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Distributive Doctor Activities {distributive property of multiplication}
Do your students struggle to understand and remember the distributive property of multiplication? Mine usually do… that’s why I developed the concept of the Distributive Doctor. When teaching a difficult concept, such as the distributive property of multiplication, I like to begin with the concret
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Properties of Matter Stations: A Big Science Stations Unit
Properties of Matter: A Big Science Stations Unit for properties of matter This file includes 9 station activities about matter to use with upper elementary students. The centers focus on identifying properties of matter. A lot of the stations are open-ended and may not have precise answers. Stu

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Properties of Matter Complete Unit
Properties of Matter Complete Unit! Beautifully updated 6/13/16! Updates include beautiful new graphics for the discussion slides, new and improved teacher guides, and answer keys for all non-experimental worksheets!! I am so excited to have this beautifully updated new unit for you! This 88-page
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Little SCIENCE Thinkers UNIT 3: Properties {Kindergarten Science}
Little Science Thinkers is a complete science curriculum specifically for Kindergarten.  It's everything you need to introduce, teach, practice, and assess your kinder friends.  It incorporates many state and NGSS standards. This curriculum was completely researched, designed, and created by Karen

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The Distributive Property Doodle Notes
Distributive Property (concept & practice): "doodle notes" - When students color or doodle in math class, it activates both hemispheres of the brain at the same time. There are proven benefits of this cross-lateral brain activity: - new learning - relaxation (less math anxiety) - visual conne
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Sorting by Properties - Size, Texture, Color, Shape, Weight
Sorting is an important skill for young learners. In this resource students are asked to sort objects by size, weight, color, texture, thickness and shape. There are 6 color code sorting worksheets for students to identify which category they would sort an object into. There are also 11 sorting m
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Australian Curriculum - Materials and their Properties - Foundation Science Unit
Teach your Prep and Kindergarten students about the chemistry strand of materials and their properties with this science unit! Explore the different materials that familiar objects are made of through hands-on explorations and complimentary printables. Save 20% by grabbing this unit as part of my b

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Multiplication Foldables {Math flashcards showing commutative property}
Help your students master their multiplication tables with these multiplication foldables! This new spin on multiplication flashcards includes 1 setting showing the commutative property and another that does not. Choose the set that is best for helping your students build multiplication fluency! Inc
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Distributive Property of Multiplication Posters, Task Cards, Assessment
Of all the properties of multiplication, the distributive property is the most challenging to teach. This step-by-step pack is designed to make it easier for both you and your students with visual models to guide the way. Includes: Anchor Charts/Posters: • Definition poster • Distributive propert

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{Grade 2} Unit 3: States of Matter - Properties of Liquids and Solids
The Grade 2 Properties of Liquids and Solids unit, students work on developing their understanding of the properties of materials through the investigation of familiar liquids and solids. Students will explore the different ways in which liquids and solids interact and the different ways that liqui
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3rd Grade Distributive Property 3.OA.5
Help your 3rd graders master the concept of the distributive property of multiplication. Watch them become confident about working with numbers! By understanding the distributive property, students can break down more difficult facts, become adept at mental math, and easily multiply two-digit by on
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Distributive Property Activity and Game for 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade
This pair of games is a fun way for your students to learn about distributive property. This is intended to be used as a game for the whole class, in math centers, small group instruction, or cooperative learning activities. They will have fun and practice a tic tac toe game and a maze. Included

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Properties of Matter
Properties of Matter – Hi teachers! Are you teaching your students about properties of matter – shape, color, texture, size, weight, temperature, and buoyancy? If you need materials to supplement your teaching then this unit might be just what you need. Included are 120 real life full color pict
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{Grade 5} Unit 3: Properties of and Changes in Matter
This activity packet is aligned with the Grade 5 Ontario Science curriculum. This packet addresses the following big ideas: - There are three states of matter; - Matter that changes state is still the same matter; - Physical changes refer to the fact that a substance can be changed from one form to
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Properties of Matter Unit with Lapbook and Informational Text
Your students will learn about the physical properties of matter, the states of matter, and how matter changes state. This is a complete unit for teaching about matter, including an 8-page informational text. The unit includes teaching notes, pieces for the lapbook, a study guide, unit test, and a 7

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Properties of Multiplication 3.OA.5
Properties of Multiplication 7 Day Unit 3.OA.5 This 7-day unit is designed for your students to learn about 5 different properties of multiplication. The properties taught in this unit are: Zero, Identity, Commutative, Distributive (2 differentiation options), and Associative. Download the 16-page
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