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roman empire map activity

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Students will label and color a map to help them understand how the Roman Empire expanded between 44 BC - 117 AD. Students will also use the map to answer 5 questions. What's included with the print version:*Blank map with 5 questions for students to answer (2 pages, BC and BCE versions included, uneditable pdf)*Blank map without questions (1 1/2 pages, BC and BCE versions included, uneditable pdf)*Map for students to just color (1 page, BC and BCE versions included, uneditable pdf)*Answer key f
Students will label and color a map to help them understand how Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire. Students will also use the map to answer 4 questions. What's Included with the Printed Version:*Blank map with 4 questions for students to answer (2 pages, AD and CE versions included, uneditable pdf)*Blank map without questions (1 1/2 pages, AD and CE versions included, uneditable pdf)*Map for students to just color (1 page, AD and CE versions included, uneditable pdf)*Answer key for
This ready to use Mapping Ancient Rome will give students two multi step mapping activities on the geography of Rome and the Roman Empire. All students need to complete the assignment is a World History Textbook, Atlas OR the internet. This is a great activity to leave with a substitute, since it requires only a textbook, crayons and no prep!Included is a Multi-step Mapping the Geography of Rome handout and a multi-step Mapping the Roman Empire. Both handouts are provided with and without p
This Ancient Rome Map Coloring & Labeling Activity is a great resource to enhance your unit! Each student will make their own, personalized map of the Roman Empire, and learn about the geography and landmarks of the region. They will label and color their blank map, and answer follow-up questions related to the geography of Ancient Rome. A fun 'Make a Travel Brochure' project has also been added. It is a great way to connect this map activity to your lesson on Ancient Rome! A link to Goo
This is an activity from a sixth grade social studies unit on the Roman Empire. Students can use maps from their textbooks or the internet to identify bodies of water, cities, and countries located within the Roman Empire. Click here to view/purchase the complete ancient civilization map activities bundle.
Visual and kinesthetic learners will love this Roman Empires map activity! This map lesson and assessment focuses on the expansive Western and Eastern Roman empires. A digital version is included for use in your Google Classroom. **This resource is part of the World History Map Activities Bundle. TEN map lessons and assessments are included at a 20% discount price! Click here to see all the resources in the bundle and take advantage of the HUGE savings.INCLUDED WITH YOUR PURCHASE:Map Directions
***Modified to include a blank map handout and three different versions of the follow-along map activity)Roman Empire Map Activity: fun, engaging, easy to follow (14-slide PowerPoint)This activity allows students to follow along with ten steps to add geographic features, boarders, cities, barbarians and more to their own blank maps. ***Designed for classrooms, ideal for distance learning as well #distancelearningTpTEnjoy!
This product is a mapping activity on the Roman Empire. Students will label and color different aspects of the Roman Empire. The Map also includes 7 processing questions with a key. Please check out the preview for what the students will have to map.This product also contains a blackline political maps of the Roman Empire. I typically make the map a 11x17 making it easier for students to label.This is a rigorous map project that makes the students learn about the location and extent of the Roma
This is a FUN way to get students interacting and thinking about the geography of the Roman Empire. Students use the map resource provided to create a yarn map showing the Roman Empire and the split of the east and west. They outline both sides of the empire and the Mediterannean sea with different colors of yarn or string. Students label the Mediterranean sea, Constantinople, Rome and the continents the empire expanded too at it's height. This assignment includes teacher instructions, student
7 interactive questions, each answered on a PPT slide as students follow along
Use this word search worksheet as an easy-to-implement way to review the geography of the ancient Roman Empire. Students must find the names of the 41 Roman provinces which are indicated on the map. The words are hidden in all directions and there may be some overlaps making this a challenging word search. A great activity for early finishers or just for something instructive to take home and learn from.Two versions of the puzzle are included. One has the colored illustration that you see here
Rome Map Activity and Research, Google Links for Digital Distance Learning. Use basic geography skills to explain relative location and follow a PowerPoint with a guided step-by-step mapping activity. This is a NO PREP activity and will ensure that students are mapping important locations. Mapping Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire in a step-by-step format with a guided PowerPoint for students to use as a reference. This includes rubrics with and without point values, research graphic organizer
Students will map, locate, and label key features of Ancient Roman Empire. Sample items include:Label the following cities with dotsColor in the Roman Republic as of 265 B.C.Draw in Hannibal’s invasion route in RED
I use this map to introduce my Roman Empire unit and have students refer back to it when we reference different places during that time. It comes in very handy when talking about Hannibal, Persian Wars, and Alexander the Great. Students can fill this out in the classic paper format but also it works great in 1:1 classrooms. This also includes a Map Key. Feel free to change and modify this map to fit your class and your students.
Start your chapter on the Roman Empire right! Students will use the map provided, from their textbook or online to create a physical map of the Roman Empire. Then students will add the trade routes, migrations and invasions that impacted the Roman Empire. Throughout the activity, students will be writing short answers by referring to the Academic Language Handout. Finally, this includes a printable and Google Form quiz. CHECK OUT ROMAN, REPUBLIC, BYZANTINE EMPIRE BUNDLE!Roman Republic Map Activi
In this Ancient Rome & Roman Empire Resources Unit, you receive 15 activities to teach ancient Rome, the Roman Empire, the rise of Julius Caesar, the Roman Republic, the Rise of Christianity, and much more! My ancient Rome unit bundle is filled with Google 1:1 ready resources and activities that will excite your classroom on your study of Ancient Rome. Since traditional and 1:1 digital versions are included, this unit is ideal for distance learning. This bundle saves you over 30% instead o
Students will label and color a map to help them understand how the Western Roman Empire collapsed. Students will also use the map to answer 6 questions. What's Included with the print versions:*Blank map with 6 questions for students to answer (2 pages; uneditable PDF)*Blank map without questions (1 1/2 pages; uneditable PDF)*Map for students to just color (1 page; uneditable PDF)*Answer key for map and questions (2 pages; uneditable PDF)*Animated PowerPoint shows each location and the key - pe
Engage students in active learning using map lessons! The following TEN map lessons are included with this product: The World; Roman Empires; The Rise and Spread of Islam; The Maya, Aztec, and Inca Empires; Medieval Japan; Medieval China; Medieval Africa; Medieval Europe; The Reformation; and Renaissance Italy. Get all TEN lessons for one LOW price! A description and a link to each lesson are listed below. This resources can be printed or accessed online with laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, or
This activity bundle contains 9 resources! Lesson Plan Templates, Curriculum Map, Interactive Notebook Pages, Reading Passages, Interactive PowerPoint, STEM Challenges, Google Classroom Student Projects, Board Game for Review, and Unit Exam**Updates: - 2/22 - 25 Daily Bell Ringers - 5 Reading Passages are now included in the bundle! - Digital & Print Board Game for Review now included! -Ancient Civilizations Curriculum Binders & Sample Pacing Guide for t
Keep them puzzling and having fun with this six puzzle bundle that includes all of our ancient Rome worksheets. Puzzles are a great way to review vocabulary and keep the kids engaged. And they are wonderful to have on hand for early finishers and sub folders or any time you want to inject a little fun into a lesson.The puzzles included are:    • Ancient Rome Word Search    • Gladiators Word Search    • Roman Empire Word Search with Map    • Roman Mythology Word Search    • Romulus and Remus Wo
***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft Word documents can also be saved as Google Docs and used in Google or other digital classrooms***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft PowerPoint files can also be saved as Google Slides and used in Google or other digital classroomsThis resource includes both the 50-slide, follow-along PPT AND the blank map handout in PDF and MS WORD formats. Follow along with this 50-slide PowerPoint to highlight key concepts that you will learn in units
This is a bundle of 6 map activities from a sixth grade social studies unit on the Fertile Crescent, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, and the Roman Empire. Students can use maps from their textbooks or the internet to identify bodies of water, landforms, cities, and countries located on each map. Individual map activities for each of the above can be found in my store or by clicking on a link below: 1. Fertile Crescent 2. Ancient Egypt 3. Ancient India 4. Ancient
This geography activity is completely student driven, fun and interactive. It can be done with any textbook map or atlas that has Ancient Rome and general area physical geography (reference maps are also provided). First, students create a physical map of Ancient Rome labeling key features. Then, students play the Where in the World Scavenger Hunt printable clue game. Students guess the features by reading four description clues for differing geographical feature of Ancient Rome. It comes with a
*This package contains a handout (in four formats: Apple Pages, Word, PDF, and Google Doc) and a PowerPoint (also available as an Apple Keynote). *You may edit the Word Doc to meet your students’ needs.*You may copy+paste and/or adapt the following information into your lesson plans.GLOBAL 9, UNIT 2BTHE ANCIENT WORLD (PART B): GREECE AND ROMELESSON 12AIM: How did life in the Roman Empire flourish during the Pax Romana?ACTIVITY 1 — DO NOW — TEXT ANALYSIS: Students will read a text and answer ques

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