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This activity allows students to break down and understand Mercutio's complex Queen Mab speech in Romeo and Juliet. Simply read each part aloud, have the students sketch images as you read, then discuss the important elements of each section.
Attached is a worksheet about Mercutio's Queen Mab speech. This worksheet breaks down the purpose of the speech as well as incorporating art in order to access the speech in a visual sense. *******************************************************************If you enjoy this activity, feel free to ch
After reading Act 1, scene 4 students will complete the questions, which aids in comprehension. In addition, students will illustrate Queen Mab using Mercutio's monologue. Answer key and rubric are included. This assignment and other engaging activities can also be purchased in our Romeo and Jul
Take a moment to pause and reflect on the Queen Mab passage in Act 1 Scene 4. Students will take time picking out imagery they will then illustrate. This activity is a fun way to engage students in close reading and developing their awareness of imagery in a text.
This has the translation of the QUEEN MAB speech given by Mercutio. It helps students understand the imagery more clearly. (Sometimes I photocopy this for them to highlight as we read / sometimes I just project it onto the whiteboard) It also includes a quick LEFT BRAIN / RIGHT BRAIN activity - st
This advanced ready-to-teach handout and worksheet is designed to accompany your study of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, with a particular focus on IGCSE English Literature courses and requirements. The worksheet and handout can be taught independently of the IGCSEs, of course. Included:1)
This product includes 5 character analysis worksheets (Romeo, Juliet, Friar Lawrence, Mercutio, and Tybalt), a language analysis piegram with a sample included, a writing template to contrast Romeo and Mercutio, and a handout to analyze Queen Mab. Use them as bell ringers, exit tickets, quizzes, and
This activity provides students with the text of Mercutio's length "Queen Mab" monologue from Romeo and Juliet. Students are tasked with dividing the monologue into theatrical "beats" or distinct sections within a monologue that communicates a specific idea or thought.The students must then pick the
Help your students master the language, themes, tone and more importantly the point of Mercutio's famous Act 1 Scene 4 "Queen Mab" speech with this engaging and comprehensive activity! These four worksheets are CCSS aligned and cover the following standards: RL.1, RL.2 and L.4.Contents:Our Dreams: a
This is a compilation of activities for each act of Romeo and Juliet Includes --Put the events in order --Act 1 Important Quotes Assignment --Queen Mab Art Activity --Act 2 Quotes Quiz --Act 2 Creative Assignments --Act 3 Cloze Reading --Insults Activity for Act 3 --Act 4 Creative Assignments --Act
This collection includes some translation exercises (where students translate Shakespearean language into modern-day English), a simple character chart to keep track of some of the major characters, a sonnet activity with more translating as well as instructions on how to create an original sonnet a
Start each day of your Romeo and Juliet Unit with an engaging lesson plan. This resource pack includes 14 different entry tasks and answer slides (when applicable). Each bell ringer includes a suggestion on timing. Topics include pre-reading, puns, dreams and Queen Mab, the marriage of Romeo and Jul
This comprehensive Romeo and Juliet unit includes the following: - A 6 page unit plan overview - A prior knowledge activity on Shakespeare�s Life and Times - A drama terms worksheet and key - The roles in each scene listed in order of #of lines - A 13 page reading (and viewing) guide and key
This is a detailed handout of notes regarding each scene of Act I. The notes go beyond just summarizing the plot of the text to expanding on the significance of characters' behaviours, discussion of important themes, hints about foreshadowing, etc. It is very comprehensive, yet not overwhelming.
UPDATE – You can learn more about this writing contest at my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46cEHf0UoOUTired of grading endless stacks of essays? Want to lighten your grading load while still having students write and receive meaningful feedback on their work? The answer is to host
I love teaching this play, and have used these resources for both honors and regular sections of English. Here's what I've learned:1. Students need guided notes to follow the story. I've included guided notes for all five acts. Typically, we listen to an act and students do their best to complete th
This activity asks students to write a letter to Juliet explaining that they understand all of the events that are taking place in her life right now, but that they're worried about the decisions that she is making. This activity could be completed during Acts II, III, or IV of the play. The hando
Are you tired of boring Romeo and Juliet lessons and activities? In this unit, you will find lots of fun activities plus quizzes, assignments designed to prompt students through a reading on their own, and even a fun parent/student activity! These activities and assignments will spice up Shakespear
Too often students are simply given text-dependent or multiple choice questions as reading engagement activities. I have taken a break away from this traditional approach and created activities that will strengthen students' writing skills and their creativity. Below is the Table of Contents:Pre-Rea
This activity has students examine a particular quote from Act I of the play. The idea is that students are looking at a small section of text and using their analytic skills to explain why that quote is of significance based on their currently knowledge of the play. An example of what their clo
This is a quiz that tests not only students' knowledge of the play and characters, but also their ability to incorporate quotations into their answers. This is a timed (30 minutes), open-book/play, quiz of five questions. Two marks are given for each totally correct answer (information and support
This resource is ideal for any student studying the play as it's in simplified language. It's suitable for - Spec.ed, ESL, adult literacy, ESOL classes, new teachers, High school/low ability GCSE and intervention students. It's also ideal for differentiation/for use as a supplemental resource alongs
Looking for a fresh approach to pull your students into Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare’s timeless tale of tragic love will enthrall your students when you use this collection of five weeks of lesson materials designed to challenge and entertain advanced middle school students and high school

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