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If you are looking for a way to engage students more meaningfully in nonfiction responses or supplement your existing creative writing or poetry unit, this lesson might be just what you need.This activity encourages students to write poetry that is inspired by nonfiction. Crots (short snippets, frag
These Poetry Analysis Task Cards are an excellent modern and engaging activity to have students show their comprehension, take ownership of their learning, dig deeper, and closely analyze a poem. You can use these cards to have students respond to any poem they read. Included:- Questions that correl
This package contains 12 poems specially chosen to spark the interest and imagination of your students. The response question for each poem invites kids to ponder, dream, and imagine, as they respond in sentences and pictures. A great Literacy centre!
These digital Poetry Analysis Task Cards are an excellent modern and engaging activity to have students show their understanding of poetry, take ownership of their learning, dig deeper, and closely analyze poetry -- all virtually via Google Drive. You can use these cards to have students respond to
These 8 writing prompt templates can be used for written response to any poem. Teachers or students simply write the name of the poem into the blank space in the prompt. They are aligned with Common Core standards for Reading: Literature grades 3-5. Theme, language, author’s purpose, and more are
This is a step-by-step guide, showing students how to analyze a poem and write a response to literature essay. This bundle includes a 10-page graphic organizer, showing the poem analysis, brainstorming, outlining, and writing an essay steps. It also includes a 98 slide PowerPoint, going over each of
Analyzing and responding to poetry can be tricky for many students. This approach breaks the process down by introducing students to the components of a poetry response (Writing a Poetry Response Handout), discussing a sample response ("A Short Story"), analyzing the poem "Scaffolding," ("Scaffoldin
7th - 11th
Here is a very comprehensive handout to give to your students when assigning a WRITTEN POETRY RESPONSE.Resource includes:1. Handout with Steps, Tips for Reading Aloud, Criteria List- Planning Sheet (graphic organizer) to help mine ideas (pre-writing)-Teacher Rubric-Student Samples (2).2. Poetry Task
6th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
We must understand a writer's tone in order to interpret meaning. Since tone can be difficult for students to decipher, they often need a little help along the way. This tone analysis serves as a guide in two ways. First, it asks students a series of questions about the poem, examining the words, im
7th - 10th
My Garden Sweet is a collection of lessons and activities that uses engaging video, vibrant photography, visual vocabulary, creative poetry, and narrative prose to teach fluency practice and response to literature concepts. Products included and Suggestions for Instruction: Narrated Video: A narrat
“Today is your Birthday,” is a whimsical poem intended to delight children of all ages, celebrating birthdays while reminding children how special they are.The interactive/writable PDF includes links to two videos: one features a whiteboard animation of the poem and the other is an instructional vid
This PowerPoint presents an excellent poetry composition project in response to the novel East of Eden but could be adapted to work with any novel. This project is my students' absolute favorite. I've also presented this activity at the AP National Conference and received positive feedback from s
“High Explosive” Personal response to poetry: Lower primary Card 5- Grades 1 & 2 This Persuasive Text Writing Centre provides a Text Card with an engaging, levelled and illustrated personal response to poetry text sample that is supported by three Activity Cards, six photocopiable worksheets and
I have used this activity for years. My students love it every time, and it is adaptable to any text, fiction or nonfiction. The final products will take your breath away, and your classroom will look amazing!Requires abstract thinkingForces students to think thematicallyAllows for creativity in art
This presentation breaks down the process of writing an essay in response to poetry. It covers how to write a strong introduction, uses the PEARL paragraph structure ensuring students ANALYSE adequately for L2, and how to write an effective conclusion.The examples and texts used in this presentation
10th - 12th, Higher Education
Students will read and annotate both poems. They will answer questions about the poems and then will write a response comparing the attitude of the two pieces. This could be used for test prep or as a part of your poetry unit. It could also be used as a crosscuricular activity for a history class.
This is my complete unit on Responding to Literature using poetry interpretation as a means of response. This sale includes the following: - "Purple Heart" Poem by Dennie R. Leahy - Plan for 1-paragraph response to poem (as practice for essay) - Requirements/Checklist for 5-paragraph Response to
6th - 9th
Response to poetry worksheet that connects with the UbD lessons on poetry.
1st - 5th
Creative response to Redgum's 'I was Only 19'. Based on experiences in the Vietnam war.
This worksheet can be used with any poem, but has two already attached that can be used while exploring poetry in the classroom.
1st - 2nd
Great for morning work, journal responses, or short quizzes! Higher level thinking questions take them deeper!"Those Winter Sundays" is a classic poem that exposes the gifts of black authors and hooks students as they explore its complexity. These poem response questions will take their understand
This is a culiminating poetry unit activity. It allows students to choose a poem already studied in class and respond to it creatively in various mediums (Bristol board or PowerPoint).
5th - 12th
This is a constructed response question that can be used to analyze students' understanding of Gary Soto's poem, "Oranges". It is also used to gauge a second poem, "Ode to Family Photographs". It is primarily for seventh grade students and contains three parts: A, B, and C. Part A is a lower Dep
In preparation for writing (and performing) poetry I share videos of poetry performances and have them respond to each poem. My hope is that they get inspired to write poems of their own (and perform them). This was my assignment during one week of distance learning and my kids loved it.

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