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Three page script for 10 readers covering the life and contributions of George Washington Carver. Includes links to 3 online review games. Part of the African American Inventors and Scientists package (link below) of scripts, games and Q and A. Check out other Black History and science products
Part of my Ms. Bie Ografee Talk Show Series: Students learn about George Washington Carver ,the Wizard of Tuskegee, with this informative Reader's Theater Script. As a guest on Ms. Bie Ografee's Talk Show, Carver answers questions from the studio audience about his life. Carver found more than 300
Nine African-American scientists/inventors (Benjamin Banneker, Mae Jemison, Patricia Bath, George Washington Carver, Dr. Mary Chinn, Lewis Latimer, Yvonne Cagle and Elijah McCoy, Patricia Bath) are featured in this collection of reader's theaters. They may be used in language arts, science or histo
This play summarizes the major battles and events of the American Revolution. Characters like General William Howe, George Washington, Lord Cornwallis, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Paule Revere, and others appear in the play and act out the battles and happenings of the Revolution. This is an i
Use this informative Reader's Theater Script to learn about Bessie Coleman. Bessie was the first African American female pilot in the U.S. A. AND the first AMERICAN to receive an international pilot's license! Great for Black History Month in February or Women's History Month in March. Comprehension
This reader’s theater script will have your students learning all about President George Washington and they will be working on their reading fluency at the same time. This reader's theater script is free and is one of 6 scripts of different Presidents in my Meet the Presidents pack. The Meet the
Leif Eriksson Day is October 9th. * There are different spellings for his name.Studying the Vikings? Looking for a Reader's Theater Script in Social Studies? Check out this script on the Vikings and Leif Ericsson and his father, Erik the Red.Part of my Ms. Bie Ografee Talk Show Series of plays, Leif
On February 28, 1803, President Thomas Jefferson got approval by Congress for an expedition to explore the lands of the Louisiana Purchase. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were asked by President Thomas Jefferson to led the expedition. On May 14, 1804, the expedition called, the Corps of Discover
Learn about the Tuskegee Airmen with this play. The format is a Ms. Bie Ografee's Talk Show Series where the studio audience asks questions of Charles A. Anderson, one of the Tuskegee Airman. Audience members ask questions of the guest.Included are Did You Know? facts, comprehension questions, a te
Constitution Day is September 17th each year, except if the date falls on a Sunday. This play would be a great addition to your lessons about the U.S. Constitution and/or for Constitution Day!Part of my Ms. Bie Ografee series of plays, this Reader's Theater Script is on the "Father of the Constitut
WOMEN in SCIENCE: Rachel Carson, a Biography!A Biologist and marine zoologist, Carson’s books shared her love of nature, especially the ocean and its inhabitants. Her book, Silent Spring, sparked concern in how chemical pesticides were harming our environment. Carson helped to start the environment
5th - 9th
Use this informative Reader's Theater Script to learn about Marian Anderson, one of the most important singers of the 20th century. Anderson also played an important role in overcoming prejudice toward African American artists. In 1955, she was the first African American to sing at the New York Metr
Use this play to introduce students to the life of English Scientist, Sir Isaac Newton. Great, too, for a review activity if you are doing a unit of study on gravity, motion or prisms.Part of my Ms. Bie Ografee Talk Show Series of plays, Sir Isaac Newton is a guest on Ms. Bie Ografee's Talk Show. Ne
If you are searching for a way to get your students to enjoy reading, become more expressive, read aloud with confidence, become more fluent…then let the magic begin!!I have found using Reader’s Theater with large and small groups really helps my students strengthen their reading and language arts s
This brief (2 pages long) script on four Founding Fathers from Virginia (George Washington, James Madison, George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson) has 7 solo speakers and many parts for ALL so that teachers can use it with a whole class. (Note: You may add or subtract solo speakers to customize the scri
4th - 6th
On December 29, 1787, George Washington had a very special surprise for guests at Mount Vernon. A Camel came for a visit! This reading passage shares information on customs and traditions of the holiday season during Colonial times and the visit of the camel. Additionally, there is a Did You Know? f
Martin Luther King Jr. A Biographical Play: Learn about this important civil rights leader who worked for equality in non-violent ways. Martin Luther King envisioned a world where the color of your skin did not determine a person’s value and civil rights! He was also a excellent orator whose " I Hav
I love using this Readers Theatre Script and accompanying resources in the classroom to bring to life theatre and Social Studies/ ELA! The script integrates key information about American inventions during the turn of the century with reading strategies and theatre. This short and upbeat script is m
A short script that describes the first month's of George Washington's Presidency. Written in plain language, with a little humor thrown in. It details portions of his inauguration, the selection of his cabinet, and Alexander Hamilton's three part plan to tackle the debt of the United States.
6th - 8th
Part of my Ms. Bie Ografee Talk Show Series. This biographical Reader's Theater Script is on John Chapman, better remembered as Johnny Appleseed. Chapman said of himself,“by occupation,(I was) a gatherer and planter of apple seeds”. This pioneer nurseryman helped to introduce apple trees to Indiana
Let Freedom Ring is a reader's theater script on the Declaration of Independence. Perfect for grades 3 through 8, it can be used with a small group or with the entire classroom. Let Freedom Ring! shows a family who lives in Philadelphia during the American Revolution and follows two children who h
This group of scripts was written to support social studies standards and learning. I use them for teaching US history as well as for holidays like: July 4th, Memorial Day, Voting, Veteran's Day, President's Day etc. They are for groups of 3 to 5 students. Scripts included are: The Flag Code, George
5th - 12th, Adult Education
Use this Reader's Theater Script to learn about our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson. Using the format of my Ms. Bie Ografee Talk Show Series, Jefferson is a guest on the show and audience members ask questions of her guest, Thomas Jefferson. In addition to lots of interesting information, there is a
A readers' theater script about the notable African American botanist whose life began in slavery, plus background and staging suggestions and two extension activities. Answer key included.

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