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In "The First Triumvirate, 60 to 53 BCE" students are required to chart the significant strengths, weaknesses, and benefits of each member of the alliance as they are presented in an easily accessible and authoritative website. Over the years, this activity has proven to be a useful tool before exam
This Ancient Rome doodle notes set covers the decline of the Roman Republic from 146 BC through 30 BC. Students will enjoy coloring and doodling as they learn about the issues facing the Republic after the Punic Wars; the reform attempts of Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus, Gaius Marius, and Lucius Corne
Gaius Julius Caesar was one of the most famous leaders of history. He was a brilliant military leader and brutal opponent to his enemies. Caesar only ruled Rome for a short time, but his political career changed the way Rome was governed. This resource covers Caesar's early career, the First Triumvi

Also included in: Ancient Romans

Ancient Rome Vocabulary Worksheet This is an excellent review of 30 important vocabulary terms to know about Ancient Rome. Following the list of 30 terms and short definitions that students must match them to. It includes terms terms such as Pax Romana, Senate, Assembly, Triumvirate, and Pantheon
***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft Word documents can also be saved as Google Docs and used in Google or other digital classrooms ***Google Classroom Compatible – these Microsoft PowerPoint files can also be saved as Google Slides and used in Google or other digital classrooms This d
Here is a Power point that briefly covers Rome's first Triumvirate and a worksheet to encourage critical thinking after students have taken notes and completed any necessary reading on the subject. This assignment is accessible for students in 6th-12th grade. The stronger foundation students have w
This 57 slide powerpoint covers The Roman Empire "almost" to its full extent. Used in a 10th grade World History class, this powerpoint begins with Italy's geography, early settlements (latiums, estrucans), the Roman republic, social structure, organziation of the roman government, plebians vs. patr
Tired of teaching ancient history the same way for every unit? Need a way to energize your classroom and help your students enjoy history as much as you do? This is your solution! This is an original song set to the tune of "Party Rock Anthem" written for middle grades (5-9) students to help them
6th - 9th
Sections: End of Empire (starts with Pompey and Caesar)Beginning of Republic (Triumvirate/Octavian/Augustus, 5 Good EmperorsPax Romana)Roman Engineering (Aqueducts, Bridges, Concrete, Roads, Arches, and Walls)Roman Law (Twelve Tables to Code of Justinian)Entertainment ( Gladiators, Chariot Races, Ba
10th - 12th, Higher Education, Adult Education
This new 2021 edition of our 'Julius Caesar; the Greatest Roman?' e-Book includes new extended essay responses and the latest scholarship on this topic. It covers all you need to know about this topic for any Ancient History exam. It contains: 1. How to Study Key Sources 2. The Geographical and Hist
12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
This e-Book covers all you need to know regarding the 'Fall of the Roman Republic 78-31 BC' for any Ancient History exam. It includes: 1. How to Study Key Sources 2. The Geographical and Historical Background of this period 3. Politics of the Late Republic including: The Legacy of Sulla; The Signifi
12th, Higher Education, Adult Education, Staff
Powerpoint on end of the Republic and start of the Roman Empire. Covers Punic Wars, imperialism/conquering, the Triumvirate, Julius Caesar and his rise to power, his assassination, catching his killers, and the many rulers and chaos that follows
There is a two-year gap between Acts III and IV of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. This easy-to-follow Powerpoint explains what transpires in Roman History in those two crucial years.
With each resource for Everyone Learns: World History, all students will learn 30 or more new people, key concepts, and vocabulary. There are multiple form versions for each worksheet type included. They all look generally the same, so other students in the room rarely recognize that some students
These notes cover the first have of SOL 6 on Rome. Topics include mythology, Punic Wars, Senate, first triumvirate, and Julius Caesar.
9th - 10th
The Weakening of the Roman Republic: Reformers and their efforts including: Gracchi, Gaius Marius, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, First Triumvirate, Julius Caesar , and Caesar's assassination
This powerpoint covers the following subjects: -The Second Triumvirate -Augustus Caeser -Division of Power -Cleopatra -Rome declares war on Egypt -Antony's betrayal -Pax romana Yellow text is what I have my students take notes on and/or major takeaways from the slide. Images have been removed to
This reading about the Roman Expansion covers the following topics: "First Triumvirate", "Civil Wars", "Julius Caesar", and and "Octavian Augustus Caesar". The Worksheet has four different activities: a fill in the blank section, crossword, multiple choice, and short response section. No Prep needed
This Hyperdoc picks up with the Roman poor after the Punic Wars and the rise of Latifundia. It covers the changing cities of Rome and the rise of Generals and their power (Marius and Sulla). The two Triumvirates and the rise of Julius and Octavian Caesar close the unit.This hyperdoc was designed to
Thank you very much for considering this Roman Civilization Unit! You have bought a 11-17 class day unit that is completely customizable. It consists of Word and and PowerPoint files that you can easily adjust to your needs. It is not flashy and colorful, just substantive, best practice driven, ins
This resource is a reading passage that covers the transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire while discussing major Roman leaders like Julius Caesar, Pompey the Great, Mark Antony, and Octavian / Augustus. You can give students three sets of comprehension questions: 5 questions, 10 ques
These interactive notebook graphic organizers will help students organize information about the ancient Romans! Interactive notebooks are an effective tool in the classroom. Not only can they assist students in keeping their work organized, but they are also an easy-to-access resource for reference
Your students can practice and review these vocabulary terms about ANCIENT ROME, the Roman empire, its geography, leaders, and culture with this 30-card BOOM game. Use this as a preview to see what your students know, or as a review after they've learned the vocabulary! Playing this BOOM Card deck
These digital interactive notebook graphic organizers will help students organize information about the ancient Romans! It's a great option for classrooms utilizing technology or off-campus e-learning.Interactive notebooks are an effective tool in the classroom. Not only can they assist students in

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