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This set includes one notes page and five worksheets/activities for students to practice classifying real numbers. Guided Notes - Rational and Irrational Number Students fill these out as a whole class and can cut and paste the notes into notebooks The five activities would be great for centers!
This product serves to help students identify if a number is either rational or irrational. The focus is on "tricky" numbers - perfect squares vs. square roots; terminating vs. non-terminating decimals; and repeating vs. growing patterns. Included is 2 sheets of notes (1 filled out. the other partia
This lesson on irrational numbers includes tools you can use to support 7th grade or 8th grade math units. Includes introduction to compound fractions. It meets TEKS 8.2B and CCSS on approximating irrational numbers on number lines. It includes guided notes, an exit ticket, homework, and a warm-up.
Scaffolded NOTES and HOMEWORK to learn about the sum and product of rational and irrational numbers.
Are your students having a difficult time explaining the difference between rational and irrational numbers? Use this download to help your students practice explaining the difference between rational and irrational numbers with these fun and engaging coloring worksheets!By completing this assignmen
These notes define rational and irrational number with examples and a good place to organize the laws of sum and products for rational and irrational numbers. Key is included.
Includes notes and an answer key to assist in teaching rational and irrational numbers. The resource could also be used as a homework assignment or assessment if material has already been taught.

Also included in: Notes Bundle - NUMBERS

This 2 page document includes a Do Now, Think-Pair-Share Activity, and Short Answer Questions for students to improve on their ability to answer a variety of types of questions regarding rational and irrational numbers. Great for introducing Rational and Irrational Numbers or as a 2nd day extension
Introduction to Rational and Irrational Numbers, Guided Notes and Interactive Math Notebook PagesCommon Core Standard 8.NS.A.1Digital version of this product can be found here.Included in this product: Types of Numbers Notes (Full and half page notes)Types of Numbers FoldableGive an example cards (c
Included in this NO PREP resource, you will find a short reference guide (supplemental notes) on rational, irrational and real numbers, two worksheets and a vocabulary practice worksheet. All of these pages are on Google Slides as well. This resource can be used with a Google Classroom, distance lea
Introduction to Rational and Irrational Digital Interactive Notebook for Distance LearningThis is the digital version of this product. Included in this product: Types of Numbers Notes"Give an example" Practice Page (can be used as exit or entrance slip)Rational Numbers NotesIrrational Numbers NotesR
Rational and Irrational Numbers Task Cards + Recording SheetsCommon Core Standard 8.NS.A.1Included in this product:*20 unique task cards dealing with rational and irrational numbers*5 different recording sheets*Answer KeyThese cards are great for math centers, independent practice, "SCOOT" and other
This is my notes about Comparing and Ordering Numbers, and Rational and Irrational Numbers For regular and special ed students Very simple explanation...... Enjoy A R Mathematics
Rational and Irrational Numbers Bundle This bundle includes six products for teaching rational and irrational numbers (the real number system) at a reduced price. Included are: • Rational Numbers PowerPoint Lesson. A 20 page PowerPoint lesson that includes vocabulary, examples of writing t
Notes about Rational and Irrational Numbers For Special Ed StudentsGreat Explanation, very simple My Quizzes: 4th Grade Word Problems Quiz (10 Q)Equations and Inequalities Quiz (20 Questions)An Introduction to Functions Quiz (11 Questions)Evaluate Expressions Quiz (22 questions)Pairs of Lines Quiz (
This download includes both a PDF and digital Google Slides version of this activity.DIGITAL: Use the link to access a Google Slides version of this resource. Students will arrange the movable pieces in the correct positions along the number lines.PDF: Complete the cut and paste activity using pape
These practice problems are used as guided notes during my math lab. The class provides extra time and support for struggling students. The sheets are cut and glued in composition books (math logs) that are kept in the classroom. Answers keys provided for all mini-lessons. This set focuses on ratio
This short (13-slide) .pptx is perfect for introducing (or reviewing) the differences between rational and irrational numbers. Why should you purchase this lesson? • no prep • engages the visual learner • improves note-taking skills • may improve student focus • may improve student motivation Th
I started using choice boards last year and LOVE them! I never gave my students the opportunity to be creative in my classroom. For years, it was notes, homework, and repeat until the test. These choice boards give students the ability to express themselves within their particular learning style. I
A Quick Fun Game Comparing Rational and Irrational Numbers! A great way to practice for a quiz or for back to school review! I always tell my students that I'm a very visual type of gal and many of them are too! In order to really compare rational and irrational numbers, it is helpful to have stu
Pre-Algebra Unit 1 Course MaterialsUnit 1: Rational & Irrational Numbers (This unit also includes Bell work for Pre-Algebra and Two Interactive Notebook Covers) - $109.00 value for $55.00All of my Pre-Algebra course materials are now available bundled at a discounted price! Bell work, notes, ins
Doodle Notes to introduce rational and irrational numbers. -Discusses the difference -Provides examples -Includes placing the numbers on a number line in order to compare
Algebra 1 Curriculum - Unit 1: Rational and Irrational NumbersUnit 1: Rational & Irrational Numbers (This unit also includes Bell Work for Algebra, Two Interactive Notebook Covers, & Problem Trail Back To School Algebra 1) – $53.50 value for $27.00ALL of my Algebra course materials are now a
This activity covers both learning the difference between a rational and an irrational number, but also finding their exact or approximate location on a number line:1) Vocabulary models to note the specifics of each type of number2) A sorting activity given a "Real Number Bank"3) A number line activ

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