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This is a student packet to accompany the Read 180 Next Generation workshop Combat Zone.
Check to see how much your students recall about Freddy Adu and practice short responses in this EDITABLE worksheet
3rd - 10th
This is an engaging PowerPoint I made to help supplement the Read 180 Next Generation Stage C book. Worked well with my ELL students!
See how much your students retained AND practice short answer responses with this EDITABLE worksheet!
3rd - 11th
This is a student packet to accompany the Read 180 Next Generation workshop Killer Plagues.
Poetry analysis for The Haunted House by Jack Prelutsky. This is a poem from Read 180 Next Generation Workshop 6. Students dig deeper to gain a better understanding of the poem.
Introduce your students to each of the zones and have them take notes right on this graphic organizer! Editable!
3rd - 11th
Weekly Reflection allows students to track weekly progress in EACH area of the class: *whole/small group (standards based) *Software *Independent reading *at home reading *goal setting *goal reflecting After you have downloaded the product, please contact me if there is anything you need changed and I can easily send you a .doc version so that you can tailor the document to your own class.
This product includes vocabulary target cards for Read 180 Next Generation Stage A Workshop 1 Fires Out of Control. The vocabulary cards can be used during small group or independent work for your students to practice the target words for the workshop.
Crossword created using target words and main workshop skills. I give this at the end of the word challenge as homework. This is based on Read 180 Blue Book Workshop 3
6th - 7th
***All pages included in this product can be seen in a walk-through on a saved Instagram highlight called "Student Binders". See my IG:***Dated Pages have been updated to 2021-2022. Let's face it, motivation is one of the challenges we encounter when teaching Read 180 and organization is not always our students' area of strength. At the same time, putting upper grade students at the helm of their own data can bring a great deal of power and motivation. Our students need to
This ia a study guide review of Workshop 8 (Crime, Punishment, and Teens) from the Read 180® Stage C Next Generation RBook. This review is designed to be used at the end of the workshop to help students prepare for a unit test. It is three pages long and includes 47 questions which cover content from pages 208-235 of the Stage C Next Generation RBook. Topics covered include comprehension from the three articles, vocabulary, idioms, and research essay. It is set up as a worksheet with space pr
9th - 12th
Who Invented...? A Bundle of Ten STEM and ELA Lessons Engineering challenges and reading comprehension lessons are combined in this real world activity bundle of ten lessons. Students will learn about 10 inventions – binder clips, aluminum foil, sticky notes, straws, marshmallows, paper, pipe cleaners, paper clips, candy canes, and candy hearts before using their creativity to engineer solutions to challenges. A great way to integrate STEM and ELA! The Who Invented …? Series provides opportunit
Complete Fifth Grade Common Core Math Worksheet Package All Standards Over 180 worksheets covering EVERY STANDARD for Fifth grade Common Core Math with MOST answer keys Operations and Algebraic Thinking. Write and interpret numerical expressions. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.OA.A.1 Use parentheses, brackets, or braces in numerical expressions, and evaluate expressions with these symbols. CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.5.OA.A.2 Write simple expressions that record calculations with numbers, and interpret numerical exp
4th - 6th
Are you familiar with what cognitive psychologists have found to be the most effective strategies for student learning, such as Spaced Practice, Retrieval Practice, Elaboration, Interleaving, Concrete Examples, and Dual Coding? Is critical thinking using concrete examples and supported reasoning a priority in your classroom? Are teacher-scientists catalysts for making that learning happen? This curriculum was designed with those very ideas in mind. Lessons are interactive and student work invo
9th - 12th, Higher Education
Would you like to teach STEM, COMPUTER SCIENCE, CODING, ROBOTICS and CRITICAL THINKING with absolute confidence in 2021? Discover proven teaching strategies, lesson plans, ideas and resources providing a wealth of information on this innovative and engaging area of the curriculum. Kevin Cummins, (MA, Education & Technology Melbourne) an accomplished educator with over a decade in coaching STEM & Digital Technologies provides a step-by-step process of teaching the following areas in this
Quality homework questions are hard to find, and there are never enough included in the textbook. These homework worksheets will provide your students with the practice and reinforcement they need to master the concepts of DNA, RNA, and Protein Synthesis. Both PRINTABLE and DIGITAL versions of all worksheets are included. All of the worksheets are editable. Select only the questions you feel are right for your students.This homework bundle contains 4 different assignments that you can use as yo
9th - 12th
This is a Whole Course Bundle of the Physics -Interactive Smart Curriculum. [It was only recently bundled into a full year, so see ratings & reviews on the existing Semester 1 and/or 2 downloads if looking for that information].OK. WHAT IS THIS CURRICULUM? WHAT IS IT LIKE TO TEACH THIS?Consider some student feedback from this course:"It has been a really fun and helpful year being a part of your class. Thank you""I love all the labs (both virtually using java programs, and physically) that
11th - 12th, Higher Education
Challenge and engage your chemistry students with the task of inflating a zipper bag to an expected volume using both the Ideal Gas Law, gas stoichiometry and household items. This easy-prep gas lab is an excellent activity that involves each student, encourages collaboration, and offers a direct application to the calculations you’ve been practicing in class.Looking for additional great resources for teaching gases that also includes this lab? See the Gas Chemistry ✦BUNDLE✦ for a PhET simulatio
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Find that bird digital bundle perfect to supplement your study of animals and habitats! In this Boom Card deck bundle, students will practice identifying birds found in six different habitats: urban (backyard), wetlands, arctic (penguins), woodlands, rainforest (tropical), and ocean. Also included are bonus writing pages, one per bird, in both printable PDF and JPEG form. The JPEG versions of the writing prompts can be uploaded to Seesaw or Google Classroom for paperless annotation by students i
PreK - 3rd
This is an escape room or series of puzzle challenges designed to have students practice critical thinking skills and apply science concepts related to thermal energy from NGSS MS-PS-3-4. Comes with 6 puzzles but only 4 are required for the story line so you can customize the game length to meet your students' skills and available time.Students will match vocabulary terms (conduction, convection, radiation, thermal insulator, thermal conductor and heat) Identify different types of thermal energy
Read 180 Next Generation- Stage C--All of the workshop 5 vocabulary is listed. The students are asked to define the vocabulary word, use in a sentence, and draw a picture.
Not Grade Specific
Next Generation Stage C-Workshop 1 Survivors 9 Week Unit Lesson Plan. Designed for a 45 minute model. Some links are provided for activities not found in the R Book, or other Read 180 materials.
Next Generation Workshop 4 Stage C Vocabulary Worksheet. All 15 words from the workshop are included. The students are to define, use the word in a sentence and draw a picture of the word. Editable to fit your needs.

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