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DIGITAL AND PRINTABLE: Elementary and middle school teachers will download a no prep science packet. Students will learn the three main types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. They will also examine two versions of the rock cycle and label the parts. Vocabulary words and definitions ar
This worksheet is designed to help students master reading and interpreting the Rock Cycle diagram. Students simply have to follow the arrows from the original rock to the final product to find out how rocks are recycled. Once students have mastered this sheet, quiz them with the Rock Cycle Quiz a
Rock Cycle Crossword Puzzle: is a fun vocabulary review for students and contains the following: 1. Blank Version without word bank 2. Blank Version with word bank 3. Answer Key 4. Vocabulary Words:          ♦ Composition          ♦ Erosion          ♦ Geology          ♦ Igneous Rock   
Rock Cycle Worksheet Craft ActivityHands on learning about the Rock Cycle! Your students will enjoy making this Rock Cycle Wheel! This is a one page craft template to make an interactive wheel about the rock cycle. This makes a fun follow up activity to my Rock Cycle PowerPoint Lesson❤ CLICK HERE T
This worksheet requires students to label the diagram of the rock cycle first and then fill in the boxes. In the cooling box the student will write which rock needs cooling to change into another rock ( _______ -->; _________ ) and continuing doing that for the rest of the processes: Heat and pr
Rock Cycle Activity Teach-Go Pennants! This set of the Rock Cycle Posters are perfect for a fun interactive study of the rock cycle. Your students will love studying this and seeing them displayed! Pennants for students in color and bw included. plus back for extra information, rubric, answer key a
Rock, Rock Cycle and Minerals Unit with Interactive Worksheets:This unit in the form of pdf file and covers all about on 'Rock, Rock Cycle and Minerals' with neat sketches along with vocabulary.It also includes worksheets to hands on practice and review of knowledge for the students. Please view the
Practice and assess your students knowledge of the Rock cycle with this quiz and set of practice sheets. Quiz includes labeling the diagram and some analyzing questions.
The rock cycle can be very challenging with new and long and HARD names for the different types of rocks. Then on top of it remembering how they change from one kind to another kind. This worksheet is a great way for students to get comfortable with how to move around the rock cycle. The diagram is
Do your students love to doodle while taking notes?  Don't fight it, embrace it with Squiggle Sheets!!!These notes are not only fun, but help to students to meet Next Generation Science Standards.Notes are differentiated. 3 versions are included. Use the included answer key or choose to use the blan
A fill-in worksheet on the rock cycle.
This worksheet goes along with Scholastic's Study Jams found at this website: http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/ Students can complete this worksheet as they watch the video/slideshow to ensure they are reading it closely and looking for details. There is also a space provided for students
This worksheet contains basic conceptual questions about The Rock Cycle.What’s included in this resource?Printable and editable Student Worksheet (PDF and Word document)Paperless digital version for use in Google Drive (Prepared with Google Slides)Complete Answer KeyFor updates about sales and new p
This is a rock Cycle worksheet for Earth Science. Students can cut out information to glue on to their rock cycle. Color coded, so it makes it easier to understand for visual learners. * For some reason - the thumbnail displays the worksheet in a disorganized fashion... Make sure to click on the
This fun and engaging rock cycle cut and paste activity (answer key provided) is a great tool for students to keep in the binder and study from. The cut and paste activity allows students to visualize how the various rock types form and understand the characteristics of those rock types. I also have
Cross Curriculum English and Science. This is an article about the Rock Cycle with reading comprehension, science questions and writing. Students will summarize the article, identify the main idea, compare and contrast rocks, and demonstrate comprehension. Excellent article to use with interactive
These are my most popular sellers so I am bundling them into one cost-saving item. The Rock Cycle and Tectonic Plates are some of the most common topics taught in Earth Science. In this bundle I have included two comprehensive worksheets that you can then follow up with a quiz for each. And best of
This worksheet is very similar to another one I have on my store, but this one doesn't include the diagram. It also asked students to highlight the types of rocks in a different color and then use those colors to help keep things straight. Once all the words are highlighted then they will write down
Rock Cycle Worksheet and Answers This product on the Rock Cycle includes two different Rock Cycle Worksheet and Answers. Both worksheets include a word bank for students to choose words from to fill in the parts of the rock cycle. *****************************************************************
a worksheet to check children's understanding of the different types of rock in the rock cycle. Includes word answer and fill in diagram.
Rock Cycle, Sedimentary, Metamorphic and Igneous Activity WorksheetThis resource can be used for:An introductory/summary taskHomeworkIndependent workRevision taskFinisher activityResearch taskIncluded in this resource are three rock type worksheets which cover uses, formation, examples, properties,
Students can work individually or together to fill in the blanks of the rock cycle. The transformations such as compaction and weathering are provided and the students fill in the blanks with the type of rock along with sediments and magma.
This is a worksheet intended to be done while watching The Magic School Bus Rides Again which is a Netflix series. This episode is titled The Battle of Rock Mountain (season 1, episode 4) and the topic is the rock cycle. There are three versions of this worksheet.Included:Fill in the Blank Version w
This digital activity is a great way for students to simulate moving through the rock cycle. The product includes a Google Slideshow rock cycle activity, an editable student worksheet, and a directions page. Please see the preview for more information.

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