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This is a classroom management tool for middle and high school students. When students are off task or misbehaving, this tool can be used to refocus their attention and enable the teacher to have constructive dialogue regarding classroom behavior.Please use after using the original Student Refocus S
This is a sheet I used with my second graders for when they did not have good behavior. Instead of having to write out what they did and what they did next time, they had a big enough area where they could draw what happened and what they would do next time. Older kids can use this as well and wr
This works well for primary aged students. They think about what they did by circling the choice, and then have a conversation with the teacher. Parents sign and return. Easy way to track frequency of refocus times and/or student behavior.
Customizable reflection/refocus sheet for students. Great for PK-Grade 3.
This is a classroom management tool for middle and high school students. When students are off task or misbehaving, this tool can be used to refocus their attention and enable the teacher to have constructive dialogue regarding classroom behavior.Instructions for use:1. Make multiple copies of shee
These pages are intended to help students refocus and regroup in order to take responsibility for the way their behavior or actions may have negatively affected the music classroom. Directions for use as well as editable worksheets are included in this resource. If you have any questions about how I
Do you use time outs as part of your disciplinary plan? This kit is perfect for you! As a 7th grade teacher, my team got tired of trying to come up with work for a student to do when they were sent out of class or needed a time out. So I came up with the idea of a Refocus Form. Each teacher on th
Engaging students in DATA DISCUSSIONS and GOAL SETTING is a such an effective way to bring data alive and help students take personal accountability and ownership of their learning. What a wonderful way to also teach them how it feels to set a goal, create a plan, work hard, and achieve that goal!
This is a great resource for having your students set a daily goal and reflect on their goal. Students think about a goal for the day, fill out the top half, and at the end of the day determine if they did their goal or if they need to practice.Perfect for morning work, morning meeting, and refocus
Sometimes kids just need to reflect on their behavior to make it positive again. This form (3 different versions) allows them the ability to think about their actions and their consequences. Complete with note to parents about turning the sheet back the next day and additional steps taken by the t
The act of drawing patterns and filling those patterns in with more patterns, has been used as a form of art therapy and exercising mindfulness practice world-wide. Calm your kiddos down during the exciting season of Halloween! Teach mindfulness and fine motor skills with this useful exercise as way
As a principal, there are several students in my building who need to be provided a break to walk to the office and release some energy so that upon return to class, focus improves. I, however, am not always available in the office. I created these break cards so that secretaries or guidance staff
When a student misbehaves it is important to give them an opportunity to reflect on their behavior and think about better choices. As part of a refocus area have the student fill out this think sheet which requires them to think about what happened, why it happened,what their consequences should be
Here's a 7 step process to help students plan a personal narrative. Easy to follow steps with guidelines. This product may be especially helpful to students who are easily distracted and require a refocus. Enjoy! Has been revised as of Sept. 23, 2014. Visit Memoir Speech and Narrative Writing C
This sequence of 6 yoga poses and breathing exercises is created by a professional yoga teacher and is geared specifically at leading children through a restorative relaxation yoga session. Use these cards for anytime that your children/students are needing to slow their bodies down, or refocus thei
I have a daily grade for my students. The daily grade is worth 5 points--when students come to class on time, hand in homework, complete classwork, and have good behavior the entire class, they earn all five points. I developed this tool to help with classroom management and keep track of daily grad
This is a think time reflection sheet that you place in a "secret mission" manilla envelope. It is a great way to help students who lose focus and need to leave the room for a bit or refocus.
Do you need to help your students refocus to make it through the end of the year? Do you want your students to finish the year strong? Have a conversation about end of the year goals, and have your students record their thoughts on this recording sheet.
Great song for back to school or refocusing students in the Spring. Developed in the Music Class and accessible to any elementary teacher to promote virtues and strong character development. Syncs nicely with Ed Sheeran's hit song, "Shape Of You" from Atlantic Records. Support reading, musicianship
Boom Chicka Boom is a great song for getting out the wiggles! These alternate verses help your students re-focus and engage in your activity. It might also spark some creative writing as students write their own lyrics!
This is a sheet that can be inserted into a students interactive notebook to help them stay on track with their goals. Their are three parts, School, Family/Friend, and a personal goal. Great tool to help refocus students if they get off track.
I used this concept mapping sheet to help students keep track of their ideas when they were designing a board game in a term long unit of work on Technology. By having students "map" their ideas before they started it helped direct their work over the 10 week unit. It was also a helpful reference
This is a sign for a "refocus table" and a sheet to send home with a student that is sent there. It has the Whole Brain Teaching rules on it. I simply circle the rule that was broken and have the parents sign and return it.
Exercise mindfulness by using this coloring sheet to re-focus and relax your students.

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