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Get students up close and personal with the speeches in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Act III Scene 2! Students are to annotate the speeches specific to three types of rhetorical devices: repetition, parallelism, and rhetorical questions. Lines are numbered for your convenience. I use this to t
Students review Mark Antony’s funeral speech (scene 2, lines 75-255) and locate examples of the three rhetorical devices.
9th - 10th
Graphic organizer for Mark Antony and Brutus' speeches. Student will identify and analyze rhetorical devices used in both speeches. Students will then compose a short response analyzing which speech is most persuasive and why.
9th - 12th
Julius Caesar complete guide for teaching, 88 pages of ready-to-go coursework, quizzes, tests, and teacher resources aligned with 9th-11th grade Common Core standards. Designed for as much or as little teacher instruction or intervention as you desire, students will be able to self-direct their stud
Lead students through an in-depth (common core aligned) analysis of Brutus's and Antony's funeral speeches. The speeches are divided into three sections. For each section, students follow annotation instructions on the text and answer short-answer skills-based questions in the margin. These annota
Pull students into the rich text of Julius Caesar with this Rhetorical Analysis Activity! Students analyze the famous funeral speeches by Brutus and Antony in Act 3.2. Students annotate the speeches for common rhetorical devices, choose a background image, and complete a final draft as an "artistic
This resource includes the annotated text of the tomb scene in Act III, Scene ii in Julius Caesar in which Mark Antony and Brutus give their famous speeches rich with rhetorical devices and figurative language over Caesar’s dead body. Using the comment feature in Microsoft Word, this resource inclu
NOT a simple, low-level "assessment" of plot, this quiz features curriculum-anchored questions to author's style, indirect characterization, conflict, dialogue, figurative language, foreshadowing, inferences, irony, the plot diagram, rhetorical devices, symbolism, and themes. The quiz contains high
The annotated version of Act III, Scene II of Julius Caesar is aligned with the Common Core emphases on how and why author's use specific rhetorical devices and argumentative appeals to enhance the meaning of the text and develop the characters and themes. The marginal notes for these critical mono
Final test for Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. The test includes multiple choice, matching, and discussion. Questions cover each DOK level.Questions cover basic comprehension, quote identification, and rhetorical devices. There are 60 multiple choice, true/false, or matching questions, and 4 discussion
This is a comprehensive exam for the first three acts of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. It is a difficult test, geared towards an honors level course, but it can easily be modified to fit any level. The test contains 27 short questions and one extended response, totaling 96 points. Format:
I use this with my 10th grade pre-ap class. You will get a soapstone graphic organizer, example of a Brutus Soapstone, an example rhetorical analysis paper for Brutus, and a rubric.Students are given a Soapstone page to fill in for Antony's speech. You could also change a few words and have students
9th - 11th
This file contains a link to a Prezi with definitions and examples of common rhetorical devices including ethos, pathos, and logos; repetition,allusion, parallelism and chiasmus; anaphora, epistrophe, and symploce and others.The file also contains guided notes for the students to follow along with t
9th - 12th
This takes 5 of the important speeches in Julius Caesar (Cassius, Calpurnia, Brutus X 2, and Antony) and requires students to analyze them. Skills students are using to analyze: paraphrase, irony, monologue, soliloquy, extended simile, alliteration, allusion, repetition, rhetorical devices, extend
9th - 11th
The perfect packet for teaching Julius Caesar! This packet has it all! Packet includes: - Reading Guide - Historical Background - End of Act Reflection & Analysis - Rhetorical Devices - Judging Character Motivations - 5-Word Play Review - Much Much MORE! This packet provides historical perspe
This packet is designed for teaching Julius Caesar in the new Common Core mode, where students analyze small chunks of complex text. I have included the two most significant speeches from this act - Brutus and Marc Antony's funeral speeches. Each speech is set up with Shakespeare's original text p
While reading Julius Caesar, hit all the key points of the classic tragedy and organize ideas with these worksheets! *Soliloquy Analysis *Rhetorical Devices *Argument and Persuasion *Cause and Effect Most worksheets work best with a copy of the play available for annotation/close reading.
9th - 12th
Students will read and analyze the funeral speeches in the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Students will then write and perform an original funeral speech implementing a variety of rhetorical and persuasive devices.

Also included in: Julius Caesar Activity Pack

I created this packet for my 10th grade Language Arts classes. This is the first of the packets I've created. More will follow. This packet focuses on the first act of JC by William Shakespeare. The objectives include describing the main events of the play in this act, applying knowledge of historic
Have your students compare Shakespeare's two famous speeches from the play Julius Caesar. Use the worksheet to reinforce the student's knowledge of rhetorical devices.
9th - 12th
Follow in the tradition of multitudes of students over the years who have learned these famous lines for their memory work. My grandmother can still recite these lines from learning them in the 1930's. This speech is also a perfect speech to learn and analyze when teaching the effectiveness of using
8th - 12th, Adult Education
This close reading bundle features high-order, text-dependent questions; promotes active reading strategies; makes student engagement with text more visible; and supports comprehension and analysis of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. By completing these activities, students will read to identify what th
This close reading bundle features high-order questions, promotes active reading strategies, makes student engagement with text more visible, and supports comprehension and analysis of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. By completing these activities, students will read to identify what the text says expl
Measure high school reading comprehension and support analysis of Shakespeare's tragedy Julius Caesar (Act 3) with this bundle that features an automatically graded quiz and close reading activities made for Google Drive. To accommodate both distance learning and traditional classroom settings, a zi

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