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This is my favorite way to present new vocabulary to my students! Presenting vocabulary in context while remaining in the target language requires a lot of planning and preparation! This ppt will help you get started (or serve as a good practice activity) with Realidades Chapter 3B. The vocabular
This fun task card set is designed to go along with Chapters 3A and 3B of the Spanish textbook Realidades 1. It has 48 different cards to get your students up and moving while getting a well-rounded review of all the different vocabulary and grammar covered in those chapters. Students will be engage
This Powerpoint goes with the textbook series Realidades. The theme for this chapter is Food. Our students LOVE this activity, and as a result we have these for almost every chapter. The first part of the powerpoint is just flashcards. The picture comes up first and then the word does on a mouse cl
This is a unit project that goes along with the Realidades 1 textbook Unit 3 chapters 3A and 3B. Students create a mini refridgerator of foods utilizing the vocabulary from both chapters within a manila folder. they then write sentences for each food item. They use grammar concepts such as 'Ser' and
Get students up out of their chairs while they have fun practicing with food and drink vocabulary! The Food Pyramid Game is a class game with two teams. One member from each team will come up at a time. You call out a random food or drink vocabulary word and the students must find the cut out pictur
Hola, This worksheet aligns with, but is not limited to, Realidades 1 Tema 3B. There are five sections: Fill in the chart with SER, 2 sections with fill-ins of SER, adjective practice, and mixed English-Spanish/Spanish-English translation. Vocabulary from Capítulos 1,2 and 3 are included. An answ
This is a potpourri of activities that allows students to practice and show their understanding of the Realidades 3B vocabulary. The words that they are searching for in the word search are incorporated contextually in a short reading passage. The students read the paragraph and find the words from
I use this at either the end of Spanish 1 or the beginning of Spanish 2 to review chapters 1A-5A from the Realidades 1 book. This is a fast-paced game used to review the vocabulary and grammar from these units. The students have fun, and they don't even realize they're reinforcing their learning.
¡Hola! This packet has all you need for Realidades 1 3B: Vocabulary Lists and practice, puzzles, communicative activities, grammar practice, bingo board, and a Food Pyramid Presentation Assessment, complete with step-by-step directions and a rubric. There is also a review. I have used this for ho
This zip file is a set of files intended for a Spanish 1 course at the high school level using the first textbook of the Prentice Hall "Realidades -Book 1" Series. Included in this zip file are the handout (created and used to supplement the textbook material), quizzes, chapter exam, midterm exams,
This is a fun yet simple way to review the vocab and grammar for the Realidades 3B chapter for level one. Each student receives a worksheet, and each group of three or four students receives a dice and pencil. They take turns passing the dice, trying to roll a six. The first person to roll it yells
I start every class period off with a short assessment of the chapter. When students walk into my classroom they see these projected on to the whiteboard. Attached are tasks my students perform along with a 5 minute timer on each slide. I hope you find them useful!
This is great practice for review before the Chapter 3B assessment. Students must put food into the appropriate categories, rewrite sentences in the plural, choose between ser and estar, and write sentences with the present progressive. there is also a multiple choice section related to the chapter
Your students will have fun with this one. This is a Boggle game for the Spanish 1 (or 2) classroom. I have changed the rules of the traditional game to make it more friendly for the World Language Classroom. Also, I have manipulated the game to solicit answers that relate to the vocabulary from t
Are you looking for an interactive, fun way for your students to review Capítulo 3B of the Realidades textbook? If so, these Boom Cards are just what you need! Students will be engaged and get a well-rounded review of the chapter as they work their way through the 50 cards in the deck. Cards include
I've updated the PDF of this resource by adding a link to the Google Slides version of it for distance learning. The link is at the bottom of the Terms of Use page. You can use the PDF when you're in the classroom and the Google Slides for distance learning.The Google Slides are in portrait orientat
Looking for a super fun, NO PREP activity to review everything in chapters 3A and 3B of the Realidades 1 textbook with your Spanish students? Play this Jeopardy-style trivia game with them! Students will be engaged as they work in teams to answer questions in the following categories: El Vocabulario
In this quiz the students will identify pictured vocabulary based on the Realidades series 1 Unit 3B.
This Power Point includes images of most of the food items found in the Realidades 1 textbook, Chapter 3B. The Power Point ALSO includes an activity in which students choose between two food options to answer the question: ¿cuál prefieres comer? This can be a great communicative activity related t
This file contains five puzzles to practise the vocabulary of Realidades 1 Capítulo 3B 1. Crossword 2. Kriss Kross 3. Crossword with clues and word list 4. Crossword (easier) 5. Wordsearch 6. Wordsearch- match clues then find the words in the puzzle 7. Word scramble
This activity is PERFECT for your mixed ability classes. Students get to choose the path they want to take in order to learn and practice vocabulary. It includes a "Challenge path" for the higher level students to earn extra points (credit) or whatever you see fit.
Get your students interacting with the vocabulary from chapter 3B of the Realidades 1 Spanish textbook with this fun game of Pesca. Students will test their knowledge of the vocabulary as they play this classic card game in small groups. Not only will they learn, they will be engaged and having fun!
Ready to print and go resource! Covers all content from Chapter 3B and goes along with the Realidades book. Can easily be modified to fit your needs! Includes many different assessment methods. I hope you enjoy!
This PowerPoint covers all of the grammar points presented in Realidades Level 1, Chapter 3B: adjectives, making adjectives match the nouns they modify, the verb ser, and the verb hacer. There are several explanatory slides that walk the students through the concepts, and there are also a couple

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