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Worksheet focuses on simple projectile motion problems with a focus on first determining which motion variables are known before attempting a solution. Includes a conceptual projectile problem as review.
This set contains 8 projectile motion problems, each involving an initial launch angle. Students are asked to determine variables such as range, time, initial velocity, etc. Each problems is outlined with variables or "given information" to fill in.The file is completely editable.
Learning Targets•Beak an angular launch into vertical and horizontal velocity components•Use pick givens and solve projectile motion problems launched at an angleObserve the PowerPoint in slideshow view to see the animated concepts.Preview animations or teach digitally with my StickMan Physics web p
Learning Targets•Beak an angular launch into vertical and horizontal velocity components•Use pick givens and solve projectile motion problems launched at an angleThis handout follows along with my web page or PowerPoint found below. Preview animations or teach digitally with my StickMan Physics web
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE SLIDES INTERACTIVE VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***Nothing like a good criminal investigation to liven up science class! Based off my popular CSI projects, I have created Whodunnits? The Whodunnits plan to focus on single content t
This physics tutorial will show you how to solve horizontal, angled with no vertical displacement, and angled with starting vertical displacement projectile motion problems.
This 2-Dimensional Kinematics Workbook is going to save you and your students so much time in your Physics or Physical Science classes! This EDITABLE*, 70-page workbook covers motion in two dimensions. Students will learn about drawing vectors; adding vectors (using scale diagrams and algebraically)
Quadratic Equation Applications (Projectile Motion) Scavenger Hunt Given a quadratic equation that models an object's pathway, students will practice solving for the following: 1) Finding the object's maximum height. 2) Finding the object's height at a certain time. 3) Finding the time it will tak
Your Physics students will love learning about projectile motion with the help of these doodle notes. Students will be able to identify features of the parabolic motion, label a parabola with key features like maximum height of a projectile, and solve three different types of problems. Two pages a
Middle and high school students will enjoy this color by number activity with an Aztec design.Note: Using a digital color by number activity works best with iPads where coloring can be done using an app such as Notability.Objective: Students will solve word problems involving projectile motion.I hav
A fun foldable to teach modeling projectile motion with quadratics. The foldable introduces the quadratic equation to use to model projectile motion and 3 word problems.
This flipbook highlights the vocabulary Algebra and Algebra 2 students will see when solving projectile motion quadratic word problems. My students often get confused by the wording of quadratic word problems and can be unsure if a problem is asking for the x value at the vertex, the y value at the
In this experiment, students build a paper ramp and use it to launch marbles off a table. Using a foil landing pad, students can determine where the marble lands and relate the distance traveled to the height on the ramp. Throughout the investigation, students relate their findings to the marble’s k
Full lesson plan on Projectile Motion.This lesson plan is unique because every example problem unfolds as part of a story. Students love this and it has them excited to go from question to question because they are dying to see what happens next in the adventures of Ralyna. In the PowerPoint I have
This is a group project designed for 4 students. In this project, students work independently to determine certain information about their own angry bird and his plan. Topics covered include: Optimization, Dimensional Analysis, Quadratics, Projectile Motion, and more. Then the group comes togethe
So you've taught your students the basics of quadratics, but when they try to tackle word problems they hit a brick wall... or at least that's what happened in my class! I found that most students had problem identifying the "characteristic" of the parabola that gave them the solution to the probl
Your Middle School or Physical Science students will love this projectile motion doodle note! This one-page note includes key features and graphics related to the parabolic motion a projectile takes. My answer keys are suggestions based on my class needs, annotate notes your way to suit your curric
Projectile Motion (with Parametric Equations) Math Lib ActivityStudents will practice solving projectile motion problems using parametric equations with this “Math Lib” Activity. Problems include finding horizontal distances, vertical heights, maximum height, time to reach a certain height, total ti
HSA-CED.A.1 This worksheet helps the students produce quadratic functions to solve projectile motion problems. There are two practice problems to go over with the class followed by problems for the students to complete individually or in pairs.
>>I also offer this product in PDF AND word formatting so that you can edit it to fit your student's needs. This product only includes the PDF format<<**This product is intended to be used after students have learned quadratics. Use this product as an assessment or a project.**This is my
- Great for online learning and distance learning!- In this digital activity, students will be able to create equations and solve quadratic function word problems. Students should be proficient in understanding different parts to a quadratic function and solving quadratic equations through factoring
PROJECTILE MOTION illustrates and explains in details: • Projectile: Sum of 2 Simple Independent Motions • Projectile: 2-D Motion • Symmetry in Projectile Motion • Behavior of the Velocity • Tips for Solving Problems on Projectile Motion • Plenty of problems for practice • Exit questions High sc
In the first experiment, students push two pennies off a table: one simply falls and the other is launched horizontally. Regardless of how far or fast the one penny is launched, both hit the ground simultaneously. This simple demonstration shows that horizontal speed and vertical acceleration are in
This is a worksheet on problem solving involving horizontally launched projectile motion. Solution and final answers are included.

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