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32 Fluency Task Cards with varied sentence types to help your students practice their oral reading fluency! This set focuses on EXPRESSION AND PUNCTUATION! Perfect small group, whole group, or independent center fluency activity.Includes both a PRINTABLE and DIGITAL version.I created these for my s
The 25 pages included in this Daily Fluency Booster packet are intended for Beginning Readers. Each of the ten activities is designed for students to practice applying Punctuation to their reading. The activities are Common Core (RF.4) aligned and aim to reinforce specific oral reading fluency skill
- Many of students fail to read with expression. - This poster reminds students what their voices should doing when they encounter specific punctuation marks. - Also included are smaller versions for students to keep with them during independent reading and to take home for parental support.
I hope you enjoy this free download! It can be used to practice a number of skills in your Kindergarten, first, or second grade classroom Including: Sentence Fluency Sight Word recognition Punctuation Asking/Telling Sentences And Capitalization Just laminate, cut, and organize by color. Then your
Fluency isn’t a matter of reading as fast as you can; it’s the ability to read text accurately, effortlessly, and with expression. Punctuation helps the reader understand the message, and good readers will skim their eyes ahead for the end mark to let them know whether to give their voice (even thei
A really fun way to practice reading with punctuation!One of the key components of fluent reading is being able to understand the usage of punctuation in text. Readers who can identify the meaning of punctuation in text will be able to read fluently, and thus comprehend what he/she is reading. For e
Do your students need help with punctuation?Looking for a fun way to teach full stops and capital letters?Detective Dan and the Punctuation Pals can help. This bundle includes the Capital Letter Caper, The Case of the Missing Full Stops and Punctuation PerilThese engaging mystery stories are each co
Use this resource to provide your students with opportunities to read with expression and to respond to the punctuation within a text. The focus in this resource is periods, commas, question marks, and exclamation points. CCSS. RF 1.1 “Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic featur
Before students write using punctuation marks purposefully, they need to see the power of them within their reading. Students tend to read right through punctuation marks, never stopping, pausing, or taking a breath. If students don’t adjust their voices to “read” punctuation marks, they will omit
Your kiddos will love unscrambling these Spring Sentences! I love activities that pack a lot of punch and this one does for sure. They will practice sentence fluency by unscrambling the words. They will practice punctuation by determining what kind of sentence it is and adding in the punctuation.
Be prepared to allow your students to have some fun while practicing reading with fluency! These punctuation strips allow students to practice "reading" punctuation. Students explore and practice pausing at commas, stopping and periods, and using correct voice inflection at question and exclamatio
Fluency- Punctuation Police Badges - Fluency and acknowleldging punctuation continue to be a challenge for several students. -With this badge, one student acts as the punctuation police as their partner reads. - Students are issued a "ticket" if they don't follow the punctuation rules. - Partn
These 32 Back to School themed cards are helpful for fluency and/or expression intervention. I used some of Fry’s 100-400 hundred sight words to make these cards. The repeated reading helps with fluency and sight word recognition, while the different punctuation helps with expression! I hope you and
Over 20 short sentences for students to practice reading with periods, exclamation points, and question marks. The sentences are made up of common high frequency words (i.e. I have a cat.) While one student reads the sentences, another students tallies how his or her voice sounded (Did it sound l
Use this visual aid and poster for your students to reference when reading aloud with expression while paying attention to punctuation!***Print on LEGAL size paper***
Fluency- Punctuation Police, Fluency Ticket - Promoting fluency in your students' reading. - In a light-hearted way, students are issued a Punctuation Ticket when they read too slow (robot reading), too fast, or with no expression. - They are also issued a ticket for not "reading" the punctuati
Help reinforce student reading fluency and intonation using punctuation sentences! This literature center activity can be completed in a small group, with partners, or independently! Students practice reading sentences with periods, question marks, exclamation points, and commas. Students reference
These punctuation fluency strips help students practice correct expression, inflection, and intonation when reading ending punctuation marks (. ! ?). Rather than using words, these strips use letters from the alphabet which eliminates the pressure of decoding. This allows students of all reading
FLUENCY PRACTICE-FOCUS ON PUNCTUATION STRATEGY: FOCUS ON PUNCTUATION *Can be used with ALL readers! This product includes: 1. Directions for teachers 2. “Punctuation Marks” Poster 3. “Directions” for students (could be used as a center) 4. “Reminders” Poster (for center use or bulletin board) 5.
PunctuationPunctuation Marks act like traffic signs and stop lights in reading. They guide readers when reading and help them to become better readers. Punctuation marks can tell us when to stop or pause and how to use our voice (intonation) to signal changes to our readers. I created these posters
Do your students have difficulty paying attention to punctuation when they read? Are they reading right through the symbols that tell a fluent reader to slow down and take a pause, to show emotion or expression, or to stop altogether? If your students’ prosody is weak, try this quick, fun activity t
While working with my intermediate students as a Reading Specialist, I would notice the need for intensive work in some fluency basics-- responding to the author's punctuation choices, and playing with expression and voice. I created this resource to practice just that.Included:8 half-sheets with a
This reading fluency resource is great for teaching students how to read accurately and with expression, using punctuation! These punctuation and your voice posters and handouts will help your students to read more fluently and with expression.What's Included:→ Punctuation and your Voice- Student Ha
Do your students skip the punctuation when reading? Do they know HOW they are supposed to read the punctuation? Use this poster to help your students better understand how to Reading the Punctuation to improve their reading fluency. To get more great freebies follow my store, or subscribe to my

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