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Rhyming Picture Cards with Printables
This Rhyming Words pack contains 66 rhyming cards. There are 33 pairs total. Each card has an image and a corresponding word. These cards can be used for centers, word work, small groups, whole class, intervention, big buddies, parent helpers, etc. Also included are 4 types of differentiated pri

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Winter Rhyming Picture Match
Students match the pictures on the hot chocolate mugs to the pictures on the mittens using rhyming words skills. A cut and paste matching recording sheet is included. This packet is based upon the Common Core Standard: We can recognize and produce rhyming words.

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Rhyming Words! Rhyming Picture Cards Literacy Center Activity (32 Cards)
I created this whole group or literacy center activity to use in my classroom while introducing rhyming words and word families. This set includes 32 rhyming word picture cards for students to sort and create rhyming pairs with. This would be a great pocket chart activity. After completion, students

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Rhyming Picture Cards (90 Cards!)
This product includes 90 picture cards (30 rhyming sets). These are perfect for phonemic awareness activities for young students! The picture cards have a label. This labels can be kept on or cut off, depending on what you want. Cut out the cards and laminate for durability! Vibrant color cards a in

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Seusstastical Party Hat Rhyming Picture Match
This super-cute literacy center is perfect for celebrating Read Across America Week and Dr. Seuss' birthday! This literacy center combines rhyming and reading, and includes a response sheet. Best of all--it's FREE! I would really appreciate your feedback! Thank you :)

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I Have, Who Has Rhyming-with Pictures
What better way to reinforce rhyme than to have the students work cooperatively? This download includes an "I have, Who has" rhyming game that loops. In this game, the students match 24 rhyming pairs using pictures. The last question is answered by the first answer set on the table. The students

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Rhyming Game | KNOCKOUT | Rhyming Pictures & Words | Distance Learning
This quick-paced, nail-biter of a word game will leave your kids BEGGING for more! Team up to knock out the other team's player. The last team standing wins! This is by far the most engaging thing I've done for my classroom this year. My kids get SO excited when we play, and they work super hard all

Also included in: Math Game Literacy Game | KNOCKOUT | All 420+ Games | Distance Learning


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Kindergarten Words Rhyming Picture Cards for Puzzles and Word Rings
Rhyming 3 Letter Word Cards for self correcting Puzzles, Rhyme Sorting, Word Walls, Matching, or Word Rings in Color and BW for PreK-K-1. These 76 cards in Color and 76 cards in BW include many pairs of rhyming words for regular education, special education, and autism education. Students learn to

Also included in: Rhyming Activities for CVC and Long Vowel Words for Kindergarten and First Grade


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Fall Rhyming Picture Match
This is a Candy Corn Rhyming Picture Match Activity. It is a simple, fun, and effective activity that can be used in a center or work station. Students will look at a picture, say the word aloud, then find its matching rhyming word. Easy Prep: Laminate and cut apart the pieces of candy corn.

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Rhyme Picture Sorts
This file includes a blank sorting sheet and eight sheets of rhyming picture pairs. Students cut out the pictures, find the rhyming pairs, and glue them on the sorting sheet to match. These sorts promote phonemic awareness and make great literacy center activities for primary grades. CCSS.ELA-Lit

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Free Rhyming Picture Sorting Center for Phonological Awareness--Morning Work!
This Rhyming Picture Sort Center will help you foster phonological awareness in your students. This is one sample center from a larger book that can be found here: Rhyming Picture Sorting Centers for Phonological Awareness In this product, there are 13 different rhyming centers. All short vow

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Build-A-CVC Snowman!  PLUS Rhyming Picture Set For Word Families & Printables!
What is the one of the most beloved winter activity? Building A Snowman! Bring the fun of snowman building into your classroom! Have a classroom of students at all different levels? This pack allows for differentiation based on student needs and abilities! Be sure to download the preview to see

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Rhyming Picture Cards {72 rhyme pairs for a total of 144 cards}
COMMON CORE ALIGNED!! ELA RF.K.2A (I can recognize and produce rhyming words) Common Core State Standards © Copyright 2010. National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers. All rights reserved. Karen Busch is the sole creator of this product and

Also included in: Rhyming: The Ultimate BUNDLE (includes 3 resources!)


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Rhyming Pictures: Puzzles & Printables Set 2 (Common Core -B&W  set included)
I can show you what words rhyme and I can make a rhyme. These are the 2 Common Core "I can" statements that are covered in this download. The brightly colored, adorable graphics are sure to keep your students engaged while creating puzzles and playing match-up games from this set. Rhyming Picture

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Rhyming Picture Cards Bundle - All Three Sets
This bundle contains all three sets of cards – for a total of 504 cards. There are 126 different images, used to make 4 sets - a set of 3 by 3 cards, and three sets of smaller cards for differing levels of ability.Please download preview and the free sample set (link below) for more detail and to s


Rhyming Picture Cards - Set One
This set contains a total of 168 cards, made up of 42 rhyming pictures. One set of larger cards, three sets of smaller cards at differing levels of learning. Please download the free sample (link below) to see actual sizes and quality prior to purchase. Rhymes include: tree-bee, fan-pan, dog-lo

Also included in: Rhyming Picture Cards Bundle - All Three Sets


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Halloween Songs and Rhymes With Pictures to Color - Make a book to take home.
This is a collection of 13 action songs with a Halloween theme. A full page each, with a picture to color, or add to, for each song. I have included a cover, so the children can make a book. 14 pages KidSparkz Teaching Resources ********************************************************************

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Rhyming picture cards
48 rhyming picture cards with the vocabulary words. Students can use these cards in centers with a pocket chart or can play 'memory' with them. A great way to help students understand rhyming words.

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Dominoes with Rhyming Pictures
Rhyming helps early readers. *The ability to rhyme – or to hear the ending sound in words – helps young students with phonemic awareness and hearing the parts of words. *This set of rhyming dominoes contains 48 pictures with 24 cards – all hand drawn and in color. *There are 15 word families: pig

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Rhyming - pictures- Autism
Students match up pictures of rhyming words. This is great for visual learners, especially students with Autism.

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Rimas - Spanish Rhyming Picture Sort
21 set of rhyming words 3 pictures for each sort 1 blank set ata: pirata, pata, bata eso: beso, queso, hueso ejo: espejo, conejo, viejo ón: pantalón, jabón, dragón ota: pelota, bellota, bota era: pera, bandera, escalera eta: maleta, bicicleta, cubeta ano: mano, gusano, piano illa: silla, ardilla, m

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Rhyming Riddles Set - work on schema AND rhyming with these pictures and clues!
My Rhyming Riddles Set is a great way to work on rhyming practice, as well as teach about schema. This set contains: 1. 30 cards with images and riddles. Cards are included in two formats: 1 to a page, and 2 to a page. 2. The same 30 images and riddles, with images and riddles printed separate

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Rhyming Picture Sorting Centers for Phonological Awareness--Morning Work!
This set of 13 Rhyming Picture Sort Centers will help you foster phonological awareness in your students. In this product, there are 13 different rhyming centers. All short vowels are compared (10 centers) and there are 3 additional rhyming centers that are more difficult as they are voiced and

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Distance Learning Easter Egg Rhyming Picture Match for Parents to play at home
Great literacy center for rhyming! There are 18 eggs that the students can match to make rhyming sets. Enjoy!

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