Students can pick from 3 different project options to show their knowledge on the Progressive Era. Can be adapted to what you've taught in your unit.

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