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Rainforest Project- Multisensory
This activity is designed to clarify the 4 layers of the rainforest (Emergent, Canopy, Understory & Forest Floor) as students color and cut out one layer at a time. Next, students can build the entire rainforest by stacking each layer one on top of the other for a 3-D effect! Finally, you can

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Rainforest Project
In this lesson students will use Bloom’s & Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences framework to create a number of investigations into Rainforests. The students can self challenge as they choose from the easier to more complex tasks. They are encouraged to use suggested Internet tools and applications.

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Rainforests - People of the Rainforests Project
Rainforests - People of the Rainforests Project This is a complete research project that allows the children to research people from the rainforests and keep their draft notes in an organised manner. It contains the task, draft booklet, bibliography template, self evaluation, project checklist and

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Rainforest Project - Differentiated Instruction
I created this when I taught 3rd grade. We read a book about the Amazon, and students designed projects to extend their learning. Offering a choice to students is one way to differentiate instruction and engage learners.

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Kawaii Bird, Toucan Letters & Numbers Pennant Banner Rainforest Project Alphabet
Kawaii Animals, Toucan Lettersand Numbers Pennant Banner,Low Ink Classroom Décor, DigitalDownload, PrintablesEach letter is on an A4 size sheetwith a cute pattern.Includes, A to Z, 0 to 9, !, ?, & and/.If you need a smaller size, then 2or more pages can be printed ona single sheet too. For thatp

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Amazon rainforest project
My social studies class asked for a project over South America. Here is the rubric we created and examples of our projects for some inspiration for your classroom.

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Project Based Learning: Discovery in the Rainforest! (PBL)
Project Based Learning: Discovery in the Rainforest! This project based learning (PBL) activity joins together Science, Math, ELA, Social Studies, and Technology. This project integrates elements of science, math, ELA, social studies, ELA, and technology into a student-made product. It will combi

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Rainforest Survival a Project Based Learning PBL Activity
Using this Rainforest Project Based Learning in your classroom is the perfect way to have your students incorporate reading, writing, science, math, critical thinking, and problem solving skills in a fun, real-life context. In this PBL unit, your kids will love being SURVIVOR KID as they try to sur

Also included in: Project Based Learning PBL Bundle


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Spanish Earth Day- Word Search & Double Puzzle-Dia de la Tierra
This exciting Word Search & Double Puzzle can teach vocabulary words to students using cognates and a hint word to let them know what the search is about. Have students compete for a homework pass in the older grades. This is a great activity to celebrate Earth day. Highlight the cognate words i

Also included in: Distance Learning-DÍA DE LA TIERRA- SPANISH EARTH DAY BUNDLE


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Rainforest Flip Book --- Rainforest Craftivity and Labeling Project
This Rainforest Habitat Flip Book and Labeling Craftivity is the perfect project to assess your kiddo's understanding of the raifnorest AND display their learning ALL IN ONE! In this set, you'll find a Rainforest Habitat Flip Book --- SUPER EASY to make --- in which students will write about and il

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La selva tropical
This is a Spanish lesson about the rainforest. All the material is in Spanish. Esta es una unidad sobre la selva tropical. Todo el material es en español. It includes: * Vocabulary flashcards * What's a Rainforest Informational card * An informational card for each layer of the rainforest * A post

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The Rainforest Unit
This unit is about the layers of the rainforest. It has lots of fun activities: * Vocabulary flashcards * What's a Rainforest Informational card * An informational card for each layer * A poster about the layers (I suggest that you print it on cardstock paper) *Mini book about the layers of the rain

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Rainforest Bingo in Spanish- Animales de la Selva- Gender/Noun Writing Prompt
This Tropical Rainforest BINGO features 12 of the most beloved Rainforest Animals . This package is very helpful to celebrate Earth Day in your classroom. Teach students gender/noun combinations while they have fun playing BINGO. Earth day is on April 22 . Great student friendly package for SUB



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Project Based Learning Activity BUNDLE-Ocean Space Rainforest
Treat your students to adventures all year with these three great project based learning activities! Your students can travel across oceans, through the Amazon rainforest, and up to space.....all in one year! Each activity is 10 days long and contains all the instructions and printables needed to

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Rain Forest Project: Decorate a Shoebox Diorama: Perfect for ANY Rainforest
Students LOVE this Rain Forest Research Project! Students must learn about a rainforest and then they decorate a shoe box based on what they learn! Students just love this creative activity! Students are responsible for decorating all sides of the box according to directions and putting a creative

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ZOOLOGICO-ZOO BINGO-Review Colors/Gender/Nouns- Animals in Spanish
This ZOO BINGO features 12 of the most beloved Zoo Animals. This package is very helpful to teach Zoo animals in your classroom. It is also a great lesson. Awesome science plan Bilingual classes too. The package includes: - Lesson Plan - Vocabulary worksheet with twelve Zoo animals and Wor

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Back to School- Animales del Océano BINGO - Review Colors/Gender/Nouns
#fallwinterspanishsale This Ocean BINGO features 12 of the most beloved Ocean Animals. This package is very helpful to celebrate National Ocean month in your classroom. Teach students gender/noun combinations while they have fun playing BINGO. Earth day is on April 22 . Great student friendly packag

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This wonderful "LOS ANIMALES BUNDLE" is the perfect thematic unit to teach animal vocabulary, physical descriptions and body parts in your Spanish classroom. This interactive unit will provide you all the handouts needed to have your students learn 12 farm animalss and play BINGO in class to fam


La Cara- Spanish Face Parts- The Yanomamo Girl- Earth Day- Dia de la Tierra
This interactive unit is perfect to teach the parts of the face to your students in April as part of the celebrations of Earth Day. The little Yanomamo girl is part of one of the most amazing Amazon tribes in the jungle living in the Amazon basin in both southern Venezuela and northern Brazil. The

Also included in: Distance Learning-DÍA DE LA TIERRA- SPANISH EARTH DAY BUNDLE


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Forest Alphabet Posters, Spring Trees, Earth Day, Rainforest Classroom Decor
Forest, Spring, Summer, Trees,Pennant Banner, Buntings,Alphabet Posters, ClassroomDécor, Printables, DigitalDownloadGreat for Permaculture, Environment, Earth Day, Ancient India, African Studies, Rainforest ProjectsEach letter is on an A4 size sheetwith a cute pattern.Includes, A to Z, 0 to 9, !, ?,

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Rainforest research project
Students will develop their research and writing skills through an engaging research project. A detailed marking rubric is included. Part A asks students to choose a Rainforest and research according to the information report sub-headings. Part B allows students to get creative by making an educat

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Animal Research Project Report
These Animal Research Reports can be used for Arctic animals, polar animals, or any other creature. They integrate science, reading and writing.If you are looking for Animal Research ReportsAnimal Research WritingAnimal ReportsThis will definitely meet your needs.This bundle is a great value because

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Animal Report Pennant Banners Animal Research Project
These Animals Report Pennant Banners come with over 100 amazing pennants for displaying your animal research project on the amazing animals of our world. Perfect for any time of the year, these pennants are a great way to supplement your science instruction as well as help your students organize th

Also included in: Biography AND Animal Report Pennant Banner Bundle


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Animal Research Project
Research projects are possible in the lower grades with these leveled animal passages that are just right for young readers! Give students loads of comprehension practice with differentiated reading passages and informational writing practice with flipbook reports.This bundle gives you a 35% discoun


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