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real world integer activity

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real world integer activity

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You can now utilize this product as a digital resource! Use the activity to have students sort the different words that represent positive and negative integers. This can be used as your introduction to integers activity. The task cards then have students name an integer that represents the differen
6th - 7th
This Google Slides activity is a great way to help students see how integers can connect with a real-life situation. Students are given four different real life situations (word problems) and they have to match it to the four integer expressions at the bottom of the slide. Students drag the expres
To read how this activity came about, look below.* Integers can be a tricky thing for students. This activity focuses on integers and how they are used in the measure of elevation. This packet contains a worksheet with various locations, their elevations, and questions about them. However, to make
5th - 8th
Engage your middle school math students with this cut and paste activity helping them utilize integers in real world concepts and situations. This higher-level 21st century thinking skill is a key component when teaching and learning about integers that is often overlooked. Your students will be eng
5th - 7th
Ask students to start paying attention to the way positive and negative numbers show up in their daily lives. Begin this class by making a big chart of real-life examples where positive and negative numbers can be applied: profit and loss, hot and cold, points gained and points lost, and elevations
5th - 9th
Integer Matching Questions-4 Activities Included!-This resource contains 12 questions over Real World Integer Situations. Students will match the real world situation with the correct Integer. It is perfect for upper elementary and middle school students.What's Included:-Paper matching version (bot
5th - 8th
Real World Integers- Coloring Activity- Digital and PrintableThis ready to use product is a quick, fun way to have your students practice identifying integers in real world situations. Students will be given 16 different real world situations and will need to classify it as positive, negative, or ze
7th - 8th
In this activity, students will be asked to explore the temperature of various cities around the world. They will need to calculate temperature change from January to August in these seven cities as well as answer questions and order the temperatures from coldest to warmest. This an exploratory acti
6th - 7th
In this activity, students will have to first draw the seven summits and the deepest four ocean trenches. They will then answer questions comparing, ordering, and finding the differences between the elevations of these geographic formations. This mathematical activity integrates the arts as well as
6th - 8th
Three different activities to help students connect positive and negative numbers with real world situations. Students will analyze vocabulary and determine whether situations are positive or negative or zero AND determine which integers are represented. These activities can be used in various ways-
Mazes are a great way to practice new material while having more fun than completing a typical worksheet! In this maze activity, students will solve real-world word problems involving adding and subtracting integers. Please look at the preview file to see if this resource is appropriate for your stu
Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, Dividing Integers. Opposites, Absolute Values, and Word Problems also:Integer Indulgence indeed; 84 pages of materials that provide a unique, entertaining, and efficient way to teach EVERYTHING related to integers. Ideal for any pre-algebra or algebra course, or an
Have your students apply their understanding of INTEGERS with these fun activities including a maze, riddle and coloring activity. What's Included:1. Integers COLORING ACTIVITY Students are prompted to evaluate expressions with INTEGERS. Students use their solutions to color the picture. 2. Integers
Introduce integer key words and get students ready to tackle word problems with this fun digital card sort activity! Students will sort 30 cards with real-world phrases on them into positive integers, negative integers, or zero. Also included is a printable graphic organizer that is perfectly sized
This flexible resource on Integers allows students to either build interactive math notebooks with guided notes (keys included) and foldable activities OR use the included presentation handouts (keys included) with the PowerPoint presentation for focused instruction. Quick checks for understanding (
The Integer Operation Slides are a great activity to use as an independent activity, homework activity, or a partner/group assignment in the classroom. The slides are also great if you are trying to go paperless with your class or your school has decided to go one-to-one.Each slide includes the foll
7.NS.2 Escape Room II - Multiplying & Dividing Rational NumbersPDF AND GOOGLE FORM CODE INCLUDED. It is a great way for students to work together and review their knowledge of the four operations with rational numbers as well as real world problems. There are a total of 4 tasks/puzzles included
The Comparing and Ordering Integers Slides are great to use as an independent activity, homework activity, or a partner/group assignment in the classroom.The slides are also great if you are trying to go paperless with your class or your school has decided to go one-to-one.Included on Each Slide:Sli
6th - 8th
Positive and Negative Numbers Digital Activities {Google Classroom}:Positive and Negative Numbers Digital Activities is a Digital Interactive Resource to be used with Google Slides. Students can complete the digital activities in Google slides or in a Google Classroom assignment. Answer keys for al
Practice integers with seven math centers that cover a range of introductory skills students need to master integer operations. Integer vocabulary, integer modeling with algebra tiles, number lines, and tables, as well as problem solving are practiced in these math centers.Each game includes studen

Also included in: Integers Unit Bundle

Take a break from typical worksheets with this coloring activity! Students will read 25 real-world phrases and determine if they indicate a positive integer, negative integer, or zero. This is a great activity to introduce integers and integer word problems.Two versions of the activity are included:
Give your students a reason behind the use of integers. These 20 task cards allow your students to see that the use of positive and negative numbers has a purpose outside of their math homework! 16 of the cards give students a situation and ask them to write the integer to represent that situation
Introduce integer key words and get students ready to tackle word problems with this fun card sort activity! Students will cut apart 30 cards with real-world phrases on them and use the included sorting mat to sort them into positive integers, negative integers, or zero. Also included is a graphic o
Erika discovers integers in the most fun real life situations - watch her as she snorkels by primordial creatures, borrows some money to buy a ticket to go skydiving, and put’s on her coat in sub-zero temperatures for a snowball fight! After all the fun, she flies through the land of integers as she
5th - 7th

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