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Rhetoric in The Declaration of Independence: Complete Lessons

Huge bundle of resources! Video and audio clips included! These items are designed to be used in an AP Language and Composition course after students have a basic introduction to rhetoric. This zip file includes the materials needed to guide students through a close reading and analysis of The Declaration of Independence. It allows them to work in groups to identify key components of rhetoric while using the acronyms SOAPSTone and SOLD to guide them. The lesson culminates with students writin

The Declaration of Independence: The Greatest Break-Up Letter Ever

Created by
English Love
How can you make a document written in the 1700s relevant to today's students? Pretend it is a break-up letter you found in your classroom! With this product, you will receive the text of a pretend "break-up letter" written in students' voices (which actually follows the structure and content of the Declaration of Independence). I recommend you create a handwritten version on notebook paper you can fold up and "find" on the floor at the beginning of class! Also included: -A foldable packet f

The Declaration of Independence - Rhetorical Analysis Activity

This activity gives students an opportunity to practice examining and analyzing rhetorical appeals. Effective appeals address all aspects of the rhetorical situation in any text or speech: the speaker, the audience, and the message. With this rhetorical situation in mind, Aristotle sought a means to most effectively convey ideas. He identified three general persuasive strategies, known as appeals, that address the three elements of the rhetorical situation: ethos, the appeal to the speaker’s aut

Analyzing the Rhetoric of The Declaration of Independence

This 4 page handout reprints the full text of the Declaration of Independence with the addition of questions and brief prompts in text boxes and call outs in the margins. These ask students to paraphrase parts, to define some words, to annotate the repetition and the strong verbs, to identify syntax such as antithesis and parallel structure, to analyze the affect of figurative language. The lesson instructs students to focus on the rhetorical situation in the analysis of how the devices create a

American Literature Rhetoric Unit

This unit contains early American documents paired with contemporary texts. Students study rhetorical analysis to complete each activity. For more resources on Rhetorical Analysis please see my Rhetorical Analysis Bundle.Included in this unit:Close Reading of the Declaration of Independence (excerpt) and Declaration of Sentiments (excerpt)Close Reading of The Bill of Rights and I Am an American DayText Pairing of Jonathan Edwards "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God and Barak Obama's eulogy for

Vocab Qz: The Declaration of a Independence

A 15 Q Google form. It begins with directions and a word bank Prudence        transient        evinces           expunge          unremitting   usurpations    unsullied            formidable     plundered      mercenaries  opprobrium   obtruded         redress    amity endowedEach Q is a complete sentence with 1 word omitted to type in the blank. The form is set to present the Qs is shuffled order. The correct answer is given after the form has been completed. This is an assessment

Declaration of Independence Vocabulary list, assignment, and quiz

I have selected 15 words from The Declaration of Independence that are challenging for AP students. This lesson has 1 page that lists the words in the spellings from the Jefferson’s document with its part of speech h noted and directions write a a CD or CX sen that restates each word’s meaning. Thus Lesson also contain a teacher-copy sample completed student assignment. The lesson also includes a 2 page vocab quiz that contains a word back and a list of 15 sens with a blank left out of each.

Declaration of Independence Student Declaration AP Language Rhetoric

Put your students' understanding of the Declaration of Independence to work! In this engaging task, which can follow a rhetorical or historical analysis of the Declaration of Independence, students select a group which oppresses them and, basing their declarations on Jefferson's model, craft a similar document (complete with scrolled paper!). Students love this assignment! Looking for other SAT/AP-Style resources? Check out:The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Passage-based AP-Style Questions

Revolutionary War Rhetorical Analysis ESCAPE ROOM - Persuasion & Rhetoric

Practice rhetorical analysis with the foundational texts of the American Revolution through an engaging and challenging ESCAPE ROOM! During this escape room, students will critically read and analysis the rhetoric of texts like "Speech at the Virginia Convention," The Declaration of Independence, "Common Sense," and "American Crisis."This sequential escape room takes students through 4 challenges, which start simple and gradually progress to more cognitively complex tasks.There are three differe

Declaration of Independence as a Break Up Text (Diction/ Rhetoric Review) Bundle

Created by
Review diction and rhetoric with this modern take on the Declaration of Independence. Hook students with a drama-filled engaging activity. Introduce the Declaration with the help of a brief history lesson and summary handout. Prepare students for an SAT-style timed write through a connotation practice guide and rhetorical annotation worksheet. This bundle includes: (1) Lesson Plan document containing objectives, Common Core standards, and the procedure (2) A PowerPoint presentation that will ta

Declaration of Independence Rhetorical Analysis and Choice Board

Created by
Sarah Can Plan
This engaging rhetorical analysis encourages students to engage with the Declaration of Independence, ethos, pathos, logos, and use all of these elements to create a work of their own. This editable and PDF resource can be used in distance learning or in the classroom to help students practice identifying and using rhetoric. Students will engage directly with the included copy of the Declaration of Independence and then, using the included choice board, choose an activity to complete to utilize

The Declaration of Independence PowerPoint Presentation Rhetorical Devices

This engaging Rhetoric in The Declaration of Independence PowerPoint presentation examines the compelling language and remarkable rhetorical techniques contained in The Declaration of Independence. Enhanced by beautiful graphics, this presentation engages your high school ELA students in a thorough discussion of The Declaration of Independence.I've created this presentation which breaks the document into sections and addresses the effective use of---diction, ---syllogism, ---repetition, ---tone,

Declaration Rhetorical Analysis "Group Throw Down" Rubric

Created by
Robert McPeak
A rubric for assessing group discussion or presentations of rhetoric in the Declaration of Independence

Rationalist Rhetoric Bundle

Created by
English Love
This bundle includes three products sold on English Love: - The Declaration of Independence: The Greatest Break-Up Letter Ever - Rhetoric in The Speech to the Virginia Convention - Persuasive Letter Assignment These products use close-reading and writing focus on the rhetorical techniques used to persuade.

Rhetorical Comparison- Paine vs. Jefferson

Perfect for use in an AP classroom! Student compare the rhetoric used in Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" and Thomas Jefferson's "Declaration of Independence".

Rhetoric and Revolution - Full Unit

This full unit includes all documents (PDFs and editable documents) in the "Rhetoric and Revolution" unit such as the full text of the Declaration of Independence and worksheets to support reading and analysis; the full text and audio of Patrick Henry's iconic speech and worksheets to support reading, listening and analysis; analysis documents for The Crisis #1; essay writing support documents for the final essay of the unit; and the two instructional PowerPoints to lead teachers and students th

Joseph Galloway (Loyalist) Speech Analysis w/ Annotation Boxes

This 2 page printable is a good contrast to Jefferson‘s Declaration of Independence (see my TPT 4 page printable) or Patrick Henry’s “...Give Me Liberty” speech to the Virginia Convention. This assignment can be a little difficult b/c many students after having read Jefferson or Henry, so that don’t expect to read a loyalist point of view— and they misread the text. The activity prompts them to summarize each paragraph, and this can be tricky for students. Many of mine missed credit on thos

Rhetorical Realism: Washington, Stanton, Blackhawk and Bibb describe America

Stanton's "Declaration of Sentiments" is great piece to compare to Jefferson's "Declaration of Independence." I have included a team exercise that mirrors the same activity from the Colonial and Revolutionary packet. Blackhawk's "Surrender Speech" and Chief Seattle's address offer in their own words the Native American reality of manifest destiny. Sojourner Truth presents a powerful crossroads of gender and race that allows the complexity of the American experience to be felt. Students will un

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Declaration of Sentiments Analysis

This 2 page doc is the full text of the speech that is in the style of The Declaration of Independence. The doc has text boxes in the margins to aid students in close reading. This is good to teach with The Declaration of a Independence or with a study of women’s rights. This is year is the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Right to vote with the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

Native American Issues Activities with The Absolutely True Diary

Students will read traditional Colonial texts (Bradford, Rowlandson, and de Vaca) and the Declaration of Independence and connect the issues in those texts to The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. There is a heavy focus on rhetoric and argument. The product includes 14 assignments and a project. Assignments include:WebquestPoint of View Comparison"Upon the Burning of Our House" AnalysisTone in True DiaryStructure & Development in True DiaryIndividual vs. Society

Delineating and Evaluating Arguments- Declaration of Independence

Created by
Phx Teacher
This activity is a smaller part of a bigger unit. For this activity, the students first read and annotate the Declaration of Independence reading packet. Second, in their groups, students go through the worksheet and answer the questions based on the reading. The questions are meant to guide the students to effectively delineate and evaluate the arguments presented in the DOI. Some background teaching on delineating/evaluating arguments and rhetoric should be taught before this activity.

Fliphunt 1776- Declaration of Independence

Created by
Musings from 247
Fliphunt, I've never heard of that! A Fliphunt is much like a scavenger hunt using Flipgrid. In this product students will analyze the rhetoric used in the Declaration of Independence. Students can work individually or in teams in this fun new way to analyze a primary source. Analyze the rhetoric in the Ultimate Break Up Letter aka The Declaration of Independence.

Curriculum-Based/Thematic Google Classroom Headers

Your Google Classroom can be just as personalized as your physical classroom with these headers! Specifically designed with American Literature and popular novels in mind, you will find headers for the following units/texts:- Foundational Documents / The Declaration of Independence- Transcendentalism - Civil Rights- Women's Rights- The Great Gatsby- Romeo and Juliet- Fahrenheit 451- The Crucible- Writing Units- AP Language - Definition of Rhetoric- AP Language - Santa Letter Activity- AP Languag

Unit Bundle - Birth of a Nation - American Literature - 11th ELA

Created by
Withers' Writers
If you are looking for a ready-made introduction to your high school American Literature course, look no further. This no prep mini-unit will keep your students engaged in meaningful standards-based activities that blends US History with American Literature through Resource includes: Print and go lesson plan (eight pages)Teacher presentation (forty-nine slides)Student worksheets (twenty-three pages) Excerpts from the texts with and without questionsUnit Texts: An excerpt from "Common Sense" by T
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