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Results for rock sorting

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Types of Rocks Sort: Cut and Paste, Review and Application- DIGITAL!

Created by
This interactive and hands-on sorting activity will give your students practice differentiating between the 3 categories of rocks. This is a great way to teach, practice or asses this tricky concept in a kinesthetic way! Product Details: Students read information and observe pictures to evaluate what category of rock each is describing; igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary. Students then cut out the facts and pictures and use critical thinking skills to place them in the correct column which crea

Three Types of Rocks Sort (Sedimentary, Igneous, Metamorphic)

Created by
Smart Chick
A sort activity using the three types of rocks, sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic. Students must cut out the boxes and then place them in the right categories. This is a good way to build background knowledge or check for understanding of this topic.

Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks - Sorting Cards & Charts

Igneous, Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks Sorting Cards & Charts - Identify, sort, and classify rocks from the 3 major rock groups (igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic). Check the classification using the control charts.The following 18 rocks are included: andesite, basalt, gabbro, granite, obsidian, rhyolite, breccia, conglomerate, limestone, rock salt, sandstone, shale, gneiss, hornfels, marble, phyllite, quartzite, and slate.Includes:3-part cards for each of the 18 rockstitle cards

Three Types of Rocks Sort Rock Life Cycle

Rock life cycle, types of rocks and parts of the volcano posters, information cards, three-part cards, and sorting activity with three major groups of rocks - Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic. Rocks are often a great point of interest for lower elementary students. It is easily translated into a hands-on experience for children who enjoy looking up various types of rocks and learning their origin and proper name pronunciation.The printable contains:Classification posterThree working mats th

3 Types of Rocks Sort

Created by
The Brisky Girls
Great sorting activity to review the 3 types of rocks! Answer Key included. Check out my Sorting BUNDLE for a great deal : ~Rock Sorting Activities BUNDLE See my other Rocks and Minerals materials: ~Rocks and Minerals Reading Passages ~Layers of the Earth ~Rock Types Pocket Sort ~Rock Cycle Match ~3 Types of Rocks Posters ~Types of Rocks Mini Posters ~Types of Rocks Reading Passages Check out my MEGA PACK for a great deal! ~3 Types of Rocks MEGA PACK Or my Super Mega Pack for an even BETTER

Types of Rocks Sort

Created by
This one page document allows students to sort facts and information about rocks into one of the three types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. There are 9 different facts and 3 pictures for students to sort. Answer key is included. Check out these additional science products! Social Studies & Science Fluency Passages Earth Science Close Reading Passages

Relative Dating & Law of Superposition Vocabulary Terms Cut and Sort Rock Dating

Created by
The Science Cell
Students will be able to review terms about relative dating and the law of superposition in order to be able to date rock layers. Each term is matched with a definition and a picture. I pre-cut sets and kept them in envelopes for each class to reuse and sort as part of science centers/stations. I taped the template to the table as a "place mat" for the students to sort the cards. Then the answer key was folded in the centers supply basket for them to reference and check their answers as the end.

Rocks and Minerals Sort Activities

Created by
Ford's Board
Rocks and Minerals Snip ‘N Sticks are engaging activities for your Rocks and Minerals unit. These activities are ready to print and pass out and will make learning about rocks and minerals even more fun!This set contains 8 activities, along with answer keys on the following topics:1. Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary (version 1)2. Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary (version 2)3. Comparing rocks and minerals4. Types of rocks5. The rock cycle6. Mohs Hardness Scale (version 1)7. Mohs Hardness Scale (versio

All About Rocks {PreK-2 Activities, Sorting, & Picture Informational Signs}

This 17-page All About Rocks Unit is perfect for introducing and exploring the basics of heat with your PreK-2nd grade students. Not only are the activities interactive and engaging, the unit also comes with a sorting activity and colorful pictures and informational signs on rocks.The activities are also differentiated for varying ability levels, arranged 2 to a page to save paper from printing, and perfectly sized for interactive composition Science journals! NO PREP is required!Includes:-What

Types of Rocks Card Sort

Created by
The Science Duo
This interactive types of rocks card sort will allow your students to differentiate between and categorize many different examples of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. This set contains 6 pages of cards (4 per page) for a total of 24 different cards. These cards are great for review, rotations, partner work, or independent study for your tactile/kinesthetic learners. Included in this set is the following:-3 category cards (ex. Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic)-3 definitions (one

Types of Rocks Sort: Igneous Sedimentary or Metamorphic?

Created by
JH Lesson Design
Looking for Rock Cycle resources? This is a fun and engaging way to practice determining the difference between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks! Students will read a statement and decide which type of rock it is describing, then glue the box in the correct column. An answer key is included.

Rock Cycle Sorting Activities and Centers

This resource includes several different sorting activities and a four page article on the rock cycle. Great for fast finishers, review and center activities.First Center: A concept sort is a vocabulary and comprehension strategy. Students place words in different categories depending on their meaning. Students can practice sight words and make new connections using this strategy. This center has words pertaining to the rock cycle that the students can sort into three categories on the sorting

Types of Rock Book: Notes, Rock Cycle, Stations, Centers, Sort, Cut & Paste

Created by
A Rockin' Rock Book! Have a little fun with rocks! Including:*Observations of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks (actual rocks work best)*Rock Type information and visuals as NOTES and FILL IN THE BLANKS*Rock Comparison Chart*Rock Cycle Diagram with Fill in the blank diagram*Rock Type Sort/ Cut and PasteIncluded in this book is the following product:Types of Rocks Sort Cut and PasteAfter rocks- move to weathering and erosion!Weathering, Erosion and Deposition Simple Sort with real pictur

Types of Rocks Card Sorting Activity

In this activity, students will categorize cards into 3 categories: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic. Students will sort through 18 cards and categorize them based on rock characteristics. Use this card sorting activity as a quick formative assessment! Option 1: Print, cut, and shuffle cards for students to analyze and sort. Option 2: Digital drag-and-drop in Google slidesYou might also be interested in:The Rock Cycle presentationProperties of Minerals presentationRock and Fossil Classifica

Rocks Sort Google Slides™

Properties of Rocks Sort resource activity for Google Slides™ is perfect for distance learning. Students use the activities to click and drag to sort different properties of rocks such as texture, color, size, and shape. This product also allows students to identify the different properties of rocks.What is included in this product?7 slides of defining and information about rocks4 slides - sorting properties of rocks: size, texture, and color3 slides- build your "rock museum"4 slides - quick

Sorting Rocks by Size Interactive Notebook Page and Activity

This set includes an interactive notebook page for sorting rocks by size, a cut-and-paste activity, and sorting cards! This set helps students understand and learn the names of the various rock sizes in a rock mixture. These worksheets and activities go well with the FOSS Pebbles, Sand, and Silt science curriculum but can easily be adapted to other rock and earth material units you use in your classroom. For the activity my students used small, medium, and large screens to sort the rock mi

Properties of Rocks Digital Sorting Tasks | Science Boom Cards | Rocks

Created by
These DIGITAL Rocks Science Boom Task Card activities give students practice sorting properties of rocks by size, texture, color, and shape. Perfect practice and review activities for any rock unit! No Prep, paperless, and interactive science center gaming activities that are fun and interactive ways for students to learn about the properties and attributes of rocks! Click on the link below to get this deck that is included in my SCIENCE BUNDLE! SCIENCE: Primary Grades Activities - Digital Boom

Rock and Mineral Uses Card Sorting Activity

How are rocks and minerals used industrially? In this activity, students will be given 10 rock/mineral cards and 10 industrial use cards. They will read through characteristics of each rock and mineral and pair it with one of the industrial use cards. After they have finished pairing cards they will record their answers on the answer sheet. Students will be surprised to learn things like diamonds are used on drill bits! Included in your purchase:- 5 page PDF with card sort and student answer she

Describe, Sort and Compare Rocks by Size, Shape, Color and Texture: Picture Sort

Are you teaching students to describe, sort and compare rocks by size, shape, texture and color? This activity requires no preparation on your part and allows students to practice classifying rocks based off these properties. These PDF worksheets are ready to print and be used in the classroom. Students use real-life pictures of rocks in sorting activities. This is differentiated for different learners, and has visuals to make it approachable for ESL students. It focussed on Kindergarten and 2nd

Rock or Mineral? Cut and Paste Sorting Activity

Created by
JH Lesson Design
This is a fun and engaging way to practice determining the difference between rocks and minerals! Students will read a sentence and decide if it is describing a rock or mineral, then glue the box in the correct column. An answer key is included.

Rock Types Pocket Sort

Created by
The Brisky Girls
Pockets of Rocks! Make rocks fun with this engaging rock sorting activity. Students will take rocks like sandstone, marble, and obsidian and sort them into the categories sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic. Answer Key included. Check out my Sorting BUNDLE for a great deal : ~Rock Sorting Activities BUNDLE See my other Rocks and Minerals materials: ~Rocks and Minerals Reading Passages ~Layers of the Earth ~3 Types of Rocks Sort ~Rock Cycle Match ~3 Types of Rocks Posters ~Types of Rocks Mini

Science Journal: Rock Cycle Card Sort

Created by
Travis Terry
Save 20% and buy the BUNDLE!Card Sorts of Science BundleThis card sort is for practicing understanding of the Rock Cycle and its processes from one type of rock (igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary) to another or another material (molten rock or sediment).The card sort comes with 26 cards. *5 of 26 are OBJECT CARDS which have the three types of rocks, molten rock, and sediment. *10 of 26 are ARROW CARDS, each with a process of formation printed on it. *11 of 26 cards have questions on the front as

Rock Cycle:Sequence:Rock Types/Cut & Paste/Sorting Board for Autism

Three step sequence boards for the formation of the three types of rocks: Metamorphic, Igneous, and Sedimentary. Large visual of the rock cycle and the conditions that form each type of rock. Also included is a sorting board for hands on real rock samples that may be provided in the classroom. Cut and paste pictures and words that can be used as assessment tools. Blank Sequence Boards for a visual template for students to create and complete themselves. Can be individualized for all skill levels

Rocks and Minerals Vocabulary Sort

Created by
The Science Duo
Help your students grasp and retain key Earth Science vocabulary with this interactive vocabulary sort activity focusing on rocks and minerals. This resource includes 10 key terms to match to a definition and icon (picture), 3 different student answer sheets to meet the needs of your individual students or classes, and an answer key. This is the perfect activity or intervention for your ESL or ELL students. Use this resource as a "hook" or pre-assessment at the beginning of a new unit of stud
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