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Help students reframe their negative thoughts with this interactive worksheet. Great to use when working one-on-one with students in the classroom, counseling office and administration office. Also, students can list things that make them happy when they're sad, as well as, self-calming reminders wh
Use these lessons to teach critical social skills of managing emotions older kids, including understanding your emotions, using self-control, dealing with anger, dealing with disappointments, expressing yourself, how actions impact others, and more. This resource includes 10 core lessons, each with
Use these lessons to teach critical social skills to older learners. Units teach about basic interactions, managing emotions, conversations, empathy, and perspective-taking. Just some of the lessons target being respectful, following directions, accepting criticism, working with others, understandin
Changing Negative Self-Talk Lesson and Activity In order for children to maintain a healthy self-esteem, it’s important that they learn how to manage their negative self-talk. As children go about their day, their inner voice is ever present. Always narrating their experiences. Their self-talk inf
The Sunny Side Up program focuses on identifying, challenging, and reframing negative thinking with the idea of "finding the sunny side" like a sunny side up egg! It includes enough material to last 9-13+ sessions, and engages students with catchy phrases like "Don't let your brain get scrambled!"
Automatic negative thoughts can cause severe anxiety, depression, and self-worth issues. Use this handout to encourage students (and adults) to write out their automatic negative thought and then reframe the thought realistically. Goal: to feel and respond better to the same situation.
Wonderfully Me is an 8 week girls small group counseling curriculuml that uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help students think more positively about themselves. Girls will look at their strengths, their ideal vs their real selves, perceptions and stereotypes, reframing negative thoughts, stress
Change is inevitable. Everyone experiences change throughout their entire lives. It is important that school counselors teach students how to manage strong feelings when change does take place. . When children learn to cope with change at a young age, they grow up to become more resilient teenagers
Five of my activities for one low price! Save 30% by purchasing this bundle. $22.25 worth of games and activities for $15.50 Check out my store for previews of each packet Calm Down Bingo Includes: • 24 Bingo Boards • Coping Skills Calling Cards • Feelings Coloring book Pop! Pop! Popcorn Feelin
A positive mindset will help students achieve success. This scripted, non-editable PowerPoint lesson was created to help students develop a positive mindset. This lesson will assist students to understand the benefit of developing a positive mindset and offers a strategy to help students stop negati
Includes 3 CBT activities that can be used to help students reframe unhelpful thoughts into helpful thoughts. Great for individual and group counseling!Activities included:CBT Comic Strip (boy and girl versions)- create a comic strip to discover how even with the same situation, changing your thou
Change Your Mindset – Reframing Negative Thoughts to Positive Thoughts These visuals are intended to help kiddos combat negative thinking and reframe their thoughts and ideas to promote mental health, wellness and social emotional development. This Combo pack includes: 1 large group/class pos
Includes 3 CBT activities that can be used for individual or group counseling to help students reframe unhelpful thoughts into helpful thoughts. Great for individual and group counseling!Activities included:CBT Comic Strip (boy and girl versions)- create a comic strip to discover how even with the s
This fun Easter activity is perfect for boosting self-esteem! Students combine the different eggs in their Easter basket to form positive affirmations.The activity also includes 10 positive affirmations to hide in plastic eggs around the classroom or house! **Save 20% with my Easter themed activity
This printable eBook is perfect for those who want to teach their kids/students/patients life-long skills to minimize stress and anxiety, increase energy and happiness, start seeing the brighter side of life, crush irrational thinking styles, reframe negative thoughts, improve focus and concentratio
Now with 24 positive affirmation cards which provide text and visual cues; adorable images and text suitable for early readers. Repetitive text "I am ____" supports emergent readers and picture cues support comprehension. Cards provide an opportunity to build vocabulary (words like: strong, brave, r
There are times when our brain starts to think thoughts that are exaggerated, irrational and just plain ol' negative. This activity is for school counselors, therapists, school psychologists and other professionals who work with children and have some knowledge regarding cognitive distortions. This
These 8 bulletin boards have all of the letters and images ready to print and go for a quick, easy, beautiful display. You save 20% by purchasing the bundle.Includes:Self Control Bulletin Board (newly added in 2020)This bulletin board helps relieve anxiety by showing students that they are in contr
Positive Self-Talk + Card Game = Fun Learning! The Positive Self-Talk Card Game teaches students how to reframe negative self-perceptions and a fixed mindset and into helpful, positive affirmations. Using positive self-talk and positive affirmations helps us to feel good about ourselves, motivates u
All of my best selling growth mindset resources are included in this bundle. Use these with small groups, whole group, or with individuals. This engaging bundle includes games, a journal, scavenger hunt, presentations, a flipbook and crafts. Using growth mindset activities with students will incr
This bundle is chocked full of Mindfulness and Growth Mindset activities to create a calm, focused, positive thinking school culture. Activities include crafts, games, lessons, powerpoints, printables, and more. Recent research shows that students who practice mindfulness and growth mindset regula
Sticky notes are all the rage in school climate interventions right now, and as it should be! They're simple to use, quick to implement, and make a big difference.This download includes 48 unique sticky note templates, each with a quote meant to help scholars self-motivate, challenge negative though
This exercise will help the class/group to re-frame negative thoughts into more realistic thinking…..more realistic thinking leads to more positive realistic emotions! This work introduces youth to Albert Ellis’ Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) concepts and helps them to develop important l
CBT can be hip, too. This technologically current, CBT inspired download will help your scholars self-soothe, challenge negative thoughts, and build resiliency. This download includes 15 unique posters with simple text QR codes. Once scanned, each QR code opens a short motivational quote or saying

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