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This 8- question worksheet provides students with organized practice graphing quadratics in Vertex Form. Students will first identify the vertex and then complete a table of values in order to graph the parabola. I have also provided an option that does not include the function table.Works great a
Now with TWO Options:Option 1: (white thumbnail)This foldable organizes key features of the graph of a quadratic and it's relationship to vertex formwriting an equation in vertex form, given a graphgraphing a quadratic, given an equation in vertex formOption 2: (orange thumbnail)This foldable organi
This set of interactive notebook pages engages students in how to convert from vertex form to standard form and from standard form to vertex form of Quadratic Functions. This is the first lesson in Precalculus Unit 2 PolynomialsThese notebook pages include: - Converting from standard form to verte
This activity requires students to practice NEATLY graphing quadratic functions. Students will graph 8 parabolas, and should have an understanding of various transformations: horizontal and vertical translations, vertical reflections, and vertical stretches. All graphs have at least 2 transformation
In this activity, there is a handout and a set of cards. Students will match the vertex form of a quadratic with the coordinates of the vertex, the graph, and the min/max value.
This product is for two (2) activities on converting quadratic functions from standard form to vertex form. The first activity is for when a = 1 and the second activity is for when a ≠ 1.Both activities are designed for students to: 1) start at any question sheet and convert the quadratic function,
Complete lesson, start to finish at your finger tips. The lesson introduces vertex form of a quadratic and how to graph them. The foldable is a great guided practice, the interactive notebook is a great way for students to collaborate and create and manipulate, the practice sheet can be used to rein
Students practice solving quadratic equations by completing a square puzzle. Students cut up the pieces (the student copy is not in the correct arrangement), and solve the puzzle by solving each of the equations and matching them with the square that has the answers on it. All sides of the squares h
Students will enjoy this artistic activity/project that uses Desmos.com to create a visual masterpiece. Some students will enjoy making their artwork aesthetically pleasing, while others will enjoy the abstract art concepts they can create. Having the students write both the equation, graph the func
Introduce the transformations of quadratic functions in vertex form with this partner Desmos activity!
The file includes a set of 48 total task cards / matching cards. Students are given an equation in vertex form, and they are expected to match it to its graph.This file includes:* 24 cards with an equation in vertex form* 24 cards with a graphGREAT MATH CENTERS ACTIVITY or COOPERATIVE GROUP ACTIVIT
These quadratics task cards ask students to find key features of a quadratic function in vertex form given a graph including:domain and rangeaxis of symmetryy-interceptvertexzerostransformationsThey also must graph in vertex form.Includes 8 task cards, student answer sheet, and answer key.You may al
This is the digital version of my Quadratics in Vertex Form Task Cards for Google Drive™ using Google Forms. You are able to edit this assignment using Google Forms and assign it to your students via Google Classroom.You must have a free Google account to access the document.When you purchase, you w
Graphing Quadratics in Factored Form ActivityChristy Plumley- WhiteWhen introducing the topic of graphing quadratics, I like my students to apply their previous knowledge of factoring to a new construct. We investigate the critical parts of a quadratic graph prior to this activity: axis of symmetry,
In this matching puzzle, students will practice finding the vertex from a quadratic equation that is in vertex form. Magic square, 9 square puzzle, square puzzle, cut up whatever you call it these are a lot of fun for students. They solve each problem and match them to their corresponding answer to
Students are given 12 quadratics in vertex form. They need to identify the x-intercepts, y-intercept, vertex, or axis of symmetry. Each correct answer reveals a piece of a picture! This is a Google Form quiz, with a link to an additional form with the student activity. You can edit the form cont
This activity practices solving incomplete quadratic equations by taking square roots. The equations are in VERTEX FORM. Solutions are rational (integers and fractions) and irrational numbers. The amusing part is finding an idiom corresponding to each solution sets of the partners’ quadratic equatio
This activity is for beginners to graphing quadratics in vertex form. Without having to graph the function itself, students will drag and drop the correct graph to the correct equation and find the axis of symmetry and vertex. This is good for teaching students a "drag and drop" feature for online s
Students practice completing the square to rewrite quadratic functions in vertex form.Students practice formulating quadratic functions from a graph.Students practice interpreting real-world problems using functions to determine the maximum/minimum value in a given situation.
Assessing your students has never been easier!  This digital activity on Writing Quadratics in Vertex Form is designed with Google Forms™. There are 16 multiple choice questions which will be graded automatically for you. Use as an assessment, HW, or paperless worksheet. BONUS: You also get a pdf ta
This is a fun activity for the Algebra 2 student to practice converting from Standard Form to Vertex Form (of a quadratic). TEKS Aligned: 2A.4DThe student is given a starting question and 16 rectangles to cut out. The top of the rectangle has the answer to the question and the bottom of the rectangl
This interactive Desmos activity is similar to the other one on my page without the horizontal stretch/compressions. This is perfect for group-work and for introducing vertex form!
Students will learn to graph and will practice graphing quadratic relations in vertex form by plotting the vertex and applying the step pattern. Teacher solutions provided. This product was created for use with Google Slides™️. In the editing mode students will be able to utilize drag and drop and ty
10.3 Day 2 Notes - Graphing Quadratics in Vertex Form

Also included in: Unit 10 - Quadratics

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