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This is a double-sided notes page over working with radicals. The notes teach the student how to add, subtract, multiply and divide (including rationalizing the denominator) radicals. Each section tells the student how to complete the operation and then provides two worked out examples with explanat
8th - 11th

Also included in: Algebra 1 Notes Bundle

Simplifying Radicals Notes and PuzzleThe first two pages are Cornell Notes with practice problems on simplifying both perfect square root and non-perfect square root radicals. There is also space for students to summarize the lesson. An answer key to the notes is included.Then, students are given
7th - 11th
This is a clear & concise introduction to simplifying radicals for middle school and Algebra students. Great review for geometry students who need a refresher. Students will use guided notes to learn how to give decimal approximations and how to simplify to exact answers with two methods. Inc
Students will learn to simplify square roots involving multiplication and division of radicals as well as radicals with variables. Start by reviewing the prerequisite skills (prime factorization, perfect squares, ordering square roots from least to greatest). Then go through the 4 types of examples
14 pages of interactive guided notes on operations with radical expressions. These "fill in the blank" notes will keep your students organized and focused as they learn to: * Estimate a radical to the nearest tenth. * Simplify a radical using square numbers * Simplify radicals with variable
7th - 10th
Your students will love this new Comic Book Style FUN Notes for Radicals which can be used as group work, homework, assessment, or enrichment. This is a fun and engaging format for your students to learn about Radical Expressions and practice their skills! Great for Algebra 1 or 2!Students love
Simplifying Radicals notes and practice(3 pages total: two pages of notes and one page of practice)On the 2 pages of notes students learn how to simplify radicals and rationalize the denominator. The notes contain 18 problems for the teacher to guide the students through. The practice page consists
7th - 11th
This bundle consists of 11 Guided Notebook Pages, Practice Worksheets, 5 Quizzes, and a Unit Test for my Roots and Radicals Unit. The Notebook pages provided step-by-step instructions and plenty of examples for each of the following concepts: Square Roots and Perfect Squares Simplifying Perf
This lesson is designed for a math binder.Students will learn: how to add and subtracts with like radicands (5 problems)how to add and subtract when radicands are not like and simplifying is necessary (5 problems)multiplying with radicals using the distributive property (2 problems)how to find the a
This is an entire unit on Radical Expressions & Equations. It includes 10 lessons with full examples shown along with practice problems, homework and an editable quiz and test for this unit. For a closer look click preview. This product comes as PDF and also on Google Slides. All lessons are
7th - 12th
This is a double-sided notes page over simplifying square roots.The front side begins by having the student label a schematic containing a radical. Next, the student is asked to list the perfect squares. Then, the student is given specific steps as to how to simplify a square root by using perfect s
The graphic organizer included is intended to be used in an Interactive Notebook. If not using a notebook, you can still benefit from using one full page of notes for each topic to save in a binder. The topics contained are the following: • Definition of rational exponents • Converting from radica
7th - 12th, Adult Education
This discovery-based product will guide your students through an exploration of simplifying radicals. These notes will cover 2 days of simplifying radical expressions, including one day without variables and one day of simplifying radicals with variables. The notes are student-led, and designed to p
Simplifying Perfect Radicals TEKS Aligned: A11AThis is a double-sided fill-in-the blank notes page on radicals: perfect square roots and cube roots. First, the student defines what a radical is. Then, they define square root, write down their perfect squares and work some examples. Next, they work
Vizual notes are an effective way to engage both the visual and logical sides of the brain. Students spend less time copying notes and more time engaging with them.Hand students a copy of the notes sheet (page 2), break out the colored pencils and gel pens and let the fun begin.This handout describe
8th - 10th
Your Algebra 2 Honors students will love this unit bundle of GUIDED NOTES for Radical Functions and Rational Exponents. Everything you need to teach and engage your Algebra 2 Honors learners has been organized in a compact set of daily lessons. Guided Notes Format:The unit is organized into eight
This Item is part of my Algebra 1 curriculum BUNDLE and Algebra 1 curriculum BUNDLE with GAME PACKThis product comes as a PDF and also on Google Slides. It is Unit 11 Lesson 3 "Simplifying Square Roots with Variables."This product contains: 2 pages of notes 2
Included in this package is a complete set of guided notes and answer key ideal for a Rational and Radical Equation unit in a regular Algebra 2 class. Lessons include solving rational equations, work-rate problems, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing radical expressions, simplifying radi
Your students will be engaged in this lesson on Solving Radical Equations. Included: Two sets of 20 task cards, one with QR codes and one without. Students do not need to be on the internet to use the QR’s, but do need to have a device with the QR reader app installed. Cards numbered 1 – 10 have e
Included is notes on multiplying and dividing radicals and two assignments. These can be used for all learners. I can include answer keys to all my assignments if needed.
5th - 11th
This lesson is designed for a math binder.Students will learn: how to simplify expressions using multiplication properties of radicalsbreak apart radicands into a perfect square and a non perfect square for simplifying (10 problems)simplify radicals where the radicands are just variables (13 problem
Included in this purchase are notes for you to cover with your students, included 6 example problems each.Then a worksheet for the students to complete independent or small group practice.Topics are adding, subtracting, and multiplying square roots.Facebook:Like and follow me on Facebook to stay up
The following Power Point introduces students to a totally new concept allowing them to use their understanding of fractions and prime factors in a totally new way.. * Students learn to identify the parts of a Radical Expression; Radicand and Radical * Students learn what is required for an expr
7th - 11th, Higher Education, Adult Education
These foldable notes introduce nth root radicals, and rational exponents, and then how to transfer between the two types.

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