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Powerpoint to work on WH- question words. Clues are presented one at a time, so students can make simple inferences as to what is being described. Addresses "who," "what," "when," and "where." Each question word has 3 examples as well as a "talk to friends" page in order to prompt students to use th
This BUNDLE of TEN fun language games targets tons of goals, including asking and answering questions in a functional way. They are played similarly to "Guess Who" with other various THEMES! The NO PRINT versions are perfect for TELETHERAPY, but there are also PRINTABLE VERSION for face to face ther
This activity was designed to be a simple game to use in speech therapy session. It is perfect for distance learning. The student will uncover clues and try to guess the secret word before the clues are all gone! This is similar to 20 questions games just simplified for younger students. I use this
Do you play Hedbanz, Jeepers Peepers, or 20 Questions with your speech and language students? This is a fun interactive tool to help teach your students how to ask yes/no questions, inference appropriate answers, and describe items to others. This product contains: •1 category page •12 subcategor
This is a great Halloween game for any age group. 32 playing cards included "Who Am I?" will get your students moving and thinking. Students wear the name of a popular halloween costume taped to their back. They then walk around the room asking classmates "yes" or "no" questions in an attempt to f
Your therapy students love to play Guess Who--I know they do!--but they have a really hard time playing because of their language issues. This companion activity will help guide your students in being more successful in playing the game independently!*************************************************
This bundle includes everything you need for teaching an entire unit on THEME for 10% less than buying items individually! Items within the zip folder: 1) A powerpoint that is colorful, adorable, and includes real-life connections, helping your students retain a thorough understanding of theme. In
Speech Therapy. GUESS WHO? Game VISUAL SUPPORT Page. (1 page) Great for visual learners, children learning to ask yes/no questions interrogatives, and those learning attributes. All questions have a picture symbol ©Boardmaker presentation in addition to the words. There are also visual choices for
Wrap up the school year with an End of the Year Guess Who Activity. This Who Done It Game is so much FUN! The students in Mrs. Smith’s class decide to pull a prank on their teacher. They decide to disappear! But no one knows who had this awesome Idea. Your students must figure out who had the idea.
This guessing game reinforces the concept of "expected" and "unexpected" behaviors, consistent with approaches like Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking® and Leah Kuypers' Zones of Regulation®.  Students ask yes/no questions to try and identify which card picturing an expected or unexpected beha
A super fun FREE way to work on two different language skills: describing and guessing.Play in 2 different ways:1. Describing: Describe and draw the monster.2. Guessing: Play a Guess Who type game to work on question formation, negation, and categories._______________________________________________
2D Shape Guessing game28 slides.24 questions. 8 shapes.In-depth review of 2D shapes.A variety of different questions to challenge the students.Gameplay:After the front slide, instructions will follow.Click to progress to the first question.Starting with the letter C, click on the four corners to sho
This activity was designed to be a simple game to use in therapy or in the classroom (plus it targets language in an engaging way!) The student will uncover clues and try to guess the secret word before the clues are all gone! This is similar to 20 questions games just simplified for younger student
This pirate-themed game is designed to help your students practice asking yes/no questions, answering questions, and listening to details. Your students have to ask questions in order to figure out which pirate card another student has chosen. It’s similar to “Guess Who?” Here’s how to play the gam
Editable sight word games are perfect to customize to your own word list. This sight word activity has pre-filled in dolch words and can be used for center time, word work, or review of pre-primer, primer, first grade, & second grade dolch sight words!This pack includes a guessing game that can
Students will love reviewing community workers by playing this fun guessing game. Students will place a community worker headband on their forehead and ask yes/no questions to try and guess what community worker they are. Sample questions are included. This activity includes 45 different community w
Microscope Guessing Game #2 - SEM Images This “guessing game #2” can be a great way to introduce the images produced by a Scanning Electron Microscope. Microscopic images are fascinating to many students. This package includes 32 microscopic images (some very common, some less familiar). Guessing
A musical twist on the classic Guess Who board game, this will be a favorite center or station for your students! Students will take turns asking yes/no questions to try to figure out which orchestra instrument the other has chosen. Great practice at recognizing the instruments, as well as working o
Sea Creatures Guessing Game14 slides.13 rounds.After the front slide, the game will begin.Click to progress to the first question.Starting with the letter C, click on the four corners to show a quick glimpse of the picture/word.The quicker the students guess correctly, the more points available. Eg.
Classroom Capers is a Who Done It? Game that requires the students to complete a task so that they can earn a clue. My students say Classroom Capers is more fun than an Escape Room. Use the fun, excitement, and tasks of an Escape Room. Add a mystery to solve. Use your inferring and problem solving
What's in the Leprechaun's Hat is a fun game targeting asking questions, answering questions and making inferences. Players take turns secretly hiding a picture card in the leprechaun's hat. The "hider" may either give clues about the item, as the other students guess. Or, the other students may
In this pack, you have materials for 2 different “States of Matter Guess Who?” game boards. These work wonderfully in the context of a “States of Matter” science unit as learning or review games. When playing these games, students practice vocabulary and classification as they identify items as soli
CLICK HERE TO SEE THE GOOGLE DRIVE VERSION-Big Numbers Review Game39 slides.3 sections.Review numbers 1-1,000,000Presentation starts by reviewing numbers 1-100. Opportunity to ask individual questions here. Numbers 1-20 are very briefly reviewed. Numbers 30, 40, 50..100 are individually reviewed. Af
My students love this modified Spanish class version of Guess Who? Students must ask yes/no questions using "ser" and adjectives for physical descriptions. I use this game in conjunction with the Avancemos 1 Unit 1.2 curriculum, but since students generate the questions themselves, it can be use

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