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BOOM! POW! WHAMO! If those words remind you of your 7th Period Class, I... think you need to find someone that can help you. If your kids dig comics and comic-book movies. This might be perfect for them! Turn your Pre-Algebra Geometry classroom into Superhero City while teaching the useful skills of
Geometry - Transformations and Rigid Motion Worksheet Bundle Great worksheets for Substitute Plans! Answer Keys Included This bundle includes the following worksheets: Introduction to TransformationsReflectionsTranslationsRotationsCompositions of TransformationsDilations ----Chapter: Transforma
About This Resource:The document contains an assessment strategically designed to train and prepare your students for the Common Core State Standards exam and is directly aligned to the standards. This worksheet can be used as a preparation for your CCSS exam or used concurrently with instruction. T
***THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH A GOOGLE FORMS INTERACTIVE AND AUTOGRADING VERSION INCLUDED. REDOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE IT ALREADY***At times, I was frustrated teaching more challenging content when it was obvious many in the class needed extra help on easier stuff. I developed this idea of a Boot
Transformations and Rigid Motion Lesson Plan Bundle This bundle includes: Unit Outline Introduction to TransformationsReflectionsTranslationsRotationsCompositions of TransformationsDilationsTransformations and Rigid Motion Test Preview: Please refer to the above links for a free preview. ---
About This Resource:This is a set of 21 Quiz Cards focusing on rigid motion transformations (reflections, rotations, and translations). These are created so students can practice their mental math skills. There are several different activities you can do in your classroom using Quiz Cards and these
This no-prep word search activity is perfect to reinforce students' understanding of content vocabulary! This is a great assignment when you need easy sub plans!This product features a word search for Rigid Motion/Congruence vocabulary terms. There are three convenient options from which you can cho
Geometry - Transformations and Rigid Motion Test This bundle includes: -Test Review (PDF) -Test (PDF) - 2 Versions -Answer Keys (PDF) This test should be given after the following lessons: Introduction to TransformationsReflectionsTranslationsRotationsCompositions of TransformationsDilations -
Vocabulary Graphic Organizer, Word Wall (3 versions!), Quick Reference GuideOne of the most challenging parts of HS Geometry is all the new vocabulary. Set your students up for success by giving them lots of scaffolding and opportunity to learn all of it. This set supports the RIGID MOTION TRANSFOR
This Product Includes: - Basic Rigid Motions and Sequencing of Rigid Motions - Translations, Reflections, Rotations - Quick check including multiple select and answer grid questions - aligned to EngageNY Module 2 Topics A and B ************************************************************************
These exercises are compositions of rigid motions. All transformations are presented in function notation per common core standards. There are 3 pairs of commuted compositions. The students will be able to see that compositions of transformations are not commutative - order matters. The reflecti
Teachers and students will be jolly after this Christmas themed color-by-number! It's the perfect academic activity with a little bit of fun! This engaging activity is also perfect to leave with a substitute if you have to make sub plans! Just print and go!Students answer the rigid motion transforma
Congruent Triangles Task Cards: Congruent Triangles Criteria and Sequence of Rigid Motions In geometry, when someone mentions congruent triangles, many people immediately think of the triangle congruence criteria to prove that two triangles are congruent. Another way to examine congruence is find
Students will have the opportunity to practice their skills and deepen their understandings of rigid motion transformations: Reflections, Rotations, and Translations.Task Cards may be used as formative assessment, stations, speed dating activity, extra practice, learning center for early finishers,
This geometry symmetry sorting cards activity has 20 different image cards for students to sort. Use this activity as a station, extra practice, formative assessment, early finishers, etc. The transformation categories are: -Reflection -Rotation -Translation -Not a Rigid Motion There are three
Students need extra practice with transformations? This bundle is PACKED with opportunities to practice sequences of translations, rotations and reflections! It also reinforces the precise language needed to describe transformations!** SAVE 20% when you purchase the Complete Pack or SAVE 50% when
Transformations Bundle Practice Notation Perform basic rigid motion transformations and similarity transformations Identify rotations, lines of reflection, vectors for translations,and center of dilations and scale factors. Reflective symmetry and rotational symmetry Examine congruence through the
Transformations: Performing Rigid Motions Sorting CardsThis resource consists of 16 cards. Each card has an ordered pair and a sequence of rigid motions to perform. (The rigid motions on the cards include translations, rotations of 90, 180 and 270 degrees about the origin and reflections over the
Discovering Transformations in RIGID Motion with Geogebra is a lesson that includes almost all of the Geometry Congruence Common Core State Standards in an activities that allows students to explore the concepts of TRANSLATION, REFLECTION, ROTATION, and CONGRUENCE by SSS, SAS and ASA. Many of our s
Discovering Transformations in RIGID Motion with Geogebra (Preview) is a lesson that includes almost all of the Geometry Congruence Common Core State Standards in an activity that allows students to explore the concepts of TRANSLATION, REFLECTION, ROTATION, and CONGRUENCE by SSS, SAS and ASA using G
Includes Guided Lesson Notes, Examples and Homework Questions ANSWERS ARE INCLUDED Topics Covered General Definitions of Translation, Reflection, Rotation Definition of Congruent Triangles Naming Congruent Parts of Triangles Using Rigid Motions to state Congruence NYS Standards: G.CO.B.6, G.CO.B.
This Product Includes: Online Assessment in Google Forms on Reflections, Translations, and Rotations. This assessment includes 9 questions including multiple choice, multiple select and short answer. This is the Google Forms version of the paper-based Quick Check with the same title. ***************
Go Paperless with this Digital Interactive Notebook Activity! #TPTDIGITAL This Google Slides activity starts out with a Frayer Model to get students thinking about the definition and characteristics of rigid motions. Students will type their responses in the digital document. This can be done wi
About This Resource:You will receive a packet where students will learn discover the differences between translations, reflections, and rotations. Students will discover for themselves how congruence is related to the rigid motion transformations. The worksheet is set up following Cornell Notes form

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