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Students will rotate through seven different stations during this lab to discover the unique properties of water including surface tension, cohesion and adhesion, polarity, density, capillary action and water's role as the universal solvent. This lab reinforces key concepts and scientific terms from
Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, this lab requires students to discover the antidote to a venomous hornet sting. Students must work cooperatively under a time constraint in order to discover which of two liquids are the antidote. They design, and carry out, four mini-experiments
The Properties of Water Station Lab takes students through eight student-led science stations, each with a different learning style. Students begin with four input activities where they read articles, explore hands-on demos, research online, and watch videos all about properties of water. They then
This presentation examines the properties of water. Topics include: unique properties of water, hydrogen bonding, characteristics of the water molecule, specific heat, cohesion vs. adhesion, solution, solute, solvent, acid, base and pH. This lesson was created for the high school Biology classroom
CLAIM, EVIDENCE, & REASONING (CER) LABStudents will answer the question: "Why do water molecules stick together?" They will gather evidence by watching two video clips that feature real world phenomena. The video clips include scenes showing water in space as well as insects walking on water. Th
Students will investigating density and capillary action and how they are important to our planet.The product contains three complete labs that are differentiated for all of your students.Essential Question: Why does ice float? Why can plants pull water up from their roots?BUNDLE AND SAVE $$:Buy the
Properties of Water Lab!! This download includes an instructions handout, answer sheets, and an answer key. Students are asked to visit 7 stations in order to investigate the properties that make water vital to life on this earth. I recommend giving students at least 10 min. per lab station and al
Students of all ages have fun doing this easy experiment! Students try to figure out how many drops of water can fit on a penny, and also test which types of water work best (Tap water, Salt water, Soapy water). This activity helps students to see and experience the properties of water- includin
If you already own my Properties of Water Station Lab then this is the supplemental product to purchase.Otherwise, The Complete 5E Properties of Water Lesson Plans Are HereProperties of Water - Everything you need to teach a unit on the physical and chemical properties of water. Each lesson plan fol
This lab gets students up and out of their seats while they observe the amazing properties of water. Use this to lab to introduce or review. Station 1: Surface Tension & Adhesion Station 2: Polarity Station 3: Surface Tension & Adhesion: Effects of Detergent Station 4: Hydrogen Bonding St
Students will better their understanding of experimental design by collecting and analyzing data related to: Surface tensionAdhesion CohesionCapillary actionSpecific HeatThere is a pull tab with background information for students to rely on if they need a refresher or haven't learned this material.
About SNAPs Lab Stations ActivitiesSNAPs Lab Stations Activities require students to use science, math, literacy, problem-solving and engineering skills. They are designed to enhance students' understanding of scientific concepts and help students apply scientific ideas to the real world. Each stati
This lab provides three short interactive demonstrations of water's unique life-supporting properties: cohesion, adhesion, and surface tension. Students review important vocabulary, apply it during a self-guided lab, and follow up with critical thinking questions. Materials for each lab group are
In this lab, students will do three different experiments to investigate the following properties of water: -Cohesion -Adhesion -Water as the Universal Solvent To observe cohesion, students will see how many drops of water they can fit on the head of a penny. To observe adhesion, students will r
The properties of water are one of the hardest concepts for students to grasp. It’s important to use tons of visuals and hands-on learning for students to actually see and feel the properties. The properties of water/concepts that are included in this stations lab are: • Hydrogen Bonding • Adhesion
This product provides in-class and online options for learning! And is FULLY EDITABLE!This property of water lab resource provides an extensive look at and investigation into the unique properties of water: polarity, hydrogen bonding, universal solvent, density, cohesion, adhesion, heat of vaporizat
Cover (or review) the properties of water with your Biology or Chemistry classes with this PowerPoint and Lab experiment over water's surface tension. I like using this as an introductory lab because it is safe and does not include dangerous materials or equipment. It's a perfect time to implement
About SNAPs Lab Stations ActivitiesSNAPs Lab Stations Activities require students to use science, math, literacy, problem-solving and engineering skills. They are designed to enhance students' understanding of scientific concepts and help students apply scientific ideas to the real world. Each stati
This minicab includes five mini-experiements that illustrate the unique properties of water given its adhesive and cohesive properties.
Lab that explores the properties of water in via multiple quick activities. Includes teacher plans as well as student lab packet. Great for the early chapter lab days. Can be used prior to teaching properties and then activities of lab can be referenced. Uses simple, common materials and is fun
Are you looking for an organized way to introduce students to the properties of water? There are 5 station labs included in this purchase including information about polarity. Station 1: CohesionStation 2: Surface TensionStation 3: Universal Solvent Station 4: Capillary ActionStation 5: Specific H
Use this hands-on lab activity to help your students to learn about some important properties of water - surface tension, cohesion, and adhesion. There are pre-lab questions, lab activities, enrichment activities, and a challenge activity at the end. There is a teacher answer key provided at the e
This EDITABLE stations lab asks students to explore basic properties of water – a substance they use every day, but actually know little about! I use this after introducing the properties of water, as a good hands-on and visual support for some of these obscure concepts. It includes: eight hands-o
Save time and valuable energy with this no-prep PROPERTIES OF WATER lab station activity. This lab includes 7 (print & go) stations that can be set up quickly to review the properties of water. I have included a blank template that you can use to edit or add stations to fit your classroom needs.

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