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Social Story: I Can Be Anti-Racist!

Use this social story with your client or child to help them understand terms like prejudice, racism, anti-racism, protesting, and more. Beginning to talk to a child about race and prejudice can feel uncomfortable, but these are necessary lessons at a young age. With this visually engaging and kid-friendly resource, you’ll find it easy to break down complicated ideas into simplified explanations.Read through the social story together with your client or child. You can choose to read the story wh

What Does It Mean to be Anti-Racist? (Social Story) (Elementary School)

This short social story tackles the very difficult subject of racism and social justice in kid-friendly language. Use this e-book to start conversations about differences in skin color and why it is important to treat everyone with respect. Some students may have been victims of racism or bullies who weren’t aware of the power of their words. This social story can help students share what race means to them and why it is important to base their friendships and how they treat others on more than

Racism Social Story for Middle and High School Special Education

I received a request from a customer to create a social story for their classroom regarding racism. This social story discusses what racism is, how there are people who look different all around us, what racist thoughts and opinions look like, how it is not okay to do or say mean things to people who look different than us, how people will not want to be around people who do this, and more. ***This resource is included in two bundles***Save 20% and check out my symbol supported social stories

What is Racism Social Story FREE

This free social story is a great tool for explaining what racism is to elementary students with disabilities. Social stories are often used for students diagnosed with ASD, but can be an effective resource for all students with disabilities! Racism is explained in a story format with visual examples that involve students in the learning process. The mix of clipart and photography aid children in understanding the problems with racism and how they can communicate appropriately by using their voi


Teaching primary students about racism. The intention of this presentation is to bring awareness and educate children about racism. It also labels the behaviour for some children who have had these experiences but were unaware that it was racism they were facing. It is meant to be used as a tool to promote discussion. The children's questions and responses can be used as a guide for where to begin. The purpose is to give children a safe place where they can ask questions in a judgement free envi

Let’s talk about Racism -- Social story

Social story introducing what racism is, why we need to fight against it, and ways we can fight against it. (part of a social justice curriculum)These social stories are created for my students who have IDDs. My students are 13-17 but can be used for different age levels.

Types of Racism ---Social Story

This is a social story that introduces internalized, interpersonal, institutional, and structural. This is an introduction and does not go too In-depth on each but introduces these types of racism including examples. It also gives examples of some ways to take direct action. These social stories are created for students who have IDDs. My students are 13-17 but can be used for different age levels.

Social Stories

Created by
The ED Queen
A growing collection of social stories to help promote positive behaviors in students! Here are the social stories included: 1.) Being Told 'no'2.) Elopement3.) I Need a Break4.) Talking to my Friends5.) We Have a New Student6.) Size of the Problem7.) My Teacher is Absent8.) Going to Gym9.) Going to Recess10.) Lying11.) On the Bus12.) Coronavirus13.) E-Learning14.) Social Distancing15.) My School is Closed16.) Wearing a Mask17.) Riding my Bike18.) Someone I know is Having Surgery19.) Emotional R

Stereotypes and Racism; Differences in Appearance, Ethnicities & Ages

I often will have students who are very intolerant of anyone who talks different or even acts different. I also have kids who seem totally unaware of some of the things they say as being highly offensive to others. This social story does a great job of talking about all kinds of differences in people from ethnicity , sex, age and also to the group they identify with. We talk frankly about some of the most common misconceptions and their offensiveness. The presentation is chalked full of fun

Social Story for Racial Equality | Racial Justice | Racism | Spanish & English

Thank you for your interest in our Social Story For Racial Equality! Share with students and families to help create an understanding of racial justice and to promote acceptance and human connectedness. For best use: print, laminate and review with your student daily....OR send out as a digital resource! This social story is available as a PDF download and editable in Google or Powerpoint!Our Single Sheet Social Stories provide:*A simplistic yet effective approach to helping individuals deepen t

Ruby Bridges Writing | Social Justice | Anti-Racism | Google Slides | 11 slides

Created by
Ruby Bridges was an important Black American girl! One small girl contributed in big ways in the CIvil Rights Movement. Ruby was the first AfricanBlack child to attend an all-white school in America. This Google Slide activity pack includes embedded video readalouds of The Story of Ruby Bridges by Ellen Levine, as well as Ruby Bridges Goes To School by Ruby Bridges and read by Kelley Clark, graphic organizers, comprehension questions, character traits, story elements, research, sequencing inform

#BLM- Social Story

We watch a lot of news in my household. We have conversations with the kids about things that happen around the world all the time. If you had conversations about race and racism with your kids, but feel that you need to revisit, then this story is for you!Also, if you are looking for a starting point with your students or your personal child(ren), I hope this story will provide that: a timid attempt to begin a difficult conversation that MUST happen!THIS STORY IS PART OF A BLM INTERACTIVE SOCIA

Social Skills Story: Mad or Misinterprets: Expected/Unexpected

Created by
Judy Colgan
Often our concrete thinkers require social stories that are very specific to their particular behavior or incident. This product is a Social Story intended to help any ASD or lower cog client learn "Expected" social behaviors when they are mad and/or if they have misinterpreted someone's comments. It was designed originally for a student who constantly thought people were being racist so I made it completely editable so that you can change the topic to whatever specifically suits your student's

44 Story Starters on Teen Social and Cultural Issues

Created by
This is a great resource for helping students jump start their creative writing! This lesson plan can be used in multiple ways - as journal prompts, class essay work, homework or research and discussion.44 Story Starters focuses on issues facing teenagers today, such as self esteem, peer pressure, racism and cultural expectations.The lesson plan includes:8 Long Opening Starters16 One Sentence Starters10 Setting Starters10 One Word Starters5 Bonus Word Starters5 Tips For Writing Great Stories Res

Black Lives Matter - Social Story Book for Autistic Population

Anti-Racism & Police Brutality in the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) In 2014, the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Eric Garner in New York City, Tamir Rice in Cleveland and too many others caused waves of nationwide protest and appeals for stronger protections against police brutality. These events—along with the lack of accountability for the police officers who shot and killed these unarmed victims—also prompted educators to seek resources on how to address these subjects in the cl

What is White Privilege Social Story FREE

This free social story is a great tool for explaining what white privilege is to upper elementary students with or without disabilities. Social stories are often used for students diagnosed with ASD, but can be an effective resource for all students with disabilities!Race, racism, and white privilege are explained in a story format with visual examples that involve students in the learning process. The mix of clipart and photography aid children in understanding the problems with racism and expl

How Can I Help Black People - A Social Story For White Autistic Children

Created by
Spectrum Support
A social story for White Autistic children that may have difficulty understanding the complex and unjust issues surrounding white privilege, racism, and how to be anti-racist.

Race (2016) - The Jesse Owens Story: Complete Movie Guide

Created by
William Pulgarin
"Young Jesse Owens (Stephan James) becomes a track and field sensation while attending the Ohio State University in the early 1930s. With guidance from coach Larry Snyder (Jason Sudeikis), Owens gains national recognition for breaking numerous records. After heated debates, the United States decides not to boycott the Olympics in Nazi Germany. Overcoming racism at home and abroad, Owens seizes the opportunity to show Berlin and the the world that he's the fastest man alive." - Rotten Tomatoes Th

Social Justice! Stereotype and Race! Special Education

A small unit of lessons highlighting Stereotype and Race. An introduction for Special Education students into race, stereotype, and differences. THIS REQUIRES A STORY: Same, Same but Different by Jenny-Kostecki-ShawYoutube Read Aloud Link: Link: can be the same or d

The Rosa Parks Story (2002) - Movie Guide

Created by
William Pulgarin
Many people believe Rosa Parks' simple refusal to move to the back of a Montgomery, Alabama bus was her contribution to the Civil Rights Movement, but this engrossing look at her life tells the whole story. At a young age, she refused to recognize her alleged inferiority to whites and became an activist working for the NAACP.This movie guide will help your students get the most out of this powerful movie. This 21-question video guide comes with two additional "Think and Reflection" questions. Re

Ruby Bridges Power Point w/ Video Link (powerpoint) Social Studies & Citizenship

15 slides telling the history and story of Ruby Bridges. Her battle with racism and going to an all white school as a child.This power point includes a link to show her meeting President Obama and the Norman Rockwell painting of her as a child.Great for citizenship lesson or African American History month.*Powerpoint is NOT editable due to clipart that may have been purchased and author intellectual rights. If you need a change, please email me at 3rd gra

Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You No-Prep Nonfiction Study BUNDLE MS ELA

Created by
Story Trekker
Beloved award-winner Jason Reynolds joins Ibram X. Kendi to bring to light the many ways in which racism have shaped the American culture and identity. This resource provides over 100 pages of content geared specifically to the text.Each section has its own pre-reading guide, set of text-specific questions, key concepts review, and extension activities. Used together, these activities focus on supporting readers as they explore nonfiction text.With Story Trekker's Reading Road Maps, a student ca

Crash (2004) Movie Guide- Prejudice, Racism, and Discrimination in America

The 2004 movie, Crash, looks at the interweaving stories among individuals in Los Angeles. I use this film in my Sociology class during our Race and Ethnicity Unit. We see how various people have different prejudices/beliefs and how they play out in each person's life. You could also use this in Psychology class when discussing discrimination and prejudice or in a Law & Justice Course when discussing inequality in society. The worksheet contains 40 questions and the answer key is includ

Hurricane Katrina and Environmental Racism - Interactive Article & Webquest

Created by
This activity links to an interactive article on Hurricane Katrina and Environmental Racism, and includes 14 reading comprehension questions that accompany the article. The article is structured as a story map and involves reading, maps, and graphs to analyze. In this environmental justice lesson, students read about how Hurricane Katrina disproportionately negatively impacted low-income and Black/POC communities in New Orleans.This lesson is great for Environmental Science, English, or History
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