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Results for restorative circles lessons

110+ results

Restorative Circle Lessons & Emotion Check-Ins

Created by
Katie Einfalt
Building a classroom community is essential! Kids OVER content is my mantra. Use this restorative circle lesson plan to help guide circle discussions while also building a safe place for ALL students. The fun check-in cards provide a quick and easy way to gauge how students are feeling, and will help facilitate discussions and observations about what your students need! The templates are editable and easy to use.

Restorative Circle Lesson Plans: Community, Problem Solving, Coping Skills

Created by
Alexa Merrell
This bundle includes 3 Restorative Circle Lesson Plans. The lessons will go over building community, problem solving, and coping skills. It will have an opening activity, 3 rounds of questions, and a closing activity in each lesson plan.

Community Restorative Circle Lesson Plan

Created by
Alexa Merrell
Restorative circles are often used to build community in the classroom. I like to use this lesson plan at the beginning of the school year to promote community in the classroom. Many students have faced different types of trauma. A circle can open up our thoughts and feelings on a particular topic and see how we are similar or different from our classmates.

Teaching SEL Lessons in Restorative Circles

Created by
Happy Counseling
Thank you for your interest! This resource was created to help guide my SEL lessons when teaching in restorative circles. Can print, laminate, add a ring to create a book to carry around to read to students or simply display the PowerPoint to help keep lessons on track. Print, laminate, hang guideline posters to serve as visual reminders for students. If you like this product, please provide feedback in my TPT store. Follow me on TPT to be notified when new products are added,https://www.teache

Restorative Circles - 8 weeks of lessons

SEL (Social Emotion Learning) and relationship building is so vital to the success in our classrooms. If you are looking to add restorative circles to your classroom routine, this powerpoint will help tremendously! It has 8 weeks of lessons. Each one geared toward 5th - 8th grade students. I've used these questions for years and each time, they are engaging and interesting to see what the kids come up with.

Restorative Practices: Introduction to Circles Lesson Plan& activities(editable)

Objective: Orient students to circles and how to participate in them.Purpose: Circles have their own set of guidelines that are essential for them to function well. This lesson introduces those guidelines and begins the process by which students will become skillful participants in circles.

Restorative Practices: Introduction to Circles Lesson Plan& activities(editable)

Created by
Teach and Lead
Objective: Orient students to circles and how to participate in them.Purpose: Circles have their own set of guidelines that are essential for them to function well. This lesson introduces those guidelines and begins the process by which students will become skillful participants in circles.

Restorative Practices lesson, Circles lesson, Classroom Community, Counselor

This is a two lesson package on introducing circles to a classroom community. Restorative circles are important in proactively building the relationships and skills students need to support one another and collectively address the challenges they face.

Restorative Practices: Circles

This resource contains the "how to" to use information for multiple grade levels using the Conferencing-Solution Circles approach. Conferencing-Solution Circles provide a structured and safe venue for those most affected by a peer’s behavior(s). Conferencing-Solution Circles allow the class to express what behaviors of concern their peer is expressing, how they feel about their peer’s behaviors, and allow for a plan to be created to help the peer with his/her school success, through the use of

Class Values Circle Lessons | Circle Scripts, Activities & Bulletin Board Set

Created by
Braided Maven
Looking for ways to build community with students this year? This resource is a great all-in-one product for the beginning of the school year! Connect with your students using restorative practices, build literacy skills, and foster a deeper dive into values in your individual students, building toward a set of agreements on values to use as a classroom community. Included in this resource:4 Days of Scripts for Community-Building CirclesDay 1: Values Sorting Activity and establishing routines fo

SEL Mega Bundle-Kindness, Restorative Circles, Growth Mindset & More (save 50%)

Created by
Cloudy Daze
This Mega Bundle includes a wide variety of social emotional lessons for elementary school. These skills are so important for our students, both to help them be the best they can be now, and to help them into their future. For a limited time, get 50% off when you buy this bundle!This bundle contains products relating to coping skills (dealing with stress), restorative circles, using I Messages, kindness, manners, growth mindset, and making healthy choices (Red Ribbon Week.) There are a wide v

Community Circles, Restorative Practice - Set 1

Created by
Mrs Noble
Community Circle, Restorative Practices, Morning Meetings....no matter what you call it, this time together with your students will transform your classroom! This routine takes just over 10 minutes of your day and is well worth it! Students will make connections to you and each other and work well together during the day. They will see how they are the same, yet practice learning to understand and accept differences. It is truly a classroom changing procedure!This Google Slide presentation is

Restorative Circles for Class Meetings

Created by
Looking for easy-to-use ideas for restorative circles for the whole year? This resource incorporates restorative practices so you can build short morning meetings and or longer weekly restorative circles. You can pick quotes, questions, read-alouds, andgames in any combination to build your circle for that day! Making time for these completely changed my classroom atmosphere and the quality of relationships students had with me and their peers! Try it out for yourself with this resource!What's I

Restorative Justice Toolkit: 4-Step Response to Fighting

Created by
Patti Sica
This resource came about from an incident where a fight occured and a large number of students stood around and filmed it, instead of stopping the fight or notifying an adult. I thought it was a great opportunity to open up the discussion about fighting as "entertainment". Includes: - Step-by-Step guide for how to respond to fighting in a restorative way - bilingual (English/Spanish) family contact letter for bystanders - BBC News article about the dangers of fighting and sample reading promp

Restorative practices bundle:Activities, lesson plan, dialogue, PD, chat&circles

Restorative practice – encourages people to take responsibility for their actions, and repair any harm that they have caused. Its use has been found to reduce behavior problems, improve achievement levels, and develop emotional literacy. =These practices are also known to provide an increase in: instructional time, school safety/climate, and positive relationships/ attitudes between staff and students. Restorative Practices, emphasize the importance of positive relationships and "restoring" the

Restorative Circle Questions, Guidelines Poster and Think Sheets

Created by
Are you wondering how to get started using restorative circles in your classroom? Restorative circles can empower your students to build strong relationships, resolve conflicts, and develop important social and emotional skills. Use this comprehensive guide to getting started using Restorative Circles in your 3rd-5th grade classroom. What's Included? Why Use Restorative Circles in Your Classroom: Learn about the benefits of using Restorative Circles, including building strong relationships, reso

PBIS insp Restorative Class Circles for BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT Mindfulness Growth

Why do you need to practice RESTORATIVE CIRCLES with kiddos? Classroom circles are the foundation of the classroom community process. Restorative Practice Circles build community and can help set things right when the integrity of the classroom/school is challenged by harmful behaviors. When people come together for restorative circles behavior issues and problems are able to be addressed in a calm and constructive way. With all parties feeling successful.This packet contains:-Step- by- step HO

Anger Management Restorative Circle

Created by
Alexa Merrell
Students will build a sense of community by play a game called Zip, Zap, Zoom. They will then go into a restorative circle to learn about what anger means to each participant, a scenario of when someone felt anger, and what you would say to that person that made you angry if you could turn back time. There is also a closing question for comprehension.

Positive Classroom Culture Lesson - Set up for a Classroom Circle Discussion

Restorative Practices aren't just for settling fights. You can use a classroom circle to create a positive classroom climate and really get students involved in creating that culture as well!What's Included?Editable Google Slides Student Assignment SheetsEditable Google Slides Circle PresentationCheck out my other Circle and Restorative Practices Resources!❍ Restorative Practices - Virtual Circles - Agreements and Values CircleRestorative Practices - Virtual Circles - Order Sheet❍ Restorative

Restorative Circle Prompts Bundle -Social Justice Standards

Created by
Miss Amazing
In this resource you will find Restorative Justice prompts for the Social Justice domains "Diversity, Identity, Action & Justice", and circle guidelines. Restorative Circles are a great way to build community in your classroom and are a Tier 1 support!

Restorative Justice Quick Circles

The following forms are for using Restorative Justice Circles and implementing PRIDE and CHAMPS strategies for organization during the Restorative Justice Process. PRIDE(Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Determination, Engagement) and CHAMPS(Conversation, Help, Activity, Movement, Participation, and Success) are PBIS(Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies) that create a positive, thoughtful, well organized classroom and school setting. Included and pertaining to Restorative Justice

Circle Lesson: Class Expectations

This lesson uses collaboration to create class expectations or rules that can be implemented for the school year. Creating expectations together can give students the chance to voice their opinions or concerns, and the result is a group that is more invested in the expectations set. It is essential to conduct this lesson sitting in a circle together, and the lesson is formatted for this purpose.Lesson includes digital presentation of:Check-In QuestionActivity Slides with Questions and Instructio

Restorative Questions for Restorative Circles and Discussions FREEBIE

This free resource includes two sets of restorative questions to help you guide restorative discussions or circles with your students. What's Included♥ 2 sets of questions (four questions per set)You may also be interested in:Restorative Circle Character Traits Discussions Yearlong Bundle 1Restorative Circle Character Traits Discussions Yearlong Bundle 2Restorative Circle Character Traits Discussions Yearlong Bundle 3CLICK HERE to Follow Me and be the first to hear about my newest products, free

Circle of Control poster and activity, Restorative Practices, Counselor Lesson

Use this poster and activity page to guide students to explore whats in and out of their control. Students can chose to draw pictures or write words to complete this activity page. This activity is appropriate for students in grades Kindergarten -12th grade and can be used by for counselors, teachers, and parents. Includes:2 posters (2 different color options of the same poster)1 activity page
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