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Understanding poetry is the toughest for students to grasp! The new Common Core Standards integrate all types of texts into our lessons and activities. This highly engaging lesson incorporates author's purpose, context clues, rhythm, and rhyme into a powerful lesson where they can examine poetry to
This 20 slide Power Point scaffolds the concepts of rhythm, meter, and scansion in a fool proof, step-by-step process that students find entertaining and easy to follow. The lesson unfolds layer by layer beginning with counting the syllables of words and locating patterns and ending with scanning th
Teach students how to understand rhythm in poetry and songs.This presentation is designed to be your minilesson for teaching your class to understand rhythm. The lesson contains 25 slides, as well as an exit slip that can be used to assess your students understanding of this reading skill. The pre
Finding Rhyme, Rhythm, and Alliteration in Poetry - Introduce/ Practice/Assess consists of a mini lesson that introduces the reading objective, mini flip chart questions to help students practice the objective, and assessments of three sheets of four questions each to help assess the objective. Gr
Recognize Rhythm and Rhyme in Poetry – Introduce /Practice/Assess consists of a mini lesson that introduces the reading objective, mini flip chart questions to help students practice the objective, and assessments of three sheets of four questions each to help assess the objective. Kindergarten/Gra
This hyperdoc is designed for teachers who are teaching a unit on poetry. The hyperdoc can be used for virtual teaching or teaching within the classroom with 1:1 devices. The goal of this mini-unit is for students to recognize the influence of rhythm on poetry. The slide deck guides students step-by
I was asked by the fourth-grade teachers at my school to do a lesson in music class on Meter and Rhythm in Poetry, because the concept wasn't "sinking in" with the students. After many trials and errors, I finally came up with a lesson that is effective, simple and, most importantly, FUN! This lesso
Help your students recognize rhythm in poetry based on syllables and repetition with these two poetry worksheets. Students will read a poem and count the number of syllables in each line. They are then asked to analyze what they see in the poems, and what it means. There is also a section for stud
★This slide show is an introduction to Exploring Rhythm and Meter in Poetry. It offers an overview of poetic meter and poetic feet and serves as an introduction to these concepts.★This presentation is perfect for including visuals in your distance learning modules as well as for use in traditional a
This pack contains 14 posters to help introduce and guide your students through any prosody and scansion activities. The colorful posters are great for creating a bulletin board that students can use as a reference when identifying rhyme and meter in poetry. Posters can also be made into a ref
A Powerpoint which provides a brief overview of rhythm and rhyme scheme using poetry. I've used this as an introduction to poetry and pair this up with a poem in which students must find the rhyme scheme. It can be used with any poem.
Techniques to create rhythm in poetry (caesura, enjambment, etc) Examples refer specifically to text: The Crossover by Kwame Alexander (free verse basketball poetry)
This poetry unit is packed full of standards-based lesson plans, professionally Lexiled passages, and activities to use while you are teaching the standard RL.2.4. If you are not teaching Common Core, then the unit is still valuable to use when teaching students to describe how words and phrases hel
⭐️This resource contains 12 digital and printable poems appropriate for second and third grade close reading comprehension, with standard based questions, anchor charts, and two skills focused test passages. Printable PDF & Digital Google Slides versions make this resource perfect for classroom a
Do you struggle with knowing how to teach poetry to your students? This poetry unit was written to be taught as mini lessons for reading and writing workshop and covers figurative language, poem structure, writing and reading poetry, and more. Each lesson should take about 15 minutes. There are ten
The poetry pack includes 47 pages of activities and guides to help teach your students how to read and write poetry. This pack includes two super cute poetry journal covers and pages and pages of ready- made poetry materials. This pack includes: Reading Poetry Materials- 1 poetic elements defin
These 64 quirky and clever mini poems can be used in so many ways. Whether it's centers, poetry journals, partner activities, an introduction or conclusion to a poetry unit or the day, you will find these very useful and versatile. The poems are written with six main literary devices in mind includ
Engage your students with poetry! First, a lively slideshow featuring "Twas the Night Before Christmas" teaches them about structural elements and similes. Then they identify verses, stanzas, rhythm, rhyme, and figurative language in three additional poems. What’s included:Lesson plansSlideshow (Po
This packet was created after I made a poetry code sheet to use with my third graders. The coding method was very effective with my students because it tied in all the poetry and figurative language standards nicely, also it made the students read the poem several times while visually coding what t
Help students read as well as write poetry. Use these 37 example poems to teach your students about the craft and structure of poetry. This unit highlights 10 different skills or literary devices used to write poetry as well as an opportunity to plan and write final copies of 11 different poems. It
Digital Google Slides poetry unit containing 20 original, graphic organizers for Diamante, Cinquains, Haiku and more to make your distance learning poetry unit amazing! When you combine poetry and nature themes, you get a great way to celebrate Poetry Month and Earth Day (or use all year in literacy
Use 20 original, no prep distance learning poetry and nature-themed graphic organizers for writing and you get a great way to celebrate Poetry Month and Earth Day (or use all year in literacy centers or as morning work. All Poetry Templates are ready to go- just print and use! Use this product alon
Bring poetry and back to basics with this collection of poems and activities that correlate with Common Core Standards. I created my own simple poems, so that I could really focus on the poetry elements that I needed to teach.I feel that students should start with the basics, and then they can move

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