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Students will review pronoun-antecedent agreement rules with these task cards that ask students to choose the correct pronoun and unscramble a 20-letter secret phrase to win the gamei. This product IS included in my escape room bundle: Secondary English Escape Room Bundle Your download includes (i
DIGITAL AND PRINT: You will download 30 pronoun task cards and 2 cut and paste worksheets with an owl theme for 1st grade, 2nd grade, ESL, speech therapy and special education students. You may use the printable task cards in your literacy centers or stations for fun review games and activities, su
This is a fun yet simple way to review subject pronouns. Each student receives a worksheet, and each group of three or four students receives a dice and pencil. They take turns passing the dice, trying to roll a six. The first person to roll it yells "Seis," grabs the pencil, and begins filling in
Digital classroom friendly Task Cards! Spanish Task Cards to help your students master the Spanish Subject Pronouns!·.·•This is the FULL COLOR version of this set.•·.·You can find the photocopy friendly version of this set by clicking here.Please do not purchase both sets unless you need both sets.·
I created this activity because it is the end of the year and time to review! I wanted something fun that would engage my students and review nouns, verbs, adjectives, and pronouns at the same time. This fun gumball machine craft will add a little spark and excitement to the end of year review!
There are nine different printables for you to use with your students in this product! Your students will identify four different parts of the sentence. The skill varies from sentence to sentence to help the kids think about it and not get into a routine of looking for the same skill each time.
Need a Pronouns review for the 3rd and 4th grade common core standards? This resource contains 16 pages of review specifically written for the common core standards.⭐⭐This is the Google Drive version. The product contains 2 versions.⭐⭐Google Docs - ideal for in-class learning.This is editable and r
✶ This grade 7 and grade 8 resource contains 29 Grammar Lessons; spread throughout 61 pages, with full answer keys about NOUNS, VERBS, and PRONOUNS. It focuses on identifying nouns, verbs, and pronouns as well as in depth study of their correct usages. It is ideal to explain, practice, and review th
Pronoun Antecedent Agreement Worksheets | Assessments | Reviews | ELA. This resource contains 8 CCSS aligned worksheets with the total of 26 pages for Grade 7 and Grade 8 students. The worksheets are detailed with supporting reviews, definitions, explanations, tips, examples, and exercises to ensure
Click here for a video preview of Jeopardy-Style Games! Activity Information:No prep! Riesgos is a quick and easy powerpoint game that is all dressed up and ready to go! It starts with a chart of topics and point values. If you click on a number, it shows the answer. From that screen you click on th
Pronoun - antecedent agreement is a concept my students really struggle with. This set of worksheets, complete with a review worksheet and quiz, breaks down the idea of pronoun-antecedent agreement into three areas: Part One: Identification of Pronouns and Antecedents (It is assumed that students h
Pronouns Usage | Pronouns Cases | Pronoun References | ELA Tests and Reviews. This resource contains 28 CCSS aligned worksheets; the total of 79 pages, with full answer keys. All the worksheets are detailed with supporting explanations, tips, definitions, examples, and exercises to ensure effectiv
A fun way to introduce or review types of pronouns, antecedents of pronouns, and common pronoun errors. It's a great activity for test prep and review, holidays, the last day or week of school, or other filler days. I usually hate "test prep." But let's be honest: we all want to review a bit before
Pronouns and antecedents made easy for 6th graders! Aligned to 6th grade CCSS, these activities will help your students understand the different types of pronouns and identify their antecedents. Included is a completed and blank pronoun chart (which you use is up to you!), as well as a practice
This packet is aligned to Common Core standard L.2.1c- reflexive pronouns. I have included a pronoun anchor chart, reflexive pronoun anchor chart, worksheet, reflexive pronoun & pronoun sorting game with mat, reflexive pronoun & noun sorting game and mat, assessment, and differentiated asse
Grammar Review- Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, & Nouns! Working on Grammar? Need a little extra practice? Includes: ~ Grammar Review Worksheet with pronouns,adjectives, verbs & nouns ~ Pronoun Worksheet Thank you for stopping by! Please leave feedback! :] Storytime Diva <3
Students will review the eight types of pronouns (personal, interrogative, relative, reflexive/intensive, possessive, indefinite, demonstrative, and reciprocal) by reading 24 paragraphs on 24 task cards and determining which words represent which types of pronouns and by determining which type of pr
This beginner Spanish worksheet/quiz includes four separate sections for students to review subject pronouns:1. Fill in the blank to complete the subject pronouns chart2. Matching section between English and Spanish3. Identifying pronouns as singular or plural4. Short answer translation English to
Using Pronouns | Pronoun References | Pronoun Cases | Test & Reviews | Gr 9-10This resource contains 28 worksheets; the total of 81 pages, with full answer keys about USING PRONOUNS CORRECTLY, PRONOUN CASES, and PRONOUN REFERENCES. __________________________________________❤❤❤ SAVE $55 on ALL YE
❤ 11 Grammar Lessons; spread throughout 22 pages, with full answer keys about NOUNS, VERBS, and PRONOUNS for grade 5 and grade 6 students. It is ideal to explain, practice, and review the main skills of each topic with your students. *** Click right here for an EDITABLE soft copy (GOOGLE DRIVE) ***❤
Spanish verb ser, el verbo ser, los sujetos, Spanish subject pronouns, Spanish present tense, Spanish subjects, Spanish review packet, spanish class game,This packet includes⚁ One worksheet to review the present tense of the verb SER as well as subject pronouns⚀ Dice game instructions and game sheet
This beginner French worksheet/quiz includes four separate sections for students to review subject pronouns:1. Fill in the blank to complete the subject pronouns chart2. Matching section between English and French 3. Identifying pronouns as singular or plural4. Short answer translation English to Fr
These Spanish worksheets are perfect for a warmup or quick review during your Ser and Introductions unit.This is a set of 4 worksheets that are READY TO PRINT. There is no prep needed by the teacher. The first sheet is a warmup for students to conjugate the verb ser in the present tense. The second
This pack reviews subject, object, and possessive pronouns. The reading level of these items has been reduced for struggling readers. I have included the following activities for reviewing pronouns: 1. Pronoun worksheet: color in the pronoun that completes the sentence. 2. Thirty pronoun clip car

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