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Students will perform a close reading of Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet (when Romeo eventually kills Tybalt) with alignment to CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RL.9-10.5. Students highlight lines of dialogue that create tension and then respond to questions, with varying levels of complexity, about how tension
Activity Packet for Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet," Act 3 With this packet, have your students summarize each scene, analyze soliloquy/monologue/aside, analyze characters’ traits, and answer comprehension questions for Act 3 of the play.
These activities are sure to engage your students while still challenging them. Act three of Romeo and Juliet contains some of the most famous moments of figurative language by Shakespeare. These activities will lead students to understanding the characters, plot basics, and major ideas within this
Preparing to teach Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet? Use best practices in brain-based instruction and reading comprehension to differentiate and scaffold students' interaction with their vocabulary words before reading the act. These Act 3 vocabulary resources are intended for retention, not memorizatio
This Romeo and Juliet Common Core Practice Quiz Pack contains a set of 12 reading comprehension QUESTIONS and ANSWERS, which focus on the Common Core standards and are modeled after various state reading exams. My goal is for test prep to become a natural and easy part of the curriculum, instead of
Act 3 is FULL of action and drama! To make sure the students understood just how much happened in this Act, I created a meme activity for different situations. I was so impressed with their creations and their understanding of the text! This assignment includes 12 different situations/scenarios from
With close reading questions, discussion questions, writing prompts, interactive notebook activities, bellringer writing prompts, and a complete answer key, this no-prep literature guide to Act 3 Scene 1, Act 3 Scene 2, Act 3 Scene 3, Act 3 Scene 4, and Act 3 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet is a complet
This is an interactive way to check your students' understanding of the scene. It helps them to make connections because they have to find their Zodiac sign too and assign Zodiac signs to the characters as well. They have to use text support and analysis skills to complete the assignment. I have
A question trail is a great way to review content in a fun and different way! What is a question trail?A question trail is an activity that provides students the opportunity to learn or review information in an engaging way. The students go from one station to the next (located around the classroom)
Students will read Act 2 Scene 3, answer guided reading questions and complete guided note-taking/annotation.
This two page student worksheet (or one page double sided) was specifically designed to review the content and check for understanding of the main points of Act 4, scenes 1-3 of Romeo and Juliet. First, in response to scene 1, students unscramble key words to review Friar Laurence's plan for Juliet
These are teacher notes that guide discussion of the first three scenes of Act I, culminating in the individual or small group work creative for Scene 3 - Accompanies my other handout - Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 3 Activities.
Three different activities, copied three times per page to save paper. Students are asked to examine Lady Capulet's view of the Nurse, writing in a formal style; examine stage directions in this scene; and write a diary entry from Juliet's point of view.
4 starter-style activities (wordsearch, crossword, anagrams and alphabet analyser) covering the theme of Romeo and Juliet Act 3. Includes space for students to explain the keywords and suggested extension activities. Ideal for the start of a lesson, a quick filler, part of a cover lesson or as a
Review activity for acts 1-3 of Romeo an Juliet where students not only practice sequencing, while also providing text evidence.It is provided as a MS Word document so that you may edit to your convenience.KEY included
Great resource for flipped learning while studying Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.Worksheet focuses on pivotal moments in Act 4. Students must play tic-tac-toe and select three activities that line up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Present worksheet at beginning of act and allow students t
This interesting and engaging lesson enables students to gain a detailed understanding of the fight scene in William Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Students learn to demonstrate a developed understanding of the plot and meanings throughout the scene, with the support of precisely-s
ROMEO AND JULIET ACT 1 ACTIVITY BUNDLEThis is only part of an entire Unit Bundle: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/ROMEO-AND-JULIET-WHOLE-PLAY-ACTIVITY-BUNDLE This is a very comprehensive bundle for Act I of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. I have broken Act I into four parts
Two active learning tasks - Cloze activity, and Events ordering activity based on a 400 word summary of Act 3 of the play by William Shakespeare. These activities are designed to test and promote students' learning of the plot. They could be used as an in-class assignment, homework or for revision.
Want to get students engaged with hands-on problem solving? Do you students need a break from the heavy reading and intensity of Romeo and Juliet?This Escape Room/Breakout Box will challenge students and test their problem-solving skills while still allowing them to have a blast! My 9th grade Honors
With a partner, students rotate through four stations that focus on important plot elements from Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet. Some stations offer two choices for differentiated instruction. Students use the teacher made checklist, templates are attached, and a rubric is provided for grading. This ass
This worksheet focuses on an exchange between Juliet and her mother just as Romeo leaves Juliet's room. Before I use this worksheet, I review the definition of verbal irony with my students. Then, depending on the level of my class, I either work through the questions with them on my Promethean Boar
ROMEO AND JULIET ACT II ACTIVITY BUNDLE This is a very comprehensive bundle of activities for Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. I have broken Act II into three parts, each with its own set of activities. This activity packet contains. Scenes 1+2 1) Answering Questions wi
52 word puzzle. This is a fun method of ensuring that students are familiar with difficult, archaic, unusual, or key words from Act 3 of the play by William Shakespeare. Words in the puzzle are.. affliction, ally, amerce, apt, bandying, banished, beguiled, bier, blaze, brawl, cell, citizen, consort,

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