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Looking for resources to teach light reflection and refraction? This may be a great purchase for you! This bundle includes SIX best selling resources at a discounted price. Includes: Reflection and Refraction Nonfiction Passage and Foldable Reflection and Refraction Task Cards Reflection and Ref
Light Doodle Notes Reflection Refraction Absorption How does light behave? These doodle notes provide visual triggers that improve focus, memory and learning and are useful in helping students visualize science concepts. This printable teaches/reviews light reflection, light refraction and light a
This OPTICS Workbook is going to save you and your students so much time in your Physics and Science classes! This EDITABLE, 64-page workbook provides lessons and homework covering light, electromagnetic spectrum and types of EM waves, protecting yourself from the Sun's radiation, light production,
These labs are perfect for helping students explore how reflection, refraction and absorption work. The labs that are included are as follows:**Student lab sheets are included for each lab, they have places for students to record their hypothesis, materials, observations and conclusions. (question
My BEST SELLING product... for a good reason! This zip file is a HUGE time saver for teachers - covering 3 weeks of Optics lessons. It's also a great way to present your Optics unit. The powerpoint format makes it easy for you to modify the content - either add slides or delete slides according
Science Packet: Light This is an excellent resource to supplement your teaching of: -Light, reflection, refraction This resource includes: -4 large word wall words & smaller vocabulary matching cards -2 sheets (2 activities) Draw it & Label it activities to help students visualize conc
These easy-to-use resources take time out of planning for your light energy unit. Students will be able to differentiate between different properties of light including: reflection, refraction, and absorption. Students will also be able to describe materials that are transparent, translucent and opa
This unit is the perfect addition to your science curriculum on reflection and refraction! It is completely compatible with interactive notebooks. Included in the bundle:Detailed teacher instructions embedded throughout;FOUR labs to activate prior knowledge and introduce your students to the conce
This powerpoint covers reflection, refraction, and absorption. It also hits the 4th grade CCSS RIT 1 standard. It goes with lesson 19 of the 4th Grade TCAP coach. It is in a complete lesson format for those evaluated in Tennessee. It has an agenda, standards, objectives, review, modeling, guided pra
The product contains 24 cards with question over reflection and refraction of light. The questions in these task cards cover science TEK 5.6 C The student is expected to:demonstrate that light travels in a straight line until it strikes an object or travels through one medium to another and demonst
This reflect, refract, and absorb cut and paste has students sorting through 12 different examples of reflections, refractions, and absorptions as well as their definitions. This product can be differentiated in several ways: 1. Students can sort both the definitions and what is happening to the li
This presentation includes information on how light "behaves" when it comes in contact with different objects. The presentation covers reflection, refraction, absorption, and why we see different colors based on these actions. Great for distance learning!Also included is a chart activity where st
A fun and meaningful way to review light reflection and refraction. Students will cut out sentences and picture examples, then glue them in the correct column. Have fun teaching! Answer key included. Need more reflection and refraction resources? This is part of a BUNDLE Love cut & paste? T
To complete this set of task cards students will look at an example and tell if light is reflecting or refracting. A student recording sheet and answer key are included. Have fun teaching! Need more resources? This is part of a BUNDLE
Use these sorting cards to strengthen student understanding of reflection and refraction of light energy. Includes 12 cards with real-life images, 6 with conceptual illustrations, and 6 with text (24 cards total). Differentiating between reflection and refraction is difficult concept to master. The
The perfect notebooking activity for students to record definitions, descriptions, and examples of the properties of light energy. The foldable vocabulary notes include reflection, refraction, and absorption of light energy.Get 5 resources for light energy and SAVE with our Light Energy Activities B
This assignment is aligned to match the Texas SE 5.6C. The students first do a matching of vocabulary then look at 10 different images of light rays to determine if it is reflection, refraction, or absorption. This a perfect homework assignment, or independent activity, it could also be used in smal
Light Energy Vocabulary PuzzlesUse these puzzles to provide interactive and content-targeted sorting practice with light energy vocabulary including: reflection, refraction, and absorption. Each puzzle includes 4 pieces: vocabulary word, examples/facts, picture, and definition. Includes a Light Ener
Reflection and Refraction Cootie Catchers are a great way for students to have fun while learning about reflection and refraction. These cootie catchers contain the following vocabulary words on reflection and refraction: ♦ Reflection, Regular reflection, Diffuse reflection, Angle of incidence, Ang
In this DIAGRAM science station, students read a passage about reflection, refraction, and absorption and observe how light moves through the water. Students diagram their observations then answer questions about the diagram within their science journals or on the included worksheets.This DIAGRAM
This product includes two assessments on reflection, refraction and absorption. These could be used together for a longer assessment, or separately for daily assessment. The first assessment is a fill-in-the-blanks, matching and vocabulary assessment. The second assessment is more of an extende
Introducing Reflection and Refraction? This may be a great product for you! This purchase includes a nonfiction passage with text dependent questions and a interactive notebook activity. Your students will be light experts soon! Need more reflection and refraction resources? This is part of a BUNDL
Students will sort objects that are transparent, translucent, and opaque. They will also sort items that reflect, refract, and absorb light.
Students create a 2-door foldable with descriptions and examples of reflection and refraction.2 versions included for differentiation: large with cut and paste descriptions & 2 door miniUse this activity as part of an interactive notebook. Other notes, games & foldables available at Sandy's

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