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Looking for an extension project or a way to practice finding the volume of rectangular prisms in a rigorous yet fun and engaging way?? Look no further! The Cereal Challenge is a wonderful way to ignite student's creative juices while also practicing math! Have multiple level students in your class
TinkerCAd is a free, online application to introduce all levels of students to Computer Animated Design. It can be used on all devices.This is a fun and comprehensive project that covers Volume, CAD design, and 3D printing in a meaningful way. They will design and be able to print out a name tag. Th
A project-based lesson where students take on the role of Senior Designer at Packagings R Us. They will need to design the perfect box (rectangular prism) for an item that they will be bringing in. Their box will be "shipped" to Australia so they will need to consider the fragility of their item
Volume Project Based Learning Activity: In this project, available in both paper (PDF) and paperless (made with Google Slides™) versions, students will share their unit cube and volume of rectangular prims knowledge in an interview. Then, they will study similar pool plans and finish original pool p
Make math meaningful with this no prep real-world measurement project and classroom transformation! In this project, students take on the role of working for a moving company while practicing their skills finding the volume of rectangular prisms and composite figures. If you so choose, there are als
This product will have your students out of their seats, working together, and showing their creativity to create a 3D city/village. Volumeville has students tasked with creating a community with a specific total volume. They will be challenged to use nets to create both rectangular prisms as well
Make math meaningful with these no prep real-world fraction projects and classroom transformations! In these projects, students are given real-world application for a variety of 5th grade math concepts. If you so choose, there are also instructions included to easily transform your classroom to brin
This resource is everything you need to set up an awesome volume and surface area project, just add students, cardboard and tape!!! Students will build a city and calculate the volume and surface area of each building. They must create prisms and pyramids to make their cities.The project asks the
About:• Students will design a robot using rectangular prisms. They will answer questions about their robot using their knowledge of shape characteristics, area, perimeter and volume. • This performance task provides students with a hands on way to explore volume of rectangular prisms and allows th
FUN Real World Math Project!Students work through math problems based on scenarios about purchasing and renovating a fixer upper. They have to work within a budget to choose their finishings and renovations. #distancelearningtpt*Click HERE TO SAVE OVER 30% on the Real Life Math ProjectsRequired Math
Note: Toilet Paper Geometry is formatted using US Standard units involving inches and feet, square inches and square feet, and cubic inches. The worksheets are NOT available in metric units. Toilet Paper Geometry Project is also available in the following packages at a discount: 1) Middle School
In this STEM project students will: Research online an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh (Technology) Build a pyramid for the Pharaoh (Engineering) Measure the volume and surface area of the pyramid (Math) Mummify a doll to better understand the mummification process (Science) Build a Sarcophagus for your P
Looking for an intro activity for surface area and volume? Perhaps you are wrapping up the unit. In this project, students work in groups to build a CASTLE all while calculating the surface area and volume of 3-D figures!Castle CreationIn this package:- Student packet that includes guidelines to bui
Get your students engaged and moving while solving for volume and surface area of rectangular prisms with whole numbers. Volume & Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms 1 Trashketball is a competitive and motivating math game that involves students finding the volume of rectangular prisms and the su
Tired of the same old task cards? Are you trying a new blended classroom? Need help integrating technology into math? May be your school is moving to one-to-one devices... Here is a chance to integrate technology and still provide a rigorous problem solving activity! This download comes with directi
Extensive ALL digital BUNDLE for volume of rectangular prisms.******************************************************************************************************************************************All the materials in this bundle can be purchased separately in my TpT store. You can click on the l
Looking for a fun interactive teaching idea for finding volume of rectangular prisms? Well look no further as Volume of Rectangular Prisms Game Puzzles, for CCSS 5.MD.5, will serve as an exciting lesson plan for 5th Grade elementary school classrooms. This is a great resource to incorporate into you
Engage your students in learning volume through creating their own Minecraft characters!Since 2011, gamers from around the world have fallen in love with the open world building game, Minecraft, created by Markus Perrson. Whether it is the intentionally pixelated graphics, the open world concept, or
This cooperative project involves applying many math and language skills to a real life situation. Teams are tasked with planning an aquatic center. Specifications include rectangular and circular pools which allow students to practice older skills such as perimeter, area, and volume of rectangles
This product is aligned with ccss.7.G.6 and 8.G.9 material, focusing on finding the volume of a robot created by each student. Given are a wide range of number for them to pick from when assigning the dimensions of each shape including decimals and fractions. Students will get practice finding volum
Paperless, Easy Grading-- No Papers to Carry HomeVolume of Rectangular Prisms:→ Using rectangular prisms with cubic units inside→ Using solid rectangular prisms without visual cubic units→ Real world volume problems→ Irregular Prisms15 questions such as:"How many blue cubes will be needed to fill th
This is a project that can be given to sixth graders at the completion of a geometry unit. It can be used as a project or a test. It connects to the new common core standards and assess the following concepts: -Finding area of rectangles, parallelograms, trapezoids, quadrilaterals and polygons -Co
Cereal Box Surface Area Project is also available in the following packages at a discount: 1) Middle School Math Lessons, Projects, and Games eBook (42 engaging math activities - 438 pages) ($87.00) 2) Geometry Activities eBook for Middle School Math (6 lessons/projects) ($23.00) Check out these
Students will be working in teams to form Backpack Design Companies which will be competing with other teams to win the chance to become the featured backpack design for next year’s back-to-school sale. Teams will work together to improve the functionality, design, and physical comfort of backpacks

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