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Want to increase engagement in your literacy centers? This grammar game is versatile to last all year long! Your students will enjoy using these self checking game cards to play FOUR different games! Instructions and materials are simple. *Save BIG with the Grammar Games Bundle!*This resource includ
Affixes Activities, Games and Passages: Students expand their vocabulary through learning all about prefixes, suffixes, and base or root words. Engaging and differentiated centers, interactive notebook activities, word building activities, practice pages and games make exploring prefixes and suffixe
This no-prep, step-by-step notebook will increase your students' understanding of a prefix, suffix, and root.This vocabulary notebook setup/printables will transform your language art block and students' vocabulary. There is a total of 13 weeks of material. Once students get into the routine after
Need a new way to review affixes? Shake up your lesson plan with these two fun "color by number" activities to review prefixes, suffixes, and root words. This is a good option for ready-to-go morning work, stations, and even assessment!You'll receive two differentiated versions: Version 1: Students
Trying to bridge the gap between engaging vocabulary instruction and standards alignment? Show your students how to use word parts as a strategy for identifying unknown words with this minilesson, activities, and visual organizer.Included, you will find the following resources, which can be used wit
We have been working so hard in my room on prefixes and suffixes, I decided to reward them with some fun games and centers. The flip books we did the first few days of instruction. I have included 4. There's a roll and write for prefix/suffix. A fun partner board game! Centers - matching the pref
Review the meaning of prefixes and how they change a root word in ladybug style! Games, crafts and more to keep your students engaged in understanding the art of prefixes! See PREVIEW for all included!★ Read & Sort Ladybug Spots by Prefixes - Color and printer friendly b/w options! Great for gro
Compound words / Palabras Compuestas are formed when two or more words are put together to form a new word with a new meaning. They can function as different parts of speech, which can dictate what form the compound takes on. For example, the word carry over is an open compound word when it’s used a
Use this as a station, independent work, or small group work to reinforce prefixes, suffixes, and root words. Students will read the directions on each card to see if they need to find the prefix, suffix, or root word. They will then record the answer on the answer sheet. Enjoy!
This Create-Your-Own-Word Game is a Word Work Activity that provides opportunities for your students to learn the definitions of common prefixes, suffixes, and roots. While they play, they will be creating and defining new and silly words with the given word parts. With six cards in each category, o
Want a game that allows your students to practice breaking apart words to find the prefix, suffix, and root word? Then look no further! This game allows students to work in groups of fours to break down words to their subparts. Included are prefixes of "re-", "pre-", "un-", "dis-", "mis-", "en-", an
These affix cards include ALL essential prefixes, root words, and suffixes, from 1st grade through 9th grade. I started using these flashcards last year with my 5th grade students and they were a big hit. Perfect for individual, partner, or center stations with differentiation built in through l
Teach vocabulary using Greek and Latin roots and affixes with this program organized around prefixes and suffixes every student should know. This resource is the first of three sets. Series A includes 22 lessons, each with four to five roots and up to 25 example words appropriate for middle school
This set of 10 activity stations for reading test prep is based on the popular children's book Frederick by Leo Leoni. Each of the ten stations allows students to practice a much needed reading skill based on the story, instead of a test passage. Each station is designed to be completed in about ten
Students can practice whole group, small group or in stations with this easy to use, student friendly lesson and game set. Includes teaching students to build words with affixes (prefixes & suffixes), as well as, deconstructing them. There is a page of blank cards included for your own addit
This 23 page document contains 46 word parts cards. There are 23 prefix cards, 10 root cards, and 13 suffix cards. These cards are great for an ongoing guided reading or literacy center station that can be rotated out throughout the entire school year. There are enough cards for the teacher to elimi
This package of Vocabulary Task Cards includes three sets: Prefixes, Suffixes, and Latin and Greek Roots. With these sets of thirty cards each, students practice with a variety of activities to improve their vocabulary skills and enhance their reading and writing skills. Each set includes lots of
A root as its name suggests is a word or word part from which other words grow, usually through the addition of prefixes and or suffixes. Understanding the meaning of the common roots can help us figure the meaning of new words that we encounter. This packet contains three different hands-on activ
This is a Word Root Domino game that would work well as a center, part of a Daily Five word work station, or just used as independent practice (including prefixes and suffixes). First, print and laminate the word root cards. (I've also printed them onto sticker paper and placed them onto foam cards.
This interactive smartboard lesson provides practice in making new words and changing words by adding the prefixes inter- and in- and the suffixes -ive, -tion, and -ess. Students have an opportunity to make words complete a sentence or story by adding the prefix or suffix or both to root words to c
Teach vocabulary using Greek and Latin roots and affixes with this program organized around prefixes and suffixes every student should know. This resource is the second of three sets. Series B includes 22 lessons, each with eight to ten roots and up to 50 example words appropriate for middle schoo
Etymology Station using trans- and tele- AGENDA History Standard: 8.6c: Improved technology, such as the steam engine and telegraph made transportation and communication faster and easier. Later developments in transportations and communication technology had an effect on communities, the state,
This bundle was created to allow you to squeeze in Greek/Latin Root work in under 5 minutes a day for the entire year. There are 36 weeks worth of activities which include sentence creation, word diagramming, graphic organizers, prefix/suffix identification, and creating new words. The year-long bre
Prefixes and Suffixes Bundle!This product is for elementary ELAR teachers! Print and Go! Digital activity available too!Use the Foldables, Word Sorts, Word Webs, Matching Affixes to Root Words, and Assessments as a whole class or in work stations/centers! Perfect for interactive notebooks, word stu

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