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respiratory system model

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The respiratory system is a great opportunity to make a model; all the main structures such as the larynx, pharynx, trachea, and lungs are represented. The materials and supplies are simple and inexpensive (rubber bands for vocal cords!) and the construction is certainly within the ability of most s
6th - 9th

Also included in: Respiratory System Bundle

Respiratory system activity for an anatomy and physiology unit. A working model of the lung that is fun to build and accurately demonstrates how the movement of the diaphragm causes the lungs to inflate. This is a nice STEM project when studying the respiratory system. The steps to build the model a
6th - 9th

Also included in: Respiratory System Bundle

This activity provides a hands-on learning experience that allows your students to make and then model their very own set of lungs. The procedure walks you step by step on how to create the lungs using the materials listed. This is a great way for students to have their own model of working lungs. A
9th - 12th
This is a short 1 day activity where students will build a model lung from a Gatorade bottle and balloons. All directions are included on the front page with follow up questions on the back. Answer Key & Edible Copy IncludedPlease leave a comment and rating to let me know how this activity wor
This is a great way for students to create a working model of the respiratory system using ordinary household objects! They can actually watch the balloons/lungs inflate inside of a bottle! Includes introductory reading, procedure, list of materials, and discussion questions.
7th - 11th
Respiratory System Build a Lab Activity. Includes materials needed and reflection questions.
4th - 10th
Use this resource to support your students in developing a model to explain the driving question "How do body systems interact when people hold their breath?". Subtopics can include: stress, age, diet, the brain, etc.
I made this video comprehension sheet for my students to help them analyze a working model of a respiratory system to comprehend that the diaphragm allows for breathing. Feel free to message me for an editable version!
5th - 8th
The printable life-size organs give the students opportunities to build models of how their own bodies look inside - a skeletal system, a digestive system, a respiratory system and others. The students can handle the printed organs, move them around and even try them on!The printable organs are scal
Build a model of the human torso. A collaborative hands-on activity for inquisitive students of any age.Includes the following parts of the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, urinary, & endocrine systems:nasal & oral cavities, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, p
Get your students excited about studying the human body and its systems! In this printable webquest/project-based learning activity, students will meet Dr. Marvin Picklepeppertoot, a kindly doctor who wants to hire them as medical interns in his thriving medical practice. But before he can sign off
3rd - 5th
Distance Learning: This resource is an online unit on the respiratory system. This Google product provides your students with informational text passages, interactive activities, videos, response pages, a lab, and a quiz. Students will make arguments from evidence and will learn about the organizati
This Respiratory System unit is packed with activities, diagrams, foldable, worksheets, respiratory system task cards and more on the respiratory system."Used it in my classroom last minute, turned out great! A+++ Quality". Kevin M."Loved the style of these activities.... a real change up from the u

Also included in: Biology Bundle

This is an easy to assemble 3-D paper model of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and excretory system and of course the skeleton. This is ideal for an interactive notebook, differentiation and revision. When it's complete the students can knifelessly dissect a human body. They can see where an
5th - 11th
The Grade 5, Unit 1: Human Body Systems packet is aligned with the Saskatchewan Science unit outcomes and indicators as outlined in the 2011 Science curriculum document. This packet features lessons and activities that meet most of the unit indicators outlined, and aid students in gaining an underst
This complete unit is a collection of my HUMAN BODY resources found in my LIFE SCIENCE CURRICULUM - THE COMPLETE COURSE ~ 5E MODEL and is now being offered as an individual unit for purchase. **PLEASE NOTE – If you have purchased Nitty Gritty Science Bundles in the past, resources from this uni
By Maggie's Files- For Secondary Grades.The Respiratory System online research contains 15 pages curriculum-focused project design to help your secondary students to investigate, enrich, and learn about the human Respiratory System. This online project will focus on finding information about the s
6th - 12th
Everything you need to teach the respiratory system - at a discounted price! Engage your students with vocabulary, puzzles, practice sheets, labs, and more! The Respiratory System Teacher Pack includes: -The Amazing Respiratory System Worksheet -Upper Respiratory System Vocabulary Activity -Upper R
6th - 10th
This is a fun unit to help your students explore the Respiratory System through the eyes of a Doctor. The unit includes- Objectives- Anticipation Guide- Vocabulary Activity- Sentence Activity- Lungs Investigation - Article about the Respiratory System and Collaborative Group Quick Write and Summary
4th - 6th
Take some deep breaths and relax!! This bundle is here to save the day - especially if you are looking for quick & easy-to-implement lesson plans for your little scientists. This unit covers the main components of the respiratory system including key organs, habits to keeping healthy lungs, an e
In this elaborate activity bundle (two activities!), students first carry out research on one organ system using the text and linked resources provided (and any supplemental materials you may add).  They use this research to create a "dating profile" and then participate in classroom speed dating.  
All students need to work on vocabulary, and there are few better ways to work on vocabulary than to use a Frayer Model. It provides students opportunities to write, define, and draw. This bundle is specifically relates to the science body systems as they are described in a middle school setting.
This EDITABLE stations lab serves as a practice in identifying structures and functions of the respiratory system. This product includes (1) station labels, (2) student answer sheet (see preview), (3) lung and sinus infection CT and X-rays, (4) Tissue samples from different lung ailments (5) Boyle's
9th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
Human Respiratory System - Fully editable and Complete 5E Lesson. Everything you need in a single package. This no-prep bundle follows the 5E model and provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement it in your classroom. Each included resource is either completely or almost completely self-c

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