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¿Quién es? Spanish Conversation Game - 2-players - 5-10 minute games Practice describing people with this fun conversation game! Players guess their opponent's mystery character by asking a series of yes or no questions. Players use their opponent's responses to narrow down the list of possible ch
Students practice family vocabulary in Spanish by playing TicTacToe. "La madre de mi padre es mi ____." This product comes with two games: one for beginners, and one with more advanced vocabulary. (See below). Copy and laminate the tic-tac-toe grids to create a class set. Copy and cut the pl
This pack contains two games for your Spanish immersion classroom. There are 30 cards included in each game. One uses singular nouns and the other uses plural nouns I designed this game so students could practice correctly asking the question “De quién es…” or “De quién son…” as well as responding
Excellent and fun activity to review family vocabulary. You and your students will love this activity. I used it during one of my observations and my principal got really caught up doing it too! This is how it works: Students will have to cut out the family member and glue them on the blank family t
My students love this modified Spanish class version of Guess Who? Students must ask yes/no questions using "ser" and adjectives for physical descriptions. I use this game in conjunction with the Avancemos 1 Unit 1.2 curriculum, but since students generate the questions themselves, it can be use
Get students speaking with four different scripted skits, scripted conversations, role plays, or guided dialogs for meeting and introducing new people in Spanish. Topics include meeting new students, students meeting a bus driver, boy meets girl scenario, and student meets new teacher. Vocabulary
These EDITABLE task cards are 100% en español. Each of the 21 cards gives a clue describing a family member. Students read the cards and guess who it describes. The content is designed for novice learners to develop interpretive communication skills through comprehensible input. Activity ideas are i
Juego Quién es quién en español.Se incluyen dos hojas con fotografías a todo color, versión nombre + comida favorita y versión nombre + empleo. Perfecto para trabajar vocabulario, formulación de preguntas, mantener la atención... A los estudiantes les encantan este tipo de actividades.Perfecto para
This file contains 17 "¿Quién es?" (Guess Who) speaking activities. Topics:: • Animals • Avoir expressions • City locations • Class objects • Clothing • Colors • Food and drinks • Fruit • Musical instruments • Numbers • Present tense verbs • Professions • Reflexive verbs • Rooms and furniture • S
Most of us like to practice the relationships of family members in Spanish by asking: ¿Quién es? This oral practice powerpoint is designed to be used in class to visually show the questions as you ask them and to show the correct response after the students have responded. There is also a written
Description: This fun, mysterious conversation activity gets students active with their Spanish speaking skills. Each student is a suspect in a burglary crime. They are given 4 pieces of evidence discovered by the policía and must ask and answer questions in Spanish of each other to determine "¿Quié
This simple project works best for beginning SP I students who have completed SER, TENER and Adjective agreement. Students chose a famous person and present them to the class reading their clues. Classmates try to guess the person before they reveal their choice. Presentations become game day as k
Guess Who? is a fantastic game to get students talking and most importantly the help the students form questions while using relevant vocabulary in Spanish. This page is a supplement for using the classic board game Guess Who? in a Spanish class. It contains vocabulary to describe every person's ap
¿Quién es? (Guess who?) is a game for Spanish 1 students who are learning physical descriptions such as hair color, eye color, etc. Each player selects one person on the board, keeps it a secret and asks his/her opponent questions to get clues about who he/she has selected. If he/she guesses their o
This is a PowerPoint presentation that is aimed at drilling students on the proper posessive pronouns in Spanish. Students will have to identify the pronoun based on a vocabulary word (school supplies, household items) and a description of the owner. Students will be able to identify number and gen
Juego de perfiles de Facebook para potenciar la comunicación oral, la adquisición de adjetivos y vocabulario relacionado con las descripciones, las exposiciones orales, etc.Este recurso consta de 36 perfiles a todo color estilo Facebook correspondientes a 36 personas de distintas nacionalidades, dis
Looking for some extra practice using Spanish long possessive adjectives? This animated Power Point is great for a review, class warm up or cool down! Students see a statement such as 'Es la corbata de Juan' and must change the statement using the long possessive adjective. There is a one page ch
Add a little excitement to the Spanish family lesson by using these games (there are 2 versions included)! An incomplete statement is flashed on the screen for 10 seconds, and the students must circle the correct answer on their response sheet. When the ten seconds have elapsed, a buzzer signals t
This LOW PREP game gets everyone in class talking. Complete directions are included.5 volunteers are sent to the front of the room and are each given 2 adjectives. The rest of the class tries to guess who has which adjective by asking yes/no questions in Spanish. The vocabulary words used in thi
This LOW PREP game gets everyone in class talking. Complete directions are included.5 volunteers are sent to the front of the room and are each given 2 expressions related to health or well-being. The rest of the class tries to guess who has which expression by asking yes/no questions in Spanish.
Need a fun way to have your Spanish students practice their personality adjectives? Let them tell you about all their friends and family by answering "Quién es...?" questions for you in part one of this activity! In part two, students will highlight to categorize adjectives based on gender. Highly e
This PPT is for review for Spanish Family vocabulary. There are pictures of famous families and the students have to guess who is who.
This resource contains four separate worksheets in both color and black and white, as well as answer keys. This resource can be used throughout your ¿Cómo eres? unit, as a warm up, exit ticket, speaking activity, and more. How to use this resource:Students read the clues and then match the clues wi
Practice family member vocabulary with this worksheet. There are 25 sentences in which students must determine which family member is being described. For example: La madre de tu padre es tu _____________.

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