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Do you have students with echolalia? Do you have students who make noises or talk aloud during lessons and independent work? I wrote and illustrated this social story for my students on the Autism Spectrum and have found it great for reminding them to keep a "quiet mouth" when the teacher is talkin
How to have a quiet line fun classroom behavior management materials to help you get a talkative class quiet during lineup for fast transitions and also quiet while walking in line that goes along with my brand new blog post: How to Have a Quiet Line Ideas and Activities!Even if you don't get this p
Quiet Critters are a fun behavior management and positive reinforcement tool to use in your primary classroom that your kids will love! These fuzzy little creatures are MAGICAL and super simple to implement--your kids will be focused, on task, and working quietly with very little work on your part!
Quiet Zone Signs & Reading Stop Signs The signs say it all. These signs serve as quick and efficient visual reminders of maintaining silence at specific times. A simple finger point to the sign reminds students of the desired behavior without you having to curtail your lesson or open your mou
PreK - 6th
The One Quiet Minute Module is a comprehensive social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum that targets Common Core Standards as well as specific SEL goals that are becoming increasingly popular in many states across America. This multimedia kit includes a semesters worth of teaching resources to en
The Introductory Video from the One Quiet Minute Module is designed for young children (3-8yrs). It is a useful addition to circle time groups, work stations, and/or can be used in 1 to 1 instructional settings to address multiple Social Emotional Learning standards. It also serve nicely as a spri
Too often my group lessons were being interrupted by bathroom requests and other off topic questions. I created this set of hand signal posters to help my students quickly and quietly acknowledge their needs. This set includes both full page and mini posters. If there is a signal you would like me t
PreK - 2nd
Looking for a way to keep students QUIET during independent work, testing, or during "Quiet Zone" time? This helps with student's staying focused and noise level in the classroom! My students LOVE these! I give every student a "quiet critter" on their desk. During their work, they may pet it, hold
PreK - 1st
This activity accompany the book: An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Hutts AstonIt was made in Google Slides with the questions set in the background to avoid accidental deleting. Included are slides for: -Wh Questions-Yes/No Questions-Circle All-SequencingBlank Slide to add whatever else you might wantDISCL
PreK - 2nd
Here is Volume II of the "Harp Music for Quiet Times in the Classroom" series just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Mr. Miller plays 20 minutes of Irish folk songs on a Celtic harp. Perfect for independent work, rest time, or background music for any St. Patrick's Day fun activity!
PreK - 5th
The beginning of the school year is a great time to establish classroom culture--including the school readiness skill "Be Quiet When Walking in the Halls" from WonderGrove Social Skills.This 23-page Dual Language packet (English and Spanish) extension lesson packet for kindergarten includes:lesson p
This mp3 audio includes a gentle sleep story for children, where they will imagine floating on a cloud. This can help them relax or even fall asleep for a nourishing nap. The download includes activity instructions, an mp3 audio file and a corresponding written script, which are all contained in one
This is a sleep meditation mp3 audio that guides children through a calming story of a magical garden. The download includes activity instructions, an mp3 audio file, and a corresponding written script, which are all compressed in one zip file. Research says that mid-day naps are healthy for childre
I created this because certain students sometimes a hard time remembering to stay quiet. This is a concrete system that I am using that gives students this Quiet Zone card as a visual reminder. If they continue to blurt or talk out of turn or to distract others around them, then I simply cross off a
How do you get the attention of 20+ little 5 year olds who are busy at work?? Our Principal uses a raised hand for the building wide quiet signal. The entire building knows that when they see a teacher or administrator raise his/her hand, they need to raise their hand as well and get quite. This
These cute little cards are a good classroom management tool. Have students keep the cards at their desks. They simply hold up the “quiet card” to use as a visual reminder when neighbors are too noisy or chatty during classwork. Students can take control of the situation without saying a word! Thi
Quiet Signal Posters to get Teacher's AttentionPRINT and DIGITAL * * Makes distance planning so much easier!Your students can use these quiet signals to get your attention without interrupting class! Hang these posters in your classroom for your students to refer to when they need your help or per
**GROWING BUNDLE** A growing list of call and response quiet signals to use in the classroom! 30+ quiet signals listed on one sheet so that the teacher will have them as a quick resource. Also, individual cards are attached with each quiet signal on them. These can be printed and laminated for stud
K - 12th
Labels for Classroom - Quiet Spray & Brain Power Just for fun! You may also be interested in Labels for Centers, Pocket Chart & Classroom Hall Passes Behavior Chart Classroom Lucky Duck LET'S STAY CONNECTED: Facebook • Instagram • Pinterest
Each day the students get a score from 1 (the worst) to 4 (the best). They earn a point for following the expectations: be safe, be helpful, be kind, and be a learner.
Not Grade Specific
Each day the students get a score from 1 (the worst) to 4 (the best). They earn a point for following the expectations: be safe, be helpful, be kind, and be an artist.
Not Grade Specific
This Apple themed classroom management quieting techniques is everything you need to quiet your preschool or kindergarten room! Have everything in place and established before the year starts! For those moments when you need your students attention, employ one of these techniques and have your sch
Description about my quiet critter classroom management system. Pick and choose what works for you!
Not Grade Specific
Each day the students get a score from 1 (the worst) to 4 (the best). They earn a point for following the art room expectations: be safe, be helpful, be kind. The 4th point is for “being an artist” in the art room and "be a learner" in the regular classroom.

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