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Results for receptive language

9,300+ results

Preschool Language Binder: Targets Early Expressive and Receptive Skills

Created by
Speechy Musings
Target basic concepts, labelling/naming, categories, pronouns and more with this complete preschool language packet! This product includes 165 pictures cards, plus assessment and homework extras perfect for working on all of your preschool expressive and receptive language needs. Use it in therapy for your preschool speech therapy activities, or during assessment as an informal preschool language screener!This 86-page product was designed to use in a binder as a portable, complete resource to t

Receptive and Expressive Language Progress Monitoring Tool Kit

Created by
Lindsey Karol
This packet is a comprehensive progress monitoring tool kit for receptive and expressive language skills! It is designed to obtain baseline data and/or re-assess students after they participate in therapy sessions targeting various goals. This product contains 2 assessment pages for each of the following skills! This packet is a comprehensive progress monitoring tool kit for receptive and expressive language skills! It is designed to obtain baseline data and/or re-assess students after they

Receptive Language Vocabulary Sort File Folder Activities and Worksheets

Need vocabulary sorts for receptive language? These vocabulary file folder activities and worksheets provide practice sorting a variety of receptive language vocabulary words including animals, furniture, clothes, and food. Students will sort vocabulary words into land and water, land and sky, ocean and sky, beach and playground, playground and classroom.  ✅ 7 Vocabulary sort file folder activities included (or 14 single-page activities):Animals that live on land and in the waterWhat do you see

No Print Basic Receptive Language for Speech Therapy

Created by
Speechy Musings
This no print file is the perfect grab and go therapy solution for receptive language. Includes all REAL PICTURES so it is appropriate for all ages, no kiddish clip art graphics!The file includes six sections targeting:Object IdentificationVerb IdentificationAttribute Identification (size, shape, color, etc...)Function IdentificationCategory IdentificationWH Questions (who, where, what)Each section contains 20 slides (except Verb Identification, which only contains 15).Each slide has two picture

Receptive and Expressive Language Baseline Data

Created by
Speech Time Fun
Use this packet to probe and collect baseline data for receptive and expressive language skills. The packet can be used for RtI, IEPs, and progress monitoring. Many skills in this packet also align with the Common Core State Standards.***************************************************************************What awesome activities are included?★ Prepositions: You will need a cup, table, chair, and two pencils. Receptive -- They must follow the directive. Expressive -- You complete the task, and

Interactive Receptive Language Tasks

Help students who struggle with receptive language expand their skills! Go beyond basic receptive language comprehension and work on more advanced language skills. These interactive tasks are perfect to build listening comprehension for students who are nonverbal or who have verbal skills. Each tasks has 4 moveable pieces so students won't memorize the answers! Included in this resource: - 28 interactive receptive language tasks each with 4 visual options Check out all of this resource: V

Expressive and Receptive Language Task Cards Bundle

Created by
The Speech Zone
This Language Task Cards Big Bundle is bundled to save you money! Included in the bundle are the following task cards sets: • Describing Task Cards• Compare and Contrast Task Cards • Feature/Function Task Cards• Category Task Cards• WH Questions Task Cards*****************************************************************************Check out other language materials available in my store:Vocabulary Match & Color WorksheetsVerb Cards Bundle*****************************************************

Receptive & Expressive Language - Dice & Dot - Speech Therapy

Created by
Ashley Rossi
No prep dot marker language {with pictures} for speech therapy in my best-selling Dice and Dot series! Digital Version now included - moveable dots to use with Google Slides™️!30 pages with 18 targets on each page!INCLUDED:a vs. anpronounsregular and irregular pluralspossessiveshomonymshomophonesadjectivesregular and irregular verbssynonyms and antonymscategoriesdescribing - category, function, location, appearancewriting - categories, irregular verbs, synonyms/antonyms *can use with EET!+ DATA

Receptive Language Activities: Associated Items Match - Speech & Special Ed

These hands on associations mats will help students learn what goes together and work to be able to explain why. Included are ideas on different ways to use the cards to challenge students to be flexible in their thinking and language. **This set is included in the money savings set: Language Building BundleIncluded:30 Association mats with 2 additional picture cards for each mat.A blank mat to allow you to customize for your studentsAssociations cover the following categories:Household itemsClo

RtI / MTSS Classroom Interventions for Receptive & Expressive Language (K-2nd)

Created by
This product was created to help the SLP provide language interventions to students going through RtI or MTSS. If your school uses an RtI approach, the interventions in this product would be used at Tier 2 of RtI. If your school uses a MTSS approach, the interventions in this product would be used at Tier 3 of MTSS. As of 11/30/2015, this product contains 5 language intervention packets for elementary age children, primarily kindergarten through 2nd grade. Each packet contains the followin

Spring Speech Therapy Activities for Receptive and Expressive Language Prek-2nd

Have mixed groups with lots of different receptive and expressive language goals? Don't worry about prepping different individual language activities because you can cover LOTS of receptive and expressive language goals with this ONE spring speech therapy resource. The spring speech therapy grammar and vocabulary activities are designed to help students in grades PreK-2 make significant gains with their language skills in grammar and vocabulary using spring vocabulary.Included in this Spring Spe

Expressive Receptive Language, Social Problems Predicting #may2023halfoffspeech

Improve expressive & receptive language skills with this comprehensive MEGA BUNDLE for Boom Cards! Target a huge variety of skills, including answering questions, social skills, problem solving, predicting, story telling, sequencing, describing, planning, flexible thinking & so much more!Many decks also come with teaching slides for improved learning outcomes.15 Boom Cards decks included! ⭐ Wh- Questions - Short Stories15 paragraph length stories6 wh- questions for every storyStories ar

Winter Receptive Language: Speech Therapy

Winter Receptive Language is 45 pages of receptive language activities for speech and language therapy intervention.Penguins: Answering WH Questions78 Question Cards, 6 special cards, 4 cue cards. Students play the game by drawing the penguin cards. Each contains an question. The student needs to answer the question to keep the card. Watch out for hiding penguins who will try to sneak away with your cards!Ski Trip: Following Directions 36 task cards, 6 special cards, 1 page student mats: one st

Executive Function, Expressive Receptive Language, Social Problems Bundle

Improve executive function skills with problem solving stories, social stories, predicting stories, sequencing stories, and flexible thinking and reframing stories.Multiple types of wh- questions, why and how questions, labeling exercises, multiple choice, and drag and drop categorizations are included throughout this bundle to encourage an in depth understanding of each executive functioning skill.Included:⭐️ 80 Problem SolvingMultiple choice question2 labeling exercises⭐️ 52 Social StoriesTopi

Christmas Receptive Language Packet: Speech & Language Therapy

The Christmas Receptive Language Packet is 44 pages in length. It features the following learning objectives: answering WH questions, following directionsUgly Christmas Sweaters: Answering WH Questions: 78 questions cards, 6 special cards, 4 cue cards. Answer WH questions correctly, and keep your card. Use the visual cue cards to talk about appropriate answers for each WH type. Watch out for sneaky elves trying to steal your cards.Christmas Cookie: Following Directions: 36 task cards, 6 special

Receptive Expressive Language

This digital learning material targets to support your child's receptive and expressive language skills:-answering WH questions-answering YES / NO questions-inferencing-story and sentence building-describing verbThis can also be used as a visual skill deck since the picture scene must be observed by looking through the binocular lens, more so, test your child's cognitive, memory and recall skills. There are 12 real picture scenes wherein the following must be answered or completed:- 3 WH questi

Object Function Pack - Receptive & Expressive Practice For Developing Language

Help students build a better understanding of the world around them with this object function pack. Students will learn to receptively and expressively identify the function of common objects with the first two activities in this set. In the third activity, students will learn to be flexible in their thinking and learn that multiple objects can have the same function. Included:*45 task cards which target receptive understanding of object function. Students choose the object from a field of 3 obj

Categories Identification and Sorting - Receptive Language Digital BOOM Cards™️

Created by
Ashley Rossi
Are you looking for a straightforward activity for sorting and identifying categories in your speech therapy activities? These Boom Cards give you multiple opportunities for sorting and identifying categories with your students. Easily scaffold to your student's level with the different levels of difficulty.2 levels of (receptive) identification and a sorting category Boom Cards are included.⭐️ CATEGORY IDENTIFICATION: In this receptive language activity, students will select all of the items t

Receptive Language Flipbook - Superhero Syntax

Are you ready to clutch grammar victory and fight the good fight of syntax understanding? Receptive Language Flipbook – Superhero Syntax is here to save the day! This comprehensive resource contains a variety of receptive identification activities designed to help students gain knowledge about the intricate details of syntax. From simple pronouns to complex and compound sentences, this powerful tool never fails in covering various areas of grammar. It can also be used for improving reading compr

ABLLS-R ALIGNED C Receptive Language Photo Bundle

Created by
The Deane's List
20% off for a limited time! This bundle is a collection of the ABLLS-R aligned receptive language photo products that can be found in my TPT store for individual purchase. It contains directions and criteria for all 57 receptive objectives. It is packed with over 848 pages of materials. This product was designed using photographs instead of clip art or picture symbols to help students who understand photos better. For more information on each product included, please look at the previews for th

St. Patrick's Day Receptive Language Packet

The packet is 56 pages featuring 5 activities. Listening Comprehension, Categories, WH Questions, Synonyms & Antonyms, Following Temporal Directions. Developed for use in speech therapy by speech-language pathologist. THis packet is also great for literacy center and parents working on carryover. • Little Green Monster: Comprehension (24 cards) On each turn, have the students draw one task card. This will determine which skill to target (main idea, prediction, recalling details, charact

Early Elementary Categorization Activities for Receptive and Expressive Language

Use these early elementary categorization activities for receptive and expressive language to help you have a system for teaching categorization skills with your students. ❤️ Speech Pathologists ❤️can help students build better vocabulary understanding by working on increasing a student’s vocabulary depth, which means, “How well do they know the word?”. To build a depth of knowledge with a new vocabulary word, SLPs can teach students how words are connected and give them a context for the word.

Pop Culture Middle & High School Receptive/Expressive Language Activities

Created by
Kelly Conover
Grab your middle, junior high and high school speech therapy students' attention with these pop culture receptive and expressive language activities! These age-appropriate paragraphs and language activities about some of the world's biggest celebrities will engage and motivate your students! Made by a SLP, these Pop Culture Language Activities are perfect for any student in 6-12th grade working on comprehension, vocabulary, and written or verbal expressionWhats Included?6 comprehension paragraph

No Print Receptive Language Pack

Created by
Nicole Allison
Works great for telepractice and teletherapy!Perfect for your iPad or computer! This no print Receptive Language unit is packed full of activities that you can begin right away on any computer or iPad. As a speech therapist, I know how valuable your time is (and how long it takes to prepare materials!) With this product, there is absolutely no cutting or laminating needed! 1. Simply download on your computer and email it to your iPad (or save in Dropbox). *Update: for iOS 7, you must download a
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