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rock cycle worksheets

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DIGITAL PDF AND PRINTABLE PACKET: You will download a no prep worksheets packet for your 4th grade, 5th grade, and special education science students will learn the three main types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. They will also examine two versions of the rock cycle and label the parts. Vocabulary words and definitions are given, and then the students will practice matching words to definitions. A chart is given that describes the types of rocks, definitions of each and examples
Rock, Rock Cycle and Minerals Unit with Interactive Worksheets:This unit in the form of pdf file and covers all about on 'Rock, Rock Cycle and Minerals' with neat sketches along with vocabulary.It also includes worksheets to hands on practice and review of knowledge for the students. Please view the preview to get an idea of what this unit has to offer your students!It includes engaging, colorful, informative, visually stimulating and eye-catching photos and diagrams as per the topic need that w
Rock Cycle Unit for Interactive Science Notebook! {DIGITAL & PAPER INCLUDED!}***Important Update - Now includes additional, colorful Digital Google Slides Version for Google Classroom! Designed for Distance LearningThis resource is part of the Earth Science (Entire) Curriculum.Earth Science SeriesThis product contains interactive cut and paste learning material for students to create an organized science interactive notebook. This resource is aligned with Rock Cycle Reading Passages and Rock
Do your students struggle with scientific literacy? Do you find yourself at a loss for how to promote vocabulary retention? Are waning attention spans becoming a larger and larger problem in your classroom from year to year? If you answered yes to any of those questions then this resource is for you. I believe that teaching literacy is the job of every teacher, not just the heroes in English and Language Arts. And the only way we can help our students improve is by modeling and giving them chanc
DIGITAL PDFS AND PRINTABLE PACKETS: You will download a bundle of rock activities for your 4th, 5th or 6th grade students to practice the rock cycle and types of rocks. Two sets of bonus task cards cover rocks and minerals facts. You will receive four resources, which includes a types of rocks accordion book and cut and paste worksheets. You will also receive the rock cycle task cards and worksheet packet. As a bonus, you will receive 64 rocks and minerals facts task cards. Please click on the P
This worksheet is designed to help students master reading and interpreting the Rock Cycle diagram. Students simply have to follow the arrows from the original rock to the final product to find out how rocks are recycled.Once students have mastered this sheet, quiz them with the Rock Cycle Quiz at, are your students stuck at home? Then try the Remote Learning Rock Cycle Diagram Fill-In Worksheet with Answer
Rock Cycle Crossword Puzzle: is a fun vocabulary review for students and contains the following: 1. Blank Version without word bank 2. Blank Version with word bank 3. Answer Key 4. Vocabulary Words:          ♦ Composition          ♦ Erosion          ♦ Geology          ♦ Igneous Rock          ♦ Lava          ♦ Magma          ♦ Metamorphic Rock          ♦ Metamorphism          ♦ Mineral          ♦ Rock          ♦ Rock Cycle          ♦ Sediment          ♦ Se
Rock Cycle, Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous Activity WorksheetThis resource can be used for:An introductory/summary taskHomeworkIndependent workRevision taskFinisher activityResearch taskIncluded in this resource are three rock type worksheets which cover uses, formation, examples, properties, descriptions and keywords relating to all three rock types. The questions match any scheme of work and ensure that learners have a firm understanding of key points and concepts. Also included is a mat
6th - 9th
Rock Cycle: This word search also doubles as a coloring book!. The advantage to this is that students can actually see the concept behind the term they are attempting to find. The solution to the puzzle is included. Rock Cycle Word Search/ Coloring Book Vocabulary Terms:         ♦ Igneous Rock         ♦ Lava         ♦ Metamorphic Rock         ♦ Mineral         ♦ Sediment         ♦ Sedimentary Rock         ♦ Sediment Layers         ♦ Subduction Zone         ♦ Volcanic
This Word Wall Coloring set includes the geology words: Rock cycle, Igneous rock, Sedimentary rock, Metamorphic Rock.Coloring pages have recently become a huge hit all over the world. In my new series of word wall coloring pages, you can bring the excitement of coloring into your middle school and high school science classrooms. Word Walls are an instructional tool used primarily in an elementary classroom. While teaching in Texas my administrators decided they wanted secondary teachers to use t
5th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This is a worksheet intended to be done while watching The Magic School Bus Rides Again which is a Netflix series. This episode is titled The Battle of Rock Mountain (season 1, episode 4) and the topic is the rock cycle. There are three versions of this worksheet.Included:Fill in the Blank Version with Key (includes optional word bank)Circle the Correct Answer Version with keyNote-talking Version (true, scientific information vs made-up information like the bus shrinking)The different versions c
INCLUDED in this download:Science Doodle Sheet NotesTwo versions of doodle sheet included: 
{Interactive Notebook Size and large 8.5 x 11 size} PowerPoint – to show students the KEYThese flat doodle sheets are different than my foldables. It is the same content but in a flat sheet format. They are a great ADD ON to what I have already published in science foldables. They make great reviews after the foldables, and also can be used as an anchor chart. Enlarge them to poster size and laminate for
This SIMPLE, but FUN project is designed to challenge students to demonstrate their knowledge of the Rock Cycle in a creative way and is newly updated as a digital PDF for home or distance learning! It includes a detailed rubric for EASY grading, 5 options for projects, and links to help you teach the rock cycle! Differentiated to fit the needs of your students! For a Google Doc version of this project, click here: Rock Cycle ProjectIf using as a distance learning resource, simply print and ass
Rock Cycle Activity Teach-Go Pennants! This set of the Rock Cycle Posters are perfect for a fun interactive study of the rock cycle. Your students will love studying this and seeing them displayed! Pennants for students in color and bw included. plus back for extra information, rubric, answer key and teacher helpful research sites included.CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT OVER 200 TEACH-GO PENNANTS™INCLUDED:KINDLY NOTE: research is not included in this packet. These are research templates to use with yo
3rd - 5th
Practice and assess your students knowledge of the Rock cycle with this quiz and set of practice sheets. Quiz includes labeling the diagram and some analyzing questions.
Teach your students about the rock cycle with this coloring sheet! Choose from four (4) differentiated options to best meet your students' reading/writing level:coloring sheet onlywith letter tracingwith cut and pastewith fill in the blankStudents will color a volcano representing magma and lava and the three types of rock: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. The sheet also has images of the processes inside and outside of the earth that contribute to the cycle of change. Pair this resource wi
This worksheet requires students to label the diagram of the rock cycle first and then fill in the boxes. In the cooling box the student will write which rock needs cooling to change into another rock ( _______ -->; _________ ) and continuing doing that for the rest of the processes: Heat and pressure, melting, weathering and erosion, compacting and cementing. I have not made an answer key, but here are the answers. For the diagram starting under the title “rock cycle” and going clock wise:
4th - 8th
A handy packet for teachers for the topic of Rocks and Minerals. The instructional resources listed below can be used as student assignments, worksheet review, assessments, or for distance learning. Rock and mineral content optimal for 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th grade.Upgraded Feb 2022You receive:Elements in the Earth's crust matching worksheet A “Who am I” worksheet with fun clues for mineral vocabulary wordsPractice reading rock data table and graphing worksheetsA blank rock comparative table10 q
Ejercicios o fichas sobre el ciclo de las rocas o ciclo litológico para estudiantes de 4to y 5to grado.Incluye:Seis hojas de ejerciciosLaboratorio crear modelo de rocaPrueba en Google Forms y prueba para imprimir*La prueba puede editarse en Google Forms, no en la versión de imprimir.Ahorra al comprarlo en el bundle del Ciclo de las rocasEste recurso es propiedad intelectual de ©La clase de Maestra Soto y todos los derechos están reservados. Al comprador original de este recurso se le concede una
4th - 5th
Topics/terms on both the review sheet and test include: The three types of rocks and their characteristics, the uses of rock, minerals, and the rock cycle. The review sheet is a 16 question mix of fill-in-the-blank and short answer questions. The test is also 16 questions with matching, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer. The last page (questions 15 & 16) takes more explaining and is more difficult. You may chose to only use that page with more capable students or classes. There is al
The rock cycle can be very challenging with new and long and HARD names for the different types of rocks. Then on top of it remembering how they change from one kind to another kind. This worksheet is a great way for students to get comfortable with how to move around the rock cycle. The diagram is clear and includes visuals on how the rock cycle moves. For a challenge take away the diagram and see if they can remember it. This worksheet is also a part of a Rock Cycle Packet with 6 other work
This worksheet goes along with Scholastic's Study Jams found at this website: Students can complete this worksheet as they watch the video/slideshow to ensure they are reading it closely and looking for details. There is also a space provided for students to record their score from the online quiz. This makes a great independent, small group, or whole group activity. It also works well in sub plans. The answer key is included. Are you working on an e
DIGITAL PDF AND PRINTABLES: You will download a rocks quiz for 4th, 5th or 6th grade students to practice 13 earth science vocabulary words. NOTE: Students will need to research vocabulary definitions with classroom or home resources for distance learning.An answer key is included.Words include:sedimentcementationlithificationmeltingupliftweatheringerosionmagmacompactionmetamorphismpressuredepositiontransportation---------------------------------- ➔➔ Click HERE for a no prep rock cycle packet.$$
The rock cycle is a great topic to teach if you have the right resources. Wow your students with these highly engaging and varied resources. This rock cycle bundle is amazing value, not just in $ but also in the hours and hours of time it is going to save you! These resources for the rock cycle and sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are all designed to be either zero prep, or print-and-go. The rock cycle worksheets will provide your students with scaffolded notes and diagrams that will h

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