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Propaganda & Logical Fallacies Lesson, Complete Teaching Pack
This easy-prep complete teaching pack for propaganda and logical fallacies will get your students ready to analyze persuasive texts with a fundamental understanding of the techniques used in persuasion. Student Experience: Students will learn, practice, and review the key terms that fall under the

Also included in: Reading Comprehension Skills Teaching Packs, BUNDLE


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World War I | Analyzing Propaganda Posters | DISTANCE LEARNING
Your students will be engaged with this common core-aligned activity. Students will work in pairs to analyze 8 propaganda posters from World War I. The posters are from several different countries (The U.S., France, Britain, Germany, Russia, and Austria-Hungary). A powerpoint introduction to propaga

Also included in: World War I BUNDLE Unit | World History | Print & Digital | DISTANCE LEARNING


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World War 1 Propaganda Analysis
This lesson on WW1 Propaganda has students utilizing higher-level thinking skills to analyze 15 primary source propaganda posters. Everything you need is included for the lesson plan, including a worksheet, 15 full color propaganda posters, and an answer key.The worksheet explains the 5 main objecti

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Evaluating Arguments & Rhetoric Unit: Finding Fallacies & Propaganda
Want an engaging 2-week unit to make your students far more precise, critical readers of nonfiction? Ready to tiptoe past the boring basics of argument and delve into the positive and negative writing techniques that real authors and speakers use?This unit has been a big hit with my students for the

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Nazi Propaganda Analysis from the Holocaust & WWII for ELA or History  Lesson
This lesson focuses on propaganda posters used by the Nazi party to spread and preserve the basic ideas of Nazism and to dehumanize “inferior" groups. Students will analyze ten posters to infer meaning, and identify patterns and symbols. Included:*analysis worksheet*poster links and their translatio

Also included in: Holocaust Resource Bundle for ELA, History - CCSS Aligned


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WWII Propaganda Posters Activities and Project Print & Digital
Make persuaders out of your students with several activities that analyze famous World War II posters, then culminate their learning with a propaganda poster of their own to promote a positive behavior to address a current school problem.This resource also comes in Google Slide format for a paperles

Also included in: 1900s US History Activity and Project Packs Bundle


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Bias in News Media & Persuasion Techniques Used In Advertising & Propaganda SET
**Download these two activities to together as a set for only $5 and save!** ACTIVITY 1—PERSUASION TECHNIQUES USED IN ADVERTISING AND PROPAGANDA ($4) Be A Super Hero Media Spy Perfect for election year units or study of propaganda! Political parties know who their target audience is and how to use

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World War 2 Propaganda Mini Lesson
This WW2 (WWII) mini lesson on US home front propaganda includes 21 images of propaganda posters and 17 discussion questions. After studying and discussing propaganda, the students will make their own poster. The requirements and expectations for the poster activity are on the last slide. This is

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World War II | Disney Propaganda Films Analysis Presentation | U.S. History
This is a fun 24-slide PowerPoint begins with an explanation of the tools of Propaganda and then reviews three Disney propaganda video clips about World War II on the Home Front. The presentation also reviews background information about Walt Disney during the War and information about the militar

Also included in: World War 2 | on the Home Front | BUNDLE | 16 Day Unit Plan | DISTANCE LEARNING


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Persuasion, Propaganda, & Advertising Powerpoint, Word Wall Posters, and Maze
This fun and colorful lesson includes a 43-slide powerpoint and maze activity in color and black & white. Each slide is bright and concise with kid-friendly language and many slides include clipart. There are also 16 embedded youtube videos and 3 youtube links (video settings wouldn't allo

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Propaganda Techniques - Analyze Text and Media (Power Point and Smart Notebook)
You get both the Power Point version and Smart Notebook version with this product! For this to work properly, you must be in SLIDESHOW MODE in PowerPoint. PURPOSE: This is a fun and interactive "game show" activity that can be used to introduce propaganda techniques, or as a formative assessmen

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Propaganda Worksheet
This propaganda worksheet focuses on bandwagon, loaded/emotional words, testimonial, and name calling. Using a short explanation, students are asked to identify which type of propaganda is used. Created by Beverly Brown, this is a 10 item practice worksheet that includes clip art. A key is include

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Rhetoric, Propaganda, & Fallacies Flipbook: Mini-Lessons to Analyze Speeches
Want to help your students critically analyze and evaluate speeches and/or commercials? Ready to teach what makes a speech “sound good”, or why some arguments flop?This dense flipbook of nine mini-lessons will elicit stronger analytical skills from your writers to get visible growth, AND they get a

Also included in: Public Speaking Bundle: ALL My Current & Future Speech Lessons! {Full Semester}


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The Play by Play: Political Propaganda Analysis
A Common-Core based activity for helping students get engaged with the presidential campaign while learning to analyze persuasive arguments and identify logical fallacies or misleading propaganda.During the election this year, the students in my "Language of Propaganda" class are studying misleading

Also included in: MY FULL STORE! - A bundle of every single product I have


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World War I Propaganda Posters Webquests and Lesson Plans
World War I Propaganda PostersGo to the following Website: will examine World War 1 propaganda posters and use the information to create their own World War 1 propaganda poster. Students will examine American, English, Australian, Canadian, and G

Also included in: World War I Sampler By: History Wizard


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The Korean War Through North Korean Propaganda
This amazing Korean War lesson utilizes incredibly hard-to-find images and propaganda from a North Korean museum guidebook to analyze the conflict from North Korea's viewpoint!These documents give a fascinating insight into the hyper-propagandistic perspective of North Korea and why the current regi

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24 Illustrated Word Wall Posters for Persuasion, Propaganda, and Advertising
This set includes 24 colorful, illustrated word wall posters with relevant definitions and examples written in kid-friendly language. Vocabulary included: Ad Hominem Appeal to Emotion Appeal to Reason Argument by Cause and Effect Bait and Switch Bandwagon Bias Counter-Argument Exaggeration

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WWII Life at Home Propaganda Analysis - Google Slides, Discussion, and Activity
This lesson is all about life at home during World War II. Students will analyze propaganda from the era to learn about the topic including ideas such as victory gardens, women in the workforce, and war bonds. The download includes a Google Slides presentation full of information and several propaga

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Propaganda Techniques - Powerpoint, Activities & Project
Teach the six main propaganda techniques in a fresh, creative way! This mini-unit is all planned for you - it will be effortless for you to teach. First, there is a powerpoint with a coordinating interactive note sheet for students. After the students take notes, there are 16 magazine advertisemen

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Patriots & Loyalists: A Propaganda Assignment! Students create from both sides!
Patriots & Loyalists: A Propaganda Assignment! Students create from both sides! This Patriots and Loyalists Revolutionary War activity is part of the American History Super Unit Expansion Pack. Check out the 12-lesson Expansion Pack to the American History Super Unit! This 16-lesson expan

Also included in: American History Super Unit: Bundle Expansion Pack! 13 Engaging Lessons!


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WWI Propaganda Analysis Activity
This activity does a wonderful job of capturing the significance of Propaganda during World War 1 1914-1918. This activity includes over 30 examples of propaganda from Germany, Britain, France, Russia, United States, Greece, Belgium, and more. Students analyze the origin, who is sending the messag

Also included in: World War One (WWI) & World War Two (WWII) Super Bundle


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Persuasion, Propaganda, & Advertising Maze Activity
Fun and novel way to assess your student's knowledge of persuasion: a maze!! Directions: Students begin at the box under the large "start here" arrow. They decide the type of persuasion shown and follow their choice to the next box and continue through the maze until the “END” box. Every box inc

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Elections: Propaganda in Politics {Freebie!}
This freebie allows you to easily incorporate a local, state, or national election into your class.It includes:- a handout of popular types of propaganda- propaganda in commercials assignment which includes a tracking chart and follow-up questions- propaganda in political advertisements which includ

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World War Two (WWII) - Analyzing Propaganda Source Analysis
World War Two (WWII) Analyzing Propaganda Source Analysis - This fantastic 24 page World War Two (WWII) resource contains a source analysis package related to American propaganda posters from World War Two (WWII). The resource contains two activities that offers explanations on possibilities for di

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